The One That Got Away

May 17, 2017
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As the sun shined in on my face, I felt my skin begin to tingle with sensation. Even with my eyes closed, I could feel the sun rays already blinding me. I quickly arose from my deep and uncertain force, that I blacked out for several seconds. As my feet touched the cold wooden floor, I shivered feeling the hairs on the back of my neck slightly stand up straight. I thought about what had happened last night, trying to play the scenes over again in my head slowly.

“ I killed her,” I told myself but, am I a murderer?” Maybe but, I felt like she deserved it for making my boyfriend Jessie cheat on me with her but, in a way it was his fault too. Me and Jessie were together for 2 whole years and he just goes behind my back and cheats on me with the school slut. I just could not believe him or any of the times he told me he loved me either must have been a lie because of this now escalated situation. I felt as if anger would soon get the best of me so tried my hardest to calm my breathes to a slow enough pace, so I could maybe start to think straight once more.
A hard knock at my door quickly broke me from my thoughts. Slowly stood up, limping to the door to ask who it was. My father answered in a kind of voice that sounded as if he had just been convicted of a crime. I opened the door peering out into the hallway but, only showing my neck and up.
“So, what time did you get home last night young lady.” He said very angrily and I know he only calls me that when he feels like I have done something wrong or out of the ordinary.
“I was here obviously studying for today’s exams,” I said, making sure not to bring my voice up above two octaves but, he just was not buying it one bit. Before he could speak again, I slammed the door in his face without any warning of concern and proceeded to the restroom to wash my face. As I was looking in the mirror, I saw those cold hearted eyes that could steal your soul with exactly one glance.
The voice in my head began to talk again saying, “Look at her, she is an evil and vicious monster.” I told myself to shut up but, the voices had only began to get louder and louder with every single breathe I took. I felt my lungs begin to fill with liquid. Maybe I was hallucinating or maybe this was real life. I could not take it anymore, and with that I finally decided to confess to my dad. As I turned from the mirror I had realized that there was something red on the back of my neck and as I turned around I saw three red scratches on the side of my neck. I had wondered there for a few minutes why I hadn’t noticed them before because now the pain had really started to kick in much more than before. I winced as my fingers grazed the scratches oh so carefully.
As I finally reached the bottom of the stairs I had guessed that my dad had heard me secretly confess to myself because he just sat there in complete and utter shock. I quietly began to walk over to the couch that was across from him and we both just sat there in silence. I slowly gazed out he foggy window seeing the sky full of dark rain clouds, the wind growing louder, the trees beginning to dance with the wind, and the sound of our unbalanced breaths filling the room with dullness. I looked back at my dad and he looked as if he might just say something but, instead he just continued to sit there without saying a word.
“I know this sounds crazy, dad but, you would never tell on me, right?” I asked with the sweetest voice that would come out at the time. He looked in confusion at me and began frowning making the vein in his forehead much more visible than before. I waited for him to say something but, he didn’t and I eventually got bored and went back to my room to get dressed. As I entered my room, I looked at the outfit I had set out for myself the night before. I felt as if I might faint so I quickly ran over to my head and as I was pulling the covers back, I saw it. “The friendship bracelet that I had given Charlotte for her 18th birthday. It was lying there on my ragged baby blue sheets. I had noticed as I grew closer to the object that it had a little stain of blood on one of the charms. I didn’t know what to do but, all I could think of was to get rid of the evidence where no one would be able to ever find it.
Soon after I heard footsteps coming up the creaky steps and turn into the hallway bathroom but, I also heard slightest groan of a person in pain. I slowly gazed out into the hallway and to my utter surprise I saw the leg of a human completely mutilated from the body of an innocent person. Then I thought to myself, didn’t I just see my father in those same sweat gray sweat pants with the little holes in the ankles.
I then thought to myself that I must have been going completely crazy at that time. I heard the footsteps come out into the hallway again but, this time standing right outside my door. I quickly locked the door as quiet as I could and scurried over into my closet locking the door and turning the light off, but first grabbing my phone off the charger. I dialed 911 but, it seemed as if the line had been cut to the router in the basement making all the power in the house slowly cut off. Then silence. The only thing I could hear was my heart suddenly pounding out of my ears. The doorknob began to twist and turn until finally successfully opening. I put my over my mouth, feeling the begin to fall from my eyes and quiet sobs coming from my mouth.
I told myself to go to my happy place when my mom was still alive but, it just wasn’t working and then I heard it. My name being called by this stranger that had broke into our house.
“Caroline,” The voice said, coming closer and closer to the closet and then stopping. I could see the stranger’s shoes standing right outside my door all I could do was sit there without making any noise and hope and pray to god that this was all just a nightmare” that I would soon awake from. The closet door began to rattle and shake and I tried my hardest not to grab the pistol that my dad had given me for my 16th birthday.
Now you may be thinking that was a stupid present but, in my defense it is better  to be protected than to be vulnerable to fatal injuries as my dad used to say. The closet door slowly opened, exposing me to the now, shining sky full of white clouds and I had decided I wanted that to be the last thing I saw instead of the stranger’s face. I could not believe my eyes, it was caroline but, she was dead with bite marks in her neck area and blood covering the outer and inner part of her mouth that was obviously my dad’s. I quickly moved things around behind me trying to look as casual as possible without making any sudden moves for her to want to bite my head off. Finally, I found it and quickly pulled it out, shooting but, missing her head and I knew that if I missed this one it would be over. Then the trigger went off again but, my eyes were closed this time and I heard a loud thud against the floor. She was dead for real this time. There was one bullet left for me and in the next minute all I saw was complete darkness for the rest of my life and I thought that death was not so bad and I was telling the truth.

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