A Raindrop's Perspective

June 15, 2017
By Anonymous

 As I am just a teeny tiny droplet of water, I have a big journey ahead of me. 

I fall, quickly like a dart, shooting from my cloud and plunging down to the earth below me. I have loose, but together, water molecules and atoms inside of me.  Then, I hit the ground and shatter with a splat.  I examine the area around me - it seems that I am in the crevices of a sidewalk.  It’s been a while now and it’s quite hot outside.  I can feel that I have started to evaporate into the air.   Slowly the tiny particles that make up my watery base diffuse into the atmosphere.  Now, my molecules and atoms have become very spaced out and free (super loose) and can move a lot.  I have transformed into a gas and I feel very light, airy and free.  Up, up I go, right back to where I started.  I, then, begin to condensate into a cloud, making it heavy, by adding yet more water to it.  I will soon be precipitated again, down to a different place below me.  I wait and wait, as more and more water particles from the air condensate into my cloud. After a while, the cloud gives out and rains -  myself, along with many other water droplets.  Again, I splat to the surface of the earth.  I look around and I’m laying in dirt with clusters of tall, sharp, blades of grass.  Suddenly, I realize that I’m slowly sinking through the dirt.  I know now that I am soon to become groundwater.  After a long time of infiltrating through the cracks and pores in the ground, I begin to meet up with other droplets of water.  We all flow and seep past the dirt and watch as it changes.  It seems that we are now going through sand.  I start to smell a musky, but fresh, scent and it’s getting stronger and stronger the more we flow.  Then, before I know it, I’m spit out from the sand and am now surrounded by dark murky water.  I do not have any taste of salt, so I am assuming that I’ve entered a freshwater lake.  I’ve settled very nicely here and I find this lake quite comfortable - I finally feel like I fit in.  I think I will be staying here for a while.

     I’m estimating it’s been a few months now and it’s gotten pretty chilly.  I rise up closer to the surface and see that some water on the surface has become solidified to a hard, brittle, glass-like substance.  I realize that it must be Winter! That would explain why it’s so cold and the water at the top solidified - it turned to ice.  I want to get a closer look, as more water turns into ice.  I go closer to the top and it’s getting colder.  My insides begin to feel very tightened and then, suddenly, I can’t really move.  I can feel myself getting harder by the second, until I am completely immobilized. The molecules and atoms inside of me have become very compact and can hardly move at all.  I have transformed into a solid, ice.  

It’s been kinda fun being ice.  The other frozen water particles and I have created a hard covering over this small lake.  Although much time has passed, I notice it getting slightly warmer.  I can see the bright sun shine through our sheet of ice.  I think that the heat from the sun is causing our ice to melt.  As it was fun being a hard solid, I am eager to explore more states of matter.  Slowly I see the amount of water increase and the amount of ice decrease.  Then, soon enough I am not in solid ice form anymore.  I’m back to a liquid.  Now, my molecules and atoms can finally move and loosen up a bit.  More time passes and Summer has come back. Today it is very hot outside.  I have an idea for what will happen next.  As I expected, I am now beginning to evaporate into a gas again.  As my little molecules and atoms rise up in the humid air, they once again become extremely spaced out and are able to move freely.  I feel very loose.  I’m rising up high into the air into another cloud, as I begin my water cycle and states of matter journey again. 

The author's comments:

I am passionate about science and want to teach others through writing.

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