How I lost my Best Friend

May 17, 2017
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It was the first day of high school, i was a lonley freshman who didn't know anyone in my class. i was nervous to make friends and talk to kids who i didn't know. i spoke up and then i knew the first thing i said will make people not like me or talk to me in anyway. everyone had designer brands and all i had was regular blank cheap clothes. next year i will be better and people will like me. coming up year of my second year of high school and i didn't have any friends but i found out how to fit in with the other kids. i started to wear designer clothes like them, even speak, walk, and do everything like them just to fit in with the cool kids. One day a new kid came to my classroom and he was the new attention for kids to bully. When he came to my classroom and took all the attention off of me focused on him, i felt bad because i remember i was that kid. That kid getting bullied was me and im not going to join the other kids to bully a kid who used to be me. I stood up for him and tol the bully's to leave him alone and if they want to pick on someone i am the person that they can pick on. After school i walked up to the kid who was getting bullied and asked him if he was okay. he told me that he didn't want my help, i did't care and just wanted to help him. After a week of talking to each other we became best friends through out the four years of highschool. he wanted to be someone and had a dream of joining the military. One day he went to the beach and then came home, went up to his room and shot himself in the head with a twelve gage shotgun. i fell apart and felt like my life was over. i went to a mental hospital because i couldn't handle the fact that my best friend had commited suicide. after the mental institute i went home and got to see my family. After the death of my best friend, i decided to let go but hold him in my heart forever. then i lived my life trying to become succesful.

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