The Frozen World and the Boy of Fire

May 17, 2017
By Dabussy BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
Dabussy BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
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The world is engulfed in ice. The world became frozen when a frozen asteroid that was so cold that it didn't burn up or catch fire on entry to the Earth's atmosphere hit our planet square in the center of Antarctica, which caused Antarctica to explode and covered the earth in snow.  It then started to hail and snow and rain due to all the moisture in the air. It continued to downpour until the planet became a block of ice. The oceans froze over. Most of civilization died out. The world's population drastically reduced in size, down to a small city's worth of people.  All that was left took refuge in the intricate cavern works of the dormant volcano, ironically named Mount Doom.

Because the world was so cold, most people just lived in the volcano, and did what they could to get by. For most people, this meant hunting animals that thrived in this cold environment. Polar bears, wolves, snow hares, large, mutated baboons, large owls, and any fish they could catch through the ice. Any group of people needs a hero. The people of Mount Doom chose Blaze to be theirs. He was chosen because he had a good heart, and was in really good health. To help him keep them safe, the people of Mount Doom amputated his right arm, and replaced it with a sword that gave him the ability to control fire and even become it. His mission was to melt all the ice. He was the hero of fire. The problem with his power, though, is that it needs to be recharged because his sword can only hold so much lava. Any time he needs to recharge he goes to the center of the dormant volcano and absorbs some lava. But this is bad because the city inside the volcano only survives off of the heat generated by it. So anytime Blaze recharges his sword, the volcano loses lava thereby causing it to steadily lose some of its heat source.
When the asteroid hit it brought with it an alien civilization consisting of frozen monsters. These aliens have fangs and claws the size of steak knives. They are creatures made of giant ice crystals. Blaze had to fight them constantly because these alien monsters were what kept the sun from melting the frozen planet. They had built outposts, which were giant dishes that produce a beam which blocks radiation from passing through the atmosphere. There is one satellite dish on each continent. If the creatures lived, the people of Mount Doom would die. Anytime Blaze destroyed an outpost the temperature of the planet moved up ten degrees. Blaze’s mission was to melt the ice, therein he had to destroy the alien monsters’ outposts.
Blaze went to the first outpost, which was on Antarctica. When he arrived, he saw the guards, he noticed that they had many red eyes, and there was an icy wind coming from them. Blaze approached the first guard and smashed it to pieces with his sword arm. The guard broke into five smaller pieces of itself, which Blaze then destroyed.  He moved onto the next. Blaze discovered after killing a few of the creatures that parts of the satellite dish broke apart. He figured out that if he killed all of the guards, the entire satellite dish would break apart. Once he destroyed the outpost, he monitored the temperature of the earth. He noticed that the temperature went up ten degrees. He realized that if he destroyed all the outposts, the world would thaw and life would go back to normal.

The author's comments:

This story came to me out of nowhere. I took a little inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess in the Snowpeak Ruins.

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