The Camp

June 12, 2017
By Anonymous

Max was just ending his school day when it happened……
He was walking out the door when he saw the centaurs charging towards him.  He thought it was weird when nobody else had been startled by this.  As they grew closer and closer he started to panic more and more.  It got to the point where he got off of the bus and ran away in no particular direction just away.  He sat there thinking “What is happening?”.  He finally heard someone scream.  They thought that a huge garbage truck had been taken over and the driver was trying to kill them.  He knew that this couldn’t be right because he clearly saw that there were centaurs running at them.  Maybe thirty seconds had passed when he heard flapping of wings up above him.  He looked up and saw that a girl and a boy who looked about the same that he was.  The boy yelled “Hey Max grab on”
“What why?” said Max.
“Just grab on” he said.
So Max grab oned to the boy and girls hands and climbed onto the horse with wings.  The boy said “Hey I’m Tom and this is Liz” pointing to the girl sitting behind him. 
“Hello” said Liz.
“Why are on we a flying horse?” asked Max.
“It’s actually a pegasus” said Tom,”And before you asked we are going to the Camp for Mythic KIds.”
“What the heck is that?” Asked Max.
“It is the best camp for people like you and me” liz said.
“Really because fifteen minutes agos I was fine about having a normal life with normal people and my normal life” said Max.
“Well now this is the safest place for people like us” said Tom.

They traveled on for about an hour.  When they got closer to the camp he say that the “camp” was actually a huge compound that had four huge buildings and a lake with a huge lava pit.  The huge buildings turned out to the livings quarters.  Each of the buildings that had three levels one was actually for living, another had the food court and cafeteria, the last one was the practice area.  As they went on the tour of the camp he realized that this was super safe place for everyone in the camp.  They have seven gaurd posts equally spread apart from each other around the outer part of the camp.  The lake was his favorite part because it had four boat houses.  That was surrounded by huge pine trees that seemed to reach up to the sky.  He thought that that could have been true but little did he know they almost did.  The trees had thick branches with nearly a thousand little tiny green pine needles on each of them  In each of the trees there was a litlle outpost that someone could watch the lake in or do something else.  The boats were fun because he could just take them out and paddle around.
The best part was that they had a little route that they took to get the cliffs where they could jump off or rock climb up them.  This was his favorite part about the camp.  He could go out and have fun once he had some free time and go for a quick swim and cliff jumping fun.  The lava pit had a rock wall that they could climb up.  The lava made the rocks boiling hot and made it almost impossible to climb up it.  They had to either cool it down with the water pump that was next to it.  That only gave you about seven minutes to get to the top.  If you were like most of the campers then you would have trouble getting to the top in that time.  Max personally didn’t have trouble getting to the top of it. So one day he decided to challange tom to a race.
“Yo Tom do you want to race up the wall?” Asked Max.
“Dude you know that I will win that race” exclaimed Tom.
“No you won’t I have been getting better and better at this.  I’ve been practiceing this every single day”
“You might have done this for the last week but I have been out here day and night for two whole years”
“Well you might have had more time to practice but I have the advantage beacause they just remade the wall and you don’t know the fastest way to get up”
They raced but max ended up losing because
  The practice area had a target range and fake monsters that they can fight.  Although you had to have trained with a mentor for 4-5 weeks before you could use the training equipment by yourself.  Tom turned out to be the mentor assigned to teach max how to fight and use different weapons. 
The training was strict.  Max had to be up at 5:45 every morning.  He started everyday the same way running 5 miles around the camp.  Then he had to eat breakfast and start sword training for a hour and a half.  Then the standard breakfast which was a bagel, eggs, and bacon.  He hated the breakfast after 4 days just because it was the same thing every single day again and again.  The first time that Max and Tom trained for spear throwing Tom accidentally threw it into max's leg.  He had to spend two weeks in the medical ward after the excruciating pain that he had to go through.  The worst part was that he had to go through another 2 weeks of training just to get back on schedule.
“Hey how are you feeling today?” Asked the nurse.
“I’m feeling better than yesterday.  Almost ready to go out and about soon.” Said Max.
“You still have to go through the mandatory two weeks of rehabilitation training to get caught up with what you have missed while you’ve been gone” Said the Nurse.
“Really?” said Max as Tom and Liz entered
“Hey” said Tom and Liz said in unision.
“Honestly I’m doing pretty well minus the fact that I have to go the two weeks  training just to get caught up again.” he said glaring at the nurse.
“Sorry Max rules are rules” explained the nurse.
“Dude I just wanted to teach you the right technique to throw your spear with. I am really sorry Max” Tom said.
The two friends went to the cafeteria together and got their dinner and ate together.  The two got to such good friends that they were made into a dual mentorship program and decided that they would be the ones that go out and get more mythic kids.

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