The Joyful Surprise

June 12, 2017
By DobstheGreat BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
DobstheGreat BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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      On a windy day in October Mark went to go visit his Uncle Jack and Aunt Suzie. They lived in an old farm house near the woods in Michigan. When he arrived he discovered that his Uncle and Aunt were not home. Mark noticed the beautiful colors of the trees in the woods and decided to talk a walk.
            The leaves were vibrant colors of orange, yellow, and red. The wind picked up the fallen ones and tossed them around. Mark was enjoying himself outside on his walk. He looked up and felt the wind on his face and noticed all the leaves falling down from the tall trees. Suddenly Mark’s body slammed on the cold leafy ground with a loud thud. He had tripped on a half buried rock. Mark was shocked and look back on the rock he had tripped on. That was the moment he noticed something sticking out from the under the rock.
He asked himself, “ What in the world is that?” 
He gently moved the rock and to his surprise he found an old dirty key. The key looked like it was bronze at one point but its color had faded. On the old key was a handwritten label tied on it that said 6. Mark was very intrigued as he pondered the old key in his hand.
Mark was curious as to whose key it was and what does it open? He knew his Uncle’s old farmhouse has been in their family for generations. So he sat on the porch holding the key waiting for his aunt and uncle to return. As he was waiting Mark decided that the key was probably older than his Uncle. Mark found himself with a great mystery right in his own hands. Mark then got the feeling of determination to get to the bottom of this mystery.
Mark crafted a plan to investigate the whole area for clues. The first place he decided to look was the underground cellar which is now used as a tornado shelter. With all his might Mark opened the heavy rusty doors and climbed down the stairs. It was dimly lit by the outside sun. There was an old blue couch and some white folding chairs. There was nothing that explained the mystery key. Mark knew he had to search elsewhere.
“Maybe I should check in the garage” Mark thought.
Mark ran across the property to the garage and opened the white door. Immediately Mark saw about five orange rusty tractors. He excitedly tried the key on each old tractor, but the key did not even fit one. Looking around he could not see any other possibilities so the search continued.
With Mark’s will and determination he thought of the the silo. Mark entered into the silo and was overwhelmed from the smell of corn and oats.  He realized that there was no clues for him in there. It was another dead end.
With the day coming to a close, Mark decided to check the last place he could think that would have some possible success. Mark climbed up the wooden retractable stairs that led to the attic. Mark looked around and sorted through all the clutter but found nothing that needed to be opened with a key. Mark started to feel defeated and then something caught his eye. The eye-catching object was a massive dusty bronze chest. The chest was up to his waist in height. Engraved on it was the number six.
“Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!!” Mark exclaimed. Mark quickly rushed over to the chest. He slid the key in and the key fit! He turned the key and it unlocked the chest. Mark lifted the heavy top off. Inside to his surprise, was a shimmering golden pocket watch on a chain, old handwritten letters, and old photographs. He gathered up these artifacts and ran down the stairs.
Mark noticed his Uncle and Aunt were just returning home.
“Aunt Suzie and Uncle Jack come quickly!” Mark said joyfully.
“ What?!?!?!” They both exclaimed.
Mark explain the whole story to both of them,
“... and that's how I found these” Mark said proudly pointing to them.
“ Wait a second … these are your great great grandfather's items!!” Uncle Jack said with wonder. Everyone was speechless and amazed.
“Since you found these and you managed to solve this mystery, I think the golden watch should belong to you. Your great great grandfather would be proud of you and want you to have it. Uncle Jack then said they will plan a family get together so the tale of solving this family mystery could be re-told. The family will have a joyful time hearing the story and treasuring this great find.
Later that night as Mark went to bed, he thought about what adventure will the farmhouse hold for him tomorrow.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this peice because I want to write about the importance of family.

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