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May 17, 2017
By LoganFuentes BRONZE, Frederick, Colorado
LoganFuentes BRONZE, Frederick, Colorado
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On a cool, crisp summer day in a place like Lafayette but not quite, the most pointless epic battle of the day would take place between two foes and their love of pizza. This was no ordinary pizza. This legendary slice was handcrafted by Morgan Freeman to be eaten by the chosen one. To be the chosen one you must be pure of heart and have an extensive love to the italian cuisine only two people have the true love of pizza Byatt and Blabe. Blabe was a kind hearted gentle man who was always sleepy,hungry, and squishy. While the other chosen one was Byatt, who was a cunning ruthless, and not squishy individual who would do anything to get his grubby little hands on the legendary slice he even hired his soul mate and spirit animal Macaulay Culkin. On the day of the slice being presented at the Pizza Place Blabe and Byatt would finally meet.


At 12:00 pm the battle had begun when they both reached for the pizza and their hands touched and they both knew that this was gonna be ugly. Byatt called his spirit animal Macaulay Culkin he then punched Blabe in the face making him fly from his feet slamming into some near by old pizza crusts. “ That was not cool!” Blabe yelled then he hurled all the old pizza crust at Macaulay Culkin and Byatt stunning them in the process then Blabe called upon his spirit eagle to fly him up in the air to perform and ground smash. Byatt who was confused by the pizza crust saw what Blabe was going to do and moved avoiding the attack then wyatt used an ancient technique to summon Macaulay Culkin’s true father Willem Dafiend which is the evil doppelganger of famous hollywood actor Willem Dafoe, and together the three foes of Blabe did an attack so devastating Blade wouldn't survive on his own. The powerful laser hit Blabe in the chest hurling him through the Pizza Parlor door knocking him unconscious. Byatt laughed a might roar because of his apparent victory over the squishy hero “Victory is mine I am the true chosen one”.


It was dark Blabe didn't know he was knocked unconscious because what he was seeing wasn't dark at all. It was bright and there were birds flying about, it seemed to be a park with a beautiful marble fountain and benches and a mysterious figure in a white suit sitting at one of the benches “Come” the unknown figure said so Blabe went and sat by the man. Blabe then knew the mysterious man in a white suit he had seen most of his movies and knew he was the one who created the legendary slice Morgan Freeman himself, he then said to Blade “My son you are the true chosen one, your Squishiness is unmatched and your unlike another who have come here, i will help you defeat that evil doer Byatt”

“So you'll help me yourself, awesome!” Blabe exclaimed, “Sadly i can not because it is not my battle plus i have better things to do but i will do something to change the tide you will know who is when you see them”. Blabe went into a violent spiral fromt the spirit garden back to his body which lay in the Pizza Parlor he thought it was over, but two hands reached out to pull him up.. It was his long lost brother Post Malone and Nicholas Cage this was the help that Mr. Freeman promised him and he knew the tables were about to turn because his love for pizza was pure.

While Blabe got his help; Byatt and his Friends were trying to figure out how a door works because they thought it would be rude to go through the giant hole right next to the door. Then the three men stepped out to fight, Blabe knew he had to win no matter what he couldn't let down Morgan freeman. Byatt screamed a vicious cry “REEAAGHHHH” it hurt Blabe but Post Malone played some beats and hurt Byatts ears, then Nicholas Cage ran into Willem Dafiend  and kept running and were never seen again. Macaulay Culkin and Byatts fused together but Post Blinded them with his grills while Blabe landed the fatal blow a little slap to the ear knocking him out for the count. The fight was over and the battle was won, and through the clouds he could see Morgan Freeman  smiling with his thumb up proud of Blabe. He looked at his long lost brother and said “Thanks Post i couldn't have done it without you” Post looked at him and said “No thank you Blabe” then he flew away riding a magical rainbow. The moment of truth was near the pizza was in a chest of gold he could smell it practically taste it, he opened the chest and a gold light shined out.

The pizza was burnt. (play Seinfeld music)

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True Story

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