Astro the False Warrior

July 13, 2017
By , lawndale, CA

I was born after a great disaster had befallen the land of Gaia. Many people were terrified and it is claimed that many have died in the mindless destruction of Ragna the Crimson Dragon. The fearsome beast used to be revered as the wisest entity who had helped the human race as long as it had been alive. Yet during this disaster many elders and scholars had claimed it was the deed of the solemn dragon covered with crimson, which led us to turn our rancor towards Ragna.
I am Gaia’s single hope for redemption. My sole purpose is to bring an end to the abomination that has tainted our land. My name is Astro and my name comes from the hero had had freed our land from a great evil, and as my name entails I shall do the same. It is my destiny… or so I’ve been told. I am going to fulfill my purpose to today. I get my equipment and head out. “Going so soon?”, says the Village Elder as he places his hand on my shoulder,” Are you sure you’re ready”? I don’t want him to worry so I look back and grin. With a sly smile he says,”I sure hope so”. As I leave for my journey I feel chills on the same shoulder the Elder had put his hand on. It worries me as I continue journey.
After many merciless trials I arrive that the Crimson Dragon’s Den. As I walked through the den I had a waking thought that had terrified me beyond belief. I thought that i may die here and that I would have fulfilled my purpose in life yet somehow it didn’t feel right. While burdened with these thoughts I had snuck through the den I saw the beast dyed in blood. I had done a quick maneuver and hid behind a pole of rock.While trying to formulate a plan I heard a voice echo throughout the damp cave,” Come out Astro”.
It was Ragna, the blood stained beast himself. Startled I jumped out of my hiding place and readied my blade.”Fear not young boy, for I am not your enemy and have done nothing wrong.” I angrily swing at him for posing such a thought. After countless swings he pinches my blade with the tip of his claws and breaks it. I reach for my Holy Blade with dragon poison dowsed on it. He stays still and ask that I listen to him.I put down my blade and yell,” If what you utter is true then my whole life has been a lie, he sits up and replies with,” You humans have been destroying your own land. As I ready another swing, Ragna stares at me as a gold light surround me and shows me his memories. I then see different scholars and politicians sending soldiers to kill and raid their own people for gold. I look even further to see my Village Elder at a different village doing the same. I look up to the dragon and ask if I can stay for I will right this wrong. He agrees and we sleep in the Dragon’s Den waiting for our chance at redemption.

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