New World Order

June 7, 2017

Austin was just sitting down to a cup of tea and a book out on his patio to enjoy the brisk autumn afternoon when he felt the hairs on the back of neck stand up. “Oh no. It’s happening.” He said aloud, to nobody in particular. He got up and ran inside of his house. “Martha! Martha. It’s time to go.” A ginger, middle aged lady comes running over. “It’s happening? Now? But Austin there are no signs of any-,” Suddenly, a tremor shook the house, knocking paintings off of the wall. The pair grabbed onto the table next to them. “We’ve got to go.” They both said at once. Austin ran into the living room, where Oscar, their german shepherd puppy stood trembling, tail tucked between his legs. He scooped him up into his arms and without another thought, ran out to their truck. He threw Oscar inside next to Martha and then jumped into the drivers’ seat.
Suddenly, he was thrown back in time. He was sitting at a table in a dimly lit room. An old lady, a psychic, sat across from him, and Martha was by his side. “There is something you should both know. I am telling you this because, well, there isn’t much time left. For any of us. You see, the world… is coming to an end.”  “Austin, let’s go.” Martha urged. Austin started the truck and started driving. There was only one safe place to go, according to the old mystic. They saw no other option but to do as she said, because everything she told them about so far was accurate enough.
Pretty soon, dusk was upon them. “What is that?” Martha said, pointing up into the sky. I looked to the sky and took a sharp breath. It was as if the very stars were falling! Down fell shining balls of light, leaving a trail behind them. They were a good distance away from them, but Austin and Martha were driving in that very direction, and Austin knew they would be coming from more places across the sky soon enough. He pressed the gas a bit harder. Soon, the falling meteors began hitting closer to them. One fell not more than one hundred feet away from them. There wasn’t much to be said from either Austin nor Martha. They knew this day was coming, but now that it is here, no words of comfort could be found.
“We’re almost there. Grab the emergency supplies and be ready to jump out quickly. I’ll get Oscar.” Austin instructed. The meteors were only falling harder and faster now. He pressed the breaks hard, sending dirt flying up around them. They have arrived. He looked around, it was just like the old lady described- mountains, trees, shrubs. But this place was different. She had prepared for them a place to go for when this began. Austin grabbed Oscar and jumped out of the truck. He looked around. She had said that the place was located under a bush. Which one… He ran to one and tried lifting it up. No luck. He ran to another one, no luck there either. “Think, think, think.” He said softly. Explosions were bursting all around them now. Oscar whimpered loudly.
“I think I found it!” Martha yelled over to him. He ran over. She has uprooted a bush that was obviously placed there purposefully. A large rock sat beneath the bush. Austin and Martha pushed the rock, uncovering an opening into what looked like a very large rabbit hole. Austin pushed Oscar inside and Martha climbed in next. On hands and knees, Austin climbed in after them. They crawled for about 20 minutes before coming to an opening to a cave. “This is it!” Martha said cheerfully. They set their things up and had a meal. “Now, we wait.”
After what seemed like anywhere from 2-3 weeks, Austin and Martha were very tired of sitting inside a cave and decided that they should see what the outside world looks like. “A part of me is scared to find out. If what the lady said was completely true, the entire world will be… different. No more life, she said.” As Martha spoke, Austin shook his head. “We need to find out.” Leaving Oscar behind in the cave, Martha and Austin climbed back through the tunnel. “I can taste the fresh air. We are close.” Austin said.
As they reached the opening, they had to shut their eyes tightly. The sun was blinding. Austin helped Martha out and they both stood with their eyes closed, they just could not open them. After a few long minutes, they were able to squint. When they looked around, what they seen was astonishing. It was like the entire Earth was wiped clean of everything green. There were no trees or shrubs. It was just sand and dirt. They looked at each other. “Oh my… Wait… Look at this…” Martha walked over to something on the ground and crouched. “It’s a baby tree, it’s growing!” This was proof that they would be alright. Austin repeated what the old lady has told them months ago: “With death comes life. Adam? Eve? You have an important prophecy to fill.”

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