A Hero In Disguise

May 31, 2017
By angelraehl BRONZE, Northern Cambria , Pennsylvania
angelraehl BRONZE, Northern Cambria , Pennsylvania
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They were standing between me and the exit. Two fully grown men wearing black ski masks.  I turned around to run the other way, but 3 more of them came. I spun around to find that I was surrounded. I didn’t want to have to fight, but now it looks like that’s my only way out. Five full grown men circled me. They thought that taking out a 16-year-old girl would be easy, but they were wrong.

One came in with a right hook. I moved to the side and he hit another one in the face. Two of them came at once. I swung my left leg, kicked the one on the on my right in the face, and punched the other in the stomach in one motion. The fifth one ran at me going for a punch and then changed his mind. He kicked me in the back of the knees.  I was kneeling on the floor so he hit me in the face. I was face first on the ground, about to be killed, but I wasn’t done with them yet. I rolled over, jumped to my feet, and spun in a circle. I kicked four of them in the face and punched the other. He gave me a sharp look and ran out of the building. I heard motion behind me. One of them stood back up and lunged for me, but I was too fast. I moved to the side and he fell flat on his face.
I stood there, four men on the ground. There was the one that got away, however he couldn’t have gotten far. Even if he had, I put a tracker on him when I punched him in the stomach. I looked on my phone. He was moving, and moving fast. I ran outside the building and climbed up onto the roof to track him.  I saw him slipping away on a motorcycle.
I start running on the top of buildings, leaping from one to another. I see my target. He drove right below me. I jumped off the roof onto the back of his motorcycle. He looked back. I punched him in the face and tossed him to the ground. Stopping the bike, I went back to get the other men and tie them up. Handcuffed to a pole behind the police station they made a pretty present.
It was all over the news that day. Someone put those men in jail, and everyone was calling her a hero. Probably thinking it was a cop or something.  Other people were calling her a vigilante, crying for her to be stopped.  
Almost a year later and what I still don’t get is why I was attacked in the first place. I didn’t have any money. Actually I didn’t have anything.  Living in that abandoned building that they found me in, just trying to stay alive. I am reminded of this as I’m walking down the street and pass an electronic store, TVs blaring the news. Stopping, I saw that a terrorist was loose in the city. I knew what I had to do. Despite what people may think, I really am a super hero.

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