The Adventures of Terry and Joe

May 26, 2017

Hi, My name is “The Ancient Time Dragon” and I am the proud narrator of Terry and Joe’s adventures. My friends don’t know it but the universe chose them for a few reasons. The first is that they will always meet in every universe to battle a menacing evil that threatens that plain of existence. Their final destiny is when they defeat the evil, they die in a very gruesome way. I travel between dimensions and time to find my friends in alternate universes. I know its pretty dope and confusing but this is the first time we ever meet.

Our story begins in the small town of Littleville. Our heroic adventure is even smaller than his town. His name is Terry and he has no idea the crazy, awesome, and relatively short adventure that is barrelling his way.
Terry is an average boy with an average family. He has never had anything really that interesting happen in his town or even in his life. He is in 9th grade and he is one of the smaller kids. He has a few friends and loves his family very much. He seems perfectly normal, but all of that is about to change.


Its Monday morning and it’s a really hot one in Littleville, almost like the universe is saying something with this heat. Terry jumped awake when his parents yelled and said they both are going to work. Terry gets his clothes on and his homework in his bag. After that he gets a bowl of cereal and watches the news just like every morning. Terry is about to eat his last bite of cereal when an intriguing story comes on. Terry listens in just in time, it mentions,“ A solar flare will hit Littleville today.” Terry starts to wonder what will happen, and then poof. Terry’s house gets hit and he disappears with that last bite of cereal left in the bowl.

Terry wakes up on a strange world where there are no people like him. Just rock and lava rivers everywhere. Terry began to walk and he felt like he was being followed, but he ignored it and kept on walking. He was coming up to a enormous rock and didn’t know there was a drop and he began to fall. Just before he hit a lava river he was plopped into a bubble. The bubble started to lift Terry farther and farther away from the river and up on the rock. This is where Terry met his new friend. He was a fairy, and he hated being one. He was pretty awesome looking because he is a torched fairy so he looks all smoldered and ember like. This fairy went by no name, so Terry called him Joe and Joe was ok with that.

Joe told Terry why he was here and that he needs to destroy the corrupt sun lord. Terry exploded with surprise to find out that he was on the sun and had not disintegrated yet. Terry not having any combat experience yet being a 14 year old boy, he thinks he can do it.Otherwise he could lose his planet to the solar flares.  Joe knows this quest cannot be done without a epic weapon of awesomeness so they set out on a quick quest for the “Gnarly Ninja Sword of Epicness”.

On the quest Joe told Terry of the history of the sun and how the Sun Lord hasn’t always been so crappy. The Sun Lord use to be really dank and chill, but his advisor has been using dark sun magic to mess with the lord’s mind. The advisor died years ago but he’s been in the lord’s head for so long that his spirit has just taken over the lord’s body.

Joe cut his story short because they were approaching the Gnarly Ninja Sword of Epicness’ guardian. Terry was expecting a wicked battle to the death. Joe said that terry was totally over estimating the challenge. When they came around the corner there it was. The sword that glowing with awesome power, and the guardian was as epic as Terry thought it would be. The sword was guarded by a giant ancient time dragon and he could obliterate Terry no problem. When they got closer the dragon said with a deep and huge voice, “So you’ve finally come for the Gnarly Ninja Sword of Epicness.” Terry said yes with a trembling voice, the dragon then said, “Then let’s do this!”

The dragon looked as though he was going to strike Terry and Joe, but then he tossed some dice and he rolled a seven. Terry surprised to not be dead picks up the dice and rolls a 12, twice in a row. The ancient time dragon then said best 3 out of 5, Terry won the next game again. The dragon through the sword and cried into a giant bolder. Terry feeling bad walks up to the dragon asks what wrong. He responds with, “I only had one purpose in all of time and I failed.” Terry told him not to worry and assured him that the sword was in good hands. Terry even offered for the dragon to tag along on the adventure. The dragon complied with joy and excitement.

Before they left Terry picked up the sword and he instantly gained the power of a “Super Saiyan”. He grew two feet taller and his muscle mass gain was exponential. Joe looked at him with a serious face and said,”You’re ready.” Then Terry and Joe jumped on the ancient time dragon a flew to the lair of the corrupt sun lord to beat him in battle and finish their great adventure.  When they arrived the sun lord was waiting at his throne and got up to throw his first attack. Terry with his awesome new power dodged the attack and throat punched the sun lord. Then Joe flew up and gave a good backhand across the sun lord’s face.

Tired of this fight the sun lord conjured up all of the sun’s energy for a moment to obliterate Terry & Joe, but before he could an asteroid the size of a quarter came in and hit the lord’s head. Before our heros knew it the sun lord was laying dead on the floor. Terry & Joe with excitement did a manly grasp of each other’s hands and flexed their giant muscles. Terry looks at Joe and said, “Finally I can go home no…” but before Terry could finish his sentence a bigger asteroid came and crushed them.

After I, the time dragon found them dead I had the great idea of traveling through time and dimensions to find my brothers again but in different forms. So now I end the first Adventure of Terry & Joe, but no need to fret because there is plenty more adventures for me to tell about and even more that haven’t happened yet.

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