The Beginning

June 9, 2017
By ivancolombusiness BRONZE, Flemington, New Jersey
ivancolombusiness BRONZE, Flemington, New Jersey
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*** Four Years Later***
"Ray, Jen, Kade, five on your left past the building, be careful."
"Thanks, Ava. We're approaching targets." Jen spoke into her com which connected her to her whole team. Two were beside her, Kade and Ray, who always were on the front lines alongside her. Ava was their eyes and ears, she would stay far and monitor everything from a distance.
And Leo would drift between Ava and those up front, assisting wherever he was needed, providing medical attention if anything happened.
Jen held her hand up, signaling for her two boys to stop, and without a word they followed orders.
It was pitch black out, the moon beginning its cycle so there was no natural light out at midnight by the border of Afghanistan.
Equipped with military equipment, their camouflage suits blended in with the night.
Ray held his spear behind his back, while Kade wore his armor as if it were his second skin along with the XM8 rifle. Jen's sword was shielded and she held a 9mm and a knife in her hands.
"You have a two second window," Ava warned over the coms. "Now!"
Jen instantly dropped her hand, and sprinted past the corner and charged at the first body she saw.
Quickly she skillfully knifed the first, using him as a shield to shoot at three while Kade and Ray took out the other two. In mere seconds the three nodded to one another, and once again were on the move.
They used the darkness to their advantage so they can stay hidden.
Their mission was a covert operation to get one hostage and that single hostage out alive no matter what.
Jen wasn't alarmed about her shooting her gun, since around here a gunshot was a normal sound and nothing to be alarmed by.
So they continued through the deserted town that had been taken over by the rebels.
"He should be in the next house to your left, 25 meters ahead." Ava spoke.
"Leo, prepare for extraction." Jen replied.
"All ready, just give me the word." The usually quiet one spoke up in the coms.
"Ray," Jen turned to the boys, giving them different types of hand signals as to what the next plan of action would be. The silver haired nodded, while the blonde acted as a lookout.
"Only one armed inside guarding the target, over a dozen armed on the first floor." Ava followed. Jen cursed under her breath.
"Too risky. They'll kill him before we can get past all of them." Kade added.
"Ray, can you do it from here?" Jen turned to her right hand man.
"Who do you think you're talking to?" The boy smirked.
"Alright. Kade, distract them, lead em out. I'm going in. Ray, if anyone goes near him, do it."
"Awesome," Kade said.
"Got it."
"Leo, come now."
"See you guys on the other side," Ava added.
Jen turned to the house just across the barren street, putting away her gun and gripping her sword strapped over her shoulder. The wind began to pick up.
They disappeared.
Kade fired his gun at the house, Jen trusting him fully that he wouldn't hit her as she ran for the second story window by the side of the house.
The commotion caused the men on the first floor to run outside, now engaging Kade. No matter how many times they would fire at him, however, his armor was absolute, the bullets would bounce right off.
Ray stayed behind, eyeing the second story window where two men had just came up, doubling the guard around their target.
It would only be a matter of seconds before they decide that the man isn't worth keeping and kill him off then and there.
To the Unit, however, and the rest of the world, he was a UN chairman, and their sole purpose is to get him back alive.
Jen was close, using a trash can bin to step on and propel herself into that window.
Thankfully it wasn't a far distance, so she managed to get her hands on the windowsill. Though the enemy noticed, and quickly went to stand by the window.
Ray stood, giving away his position to the enemy on the ground, but his entire focus was those on the second floor across the street.

Before the enemy pointed their guns down at the Special Forces Captain hanging by her fingertips, they were all shoved back by the single spear piercing the three like a kebab right on the center of their chests, the force so strong that the wall on the opposite side couldn't take it. The three crashed right through, landing outside toward the back of the house.
Jen quickly jumped almost effortlessly into the room, the Chairman's eyes wide in terror.
"Chairman, I'm Captain Jen Ryder, Leader of the Special Forces Artifact Unit. We're here to get you out of her safely." Her calm poise, confidence and strength, along with her brilliant strategic and field expertise, no one else was a better fit.
The man was shaking when Jen dragged him to his feet.
"Leo, all set. Everyone prepare for extraction." Jen spoke through the coms. She then turned to the man. "Brace yourself." She then held her hand up, and a sudden gust of wind came from nowhere.
The roof then blew off no second later, and the wind suddenly stopped completely (which the chairman was thankful for, a second later and he would've flown out of the window).
Right above them was a helicopter, and from the window Jen saw Leo piloting while Ava threw down a few ropes.
"Let's go home," Jen turned to see Kade and Ray behind her.
"Mission accomplished, let's head back to HQ."

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