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July 3, 2017
By shandyra BRONZE, Carmicheal, California
shandyra BRONZE, Carmicheal, California
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    It was a late night,and we were just coming back home from a case that we solved in Cancun. The whole team was in the plan back to Washington DC , Rebekah,Morgan,Byan,Sebastian,Madison and myself were all very extremely tired from this case. Bryan and Sebastian were sleeping,Morgan was listening to music and the rest of us were playing a game of poker , everything was going perfectly fine until when we landed and went back to the BAU.

    Right when we landed Rebekah started to act different after she got a phone call,I asked if everything was fine and she said “yes” but something about her facial expression didn’t seem to be okay. She went to talk to Morgan, he quickly went to Garcia our technologist and she gave them information. Rebekah quickly got out the building and left. I asked Morgan and Garcia what happened,neither one of them said anything,just that she was going to be okay.

The next morning we got called back into the BAU for another case. This one was about a kidnapping about a little boy who disappeared last night. 5 other kids disappeared 5 months ago and each one appeared dead. Each child was found in different places around Paris. They all were 5 boy around the ages 5-7. We went to the house of the parents with the missing child. His name is Josh, He was playing with his friend outside for a couple of hours came back inside for lunch,his friend left later that night. Josh was tired after his play date with his friend so he went to bed,his parents tucked him in, they stayed downstairs watching a movie, and later went to there room to sleep. The next morning was a Monday, Josh’s mom went up to his room to wake him up for school only to realize that he is gone, she starts to panic. Yelled for her husband , he called the police, which contacted us.

Madison and I looked at the scene of the crime, there was signs of a struggle, so we know that Josh didn't leave willingly. The window was open, his mom said that she leaves it open because Josh likes it open. So the unsub climbed up the two story house came in and grabbed Josh, Josh woke up and fought back, the unsub threw him around which caused all this mess, after he got him to be quiet, he left back out the window. “I’m not buying it” said Madison. “You think it was a team?” I said. “Maybe” Said Madison. Morgan and Bryan go talk to the families of the victims, they found out that all 5 boys liked to have their windows open at night, they also all lived in two story classes. All the 5 boys were also white. Morgan and Rebekah went to the hospital to see the bodies of the victims and how they were mutilated. All 5 boys were mutilated the exact same, same memo. We get into getting the profile out, all 5 boys were found in the forest , so the unsub couldn't live far from there. We asked to have something that smells like Josh, we get his sweater and get the dogs out searching for him. The dog starts barking and finds the pajamas that Josh was wearing that night, not that far from the clothes was Josh’s body buried. We dug out his body and saw that he mutilated him  just like the rest. We call the police and he orders his men to close off all the lanes and not let anyone leave town. The unsub, who we found out was names Carl, was driving to get out of town, the cars in front of him were stopped. Once he realized that he shot the cop that was there. Morgan and Rebekah were on there way there, right when they got there Carl made a run for it and shot Morgan in the arm. He fell down , Rebekah took the shot and killed Carl.

The police got there and called an ambulance.  Morgan was taken into surgery, nothing was too extreme so he was okay after they took out the bullet . We all were in the plane , on our way back home I asked Rebekah what was wrong, that's when she started to sob and curse, saying “I shouldn't have told anyone where I was keeping Cristian” I looked at her confused. “What do you mean? Did something happen to him?” I said. “He got kidnapped, i got an anonymous call saying “I told you i would find him”’. “That’s why you were talking to morgan? And Garcia?” I said. “Yes, I started to yell at morgan telling “him what did you do” and asking Garcia too look up the cameras I had in the house that Cristian was staying , Cole was lying on the floor dead. Cristian's room was a mess everything broken.” she started to sob and I held her. “Were going to find him Rebekah I promise” I took her home and then drove myself home.

I didn’t sleep much that night. I was searching up the man who wanted to Christian, the man why we put him in another house with a bodyguard. His name is Mark Pacheco. He wanted to kill Cristian because long ago Rebekah put him in jail for murders that he committed while they were in Iraq working on a case together. Once Rebekah realized that he was killing innocent people, she ratted him out, he lost his job and his bage. He escaped out of jail, we've all been keeping a close eye on Cristian since but now the worst became reality.

Rebekah ended up telling the team what happened, all of us said that we weren't taking on any other case until we rescued Cristian. We started looking up everything about Mark, how he killed his victims and how long he kept them from. We flew off to Miami where the house that Cristian stayed at was located. We figured out that while Cole was monitoring outside, Mark barged inside by the garage door. By the time that Cole got back inside, Mark was waiting for him. Cole didn't have enough time to grab his gun let alone warn Cristian.

The call that Rebekah got was from a disposable phone , that bounced off two towers. Bryan figured out a place between the two towers where the unsub would be staying/keeping Cristian. We went around looking for anything suspicious , and saw a man panic when he saw our van parked nearby , he quickly ran inside. Morgan and i called for backup. “Guys i think we got something at 5642 walnut ave” I said. Morgan took the front and i took the back. Mark grabbed Christian with a knife in his hand threatening to kill him if Morgan came any closer. I had a clear shot to kill Mark but it was risking Christian's life.

Rebekah came into the house, without her bulletproof vest or her gun. “Mark don’t do this. It’s me that you want not him”. Mark said;”Why take you if I could kill him right now and make your life a living hell forever” Right when he was about to kill Cristian I managed to get inside by an open window and shot Mark in the head. He fell down and Rebekah ran to get Cristian. We all walked out the house got an ambulance and did a check up on Cristian. Rebekah kept thanking us for helping her rescue her son. “Rebekah were like your family we always have you back” I said “agreed” said Morgan and Bryan. We all took a plane back to Washington , everyone was tired and about to sleep on the way back “What an end to a case” I said and fell asleep.

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