The Disastrous Trip

July 3, 2017
By Kurisu BRONZE, Pomona, California
Kurisu BRONZE, Pomona, California
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Takes place at a trip on a boat

“Come over here Tim and take out your cellphone. There is a Whale with it’s baby!” said Tye, his best friend. Then, the crowd of people almost ran over Tim and Tye like those classic cartoons like Tom and Jerry or Bugs Bunny. “Woah! That is so cool but I think that I should go back with your parents and mine. They are at the diner in the middle of the Ship.” said Tim. “Okay but wait. Something looks Fishy.” said Tye. “Duhhh! There is fish at a Ocean. LOL!” said Tim. “ Hah! Good one but you see those sha- Suddenly, those shadows look furious and with sharp like features. As it expan- Ahhhh! Help!. A holler was let out louder than a pitch of a strangled dog. As the crowd walked closer and closer, a sudden silence hit the ship and all that was left was red paint… or was it paint?. The crowd of people were calling the lifeguards and security while another high pitch holler was let out.

“Run to our parents and don’t stop no matter what,” Tye said. As they ran, more screams and hollers were common without anyone knowing what was occurring. Once they got to their parents, they headed to the highest part of the ship but… the children hesitating and crying, the shadow grabbed their parents and never got to say their last words. The shadow snatched their parents faster than anything ever known. “Mom! Dad!” they hollered but no sound was heard. Both sobbing and shaking faster than a Rattlesnakes tail, they headed to the low part of the ship and although they both started talking gibberish because of what occurred, Tye said, “ Look a brblue, I mean cblue”. They found pieces of wood located right on the front of the ship and saw a shiny object. “Umm, Tim?”. “Yes Tye?”.”I think… I found the answer to the shadows identity.” said Tye. When that was mentioned, the more Tye thought about the cause of both their parents death just about a moment, a sober mood took over him and started sobbing. “What is it? Wait… is that a sh-shark tooth?”. Without wanting to answer, Tye nodded his head up and down and they both started crying. All of the sudden, less people were at the ship and then, without Tye and Tim wanting to confirm their inferences, but it looked liked their inference was about to be confirmed. They both held hands and ran up almost as fast as the flash, knowing what was waiting for them. “Hold on, the Ship is collapsing” said Tye. As the ship collapsed, the ship sank nose first and slowly sank. Many died and the Sharks had a tasty meal. The Sharks left but Tye and Tim were swimming on the floating broken boards till they found land.

When they arrived, they were feeling dizzy but the sight of land made their brain forget that function and they happily kissed the sand by the border with no one to stop them. After a moment's rest, Tye and Tim go through a humid tropical environment where they find bananas. “Tye! Help me and give me a lift to get some bananas to eat.” After that, they happily ate many unhuman foods like flowers. “Tye? You know how to carve and make spears?” said Tim. “Yes. I just made one for you and I am making mine just now. When I was just four years ago when I would go to camp with my Dad, I learned procedures and stuff like that. He always would tell me to have a pocket knife with me whenever I needed it survive in case of emergencies”. After Tim talked about his parents, he started sobbing again knowing that he prescensced the death of his parents as well as Tye’s. Then, they started walking around to find refuge in the Island for the night, well prepared since they made tools useful for hunting. *Screech*. “What was that...was that you? Tye said, hiding at the corner of the cave they found. “No!” They grabbed their spears at late night not knowing what time it was and as they slowly step outside, growling and screech were causing more noise but then, the screeching faded. As silence started growing, they grabbed their spears so hard that they sweated like the waterfalls crashing water. “Lookout! Hi-yahh!” The view was not pleasant but the sound sounded like squishy putty. “Oh my gosh. “You just killed a cougar!”, said Tye. “I took Karate for a long time like 5 years ago when I was nine. I had a black belt.” said Tim.

The best friends have survived for a long while and it slowly started growing in them. It has been three weeks but many little earthquakes have been occurring. As the tenth mini earthquake occurred, Tye told Tim, “Tim, there has been many earthquakes recently.” “I know right. I have a feeling that we should travel on top of the mountain. Remember, a tsu- “Yes I know, the island is surrounded by water which can cause a tsunami.” said Tye. When they were traveling, a very powerful whoosh made the boys start getting anxious and as predicted, a one-hundred foot tsunami came and ripped many trees and made the clear beautiful ocean into a dark and messy muddy water. “ What should we do? We can’t travel down. The water will wash us away with the current and I don’t want to face sharks and other scary creatures!” Tim. “We just gotta wait”. As they waited, the water took about a day and it cleared many animals which made the voyage more safer and they were happy. As they traveled down, they survived by eating grubs, ants, other types of worms, fish, and more. One day, their luck changed. “Tye! Hear that.” As it came near, it sounded like a whistle and a vroom that they were thinking that it was a airplane. Then, as they saw a reddish color with some smoke in the back, they were sure that it was a airplane. Hesitantly they waved and waved until it was more visible. “Finally, we are saved and we are going to go back to our neighborhood. Once the object got closer, Tie and Tim remembered the recent earthquakes and as he was preparing to run, he remembered that the mountain they climbed on during the Tsunami.“Run! It is not a airplane” Tye said. As they ran, the last sound heard after the tsunami cleared the island and the volcano had impacted was the sound of the many *Booms*.

They were never found again and heard of and authorities never found the occurrence of all the deaths at the ship.

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