The New Journey Part 1

June 6, 2017
By JuliaMarie32 BRONZE, Plattsburgh, New York
JuliaMarie32 BRONZE, Plattsburgh, New York
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"you can scream, you can cry, but you can not give up"

My name is Firewolf, it's an odd name. I'm not quite sure why I have the name, I come from a normal family. I would like to believe I was named after Hephaestus the God of Fire and Lupa the Wolf Goddess but that's impossible right? The kids in my school used to make fun of me about my name, so my mom decided to homeschool me. Ah, my parents, I miss them being at home. Wait….where is home? Where is my home? I feel at home wherever the presence of nature is strong. Home doesn’t feel like a home without my parents though. You see they were captured, I don’t know why or by who. They were captured two weeks ago. It's now, August 19th, my birthday so I guess I must celebrate by myself. I know what I want to wish for. I want to find out who captured my parents so I can rescue them. I'm technically not 15 until I blow out the candles later. There is still one problem, I don't really know how to fight. So even if my wish came true, I wouldn’t know how to protect them and myself. It's 8:00 pm now, I guess I should blow out my candles.
It was cloudy when I got to my usual spot in the woods, a big rock my mother would take me to every night. I felt stronger on days like these, the days of a full moon. The clouds finally cleared and I could see the stars but something felt different. I felt stronger than before. All of a sudden I felt a mix of anger, anxiety, power, and a hint of wild. I was scared, I didn't know what was happening. I felt like I was changing, but what was I changing into? I felt the anxiety run through me, my heart was racing and my adrenaline was pumping through my veins. I was feeling angry too, my parents were taken and I didn't know by who. I felt powerful. It was a wild feeling, feeling power rush through me.
  When I came out of my mixed feeling state, I realized I was on the ground. I tried to stand up and I was shorter than normal. I had no idea what was going on. Again, I was overcome with fear, what was happening? I went to the water, and as I did I got angry again, well frustrated. I looked at my reflection in the water. I was overcome with panic, I was a wolf! Not a normal one though, I was slightly larger than the average wolf. How did this happen? I started to get angry, what is going on? Next thing you know there is a blazing light. I look back at the water and realize that the light I was seeing was me. I was on fire, although it didn't feel like I was on fire. I thought about changing back into a human, then poof. I was a human again but this time i had a feather in my hair and I was decked out in a chestplate and boots. Except, the boots I was wearing had real vines growing on them. I was so confused. I wanted to know what I needed to do, but how? Who would I go to? For the next few weeks I discovered my powers. I could conjure weapons of any kind from thin air! I did research and I was the daughter of the God of Fire and the Wolf Goddess! 

The author's comments:

My english teacher Mr.Rosinski had us do a project about a fictional hero. We had to create our own, so I created Firewolf

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