Exploring a New World in a Child´s Eye

May 16, 2017
By AsthaAdhikari BRONZE, Erie, Colorado
AsthaAdhikari BRONZE, Erie, Colorado
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¨Didi, Let´s go for a walk…” a small voice says. Astha opens one eye to see who the small voice belonged to. It was her cousin. Her cousin´s name is Nanu. Nanu is 7 years old. Her full name is Blinda Shrestha. But she likes to be called Nanu. (Nanu means little sister). She gets up slowly and stares at Nanu. Nanu stares back and somehow they have a eye staring content. Nanu jumps up and down, yelling and screaming. Astha looks at her and says ¨What's wrong.¨ Nanu stares at her and says, ¨Let´s go, I want to show you daddy's bakery.¨ Astha just stands there for the longest time, then says ¨Where are we going?¨ Nanu doesn't say anything, she just walks to the gate and puts on Astha´s high heels. So, Astha has to wear Nanu´s mother´s slipper.
Once they were outside, Nanu holds Astha's hand and they walk down the road to their destination. Astha keeps asking Nanu ¨when they were going home¨ because they were walking for a long time. Nanu keeps saying, ¨we are almost there.¨Finally, they got to their destination. Nanu opens the door and yells, ¨Guess who came here¨ The workers all stared at the door and they were very shocked or surprised. They just stared at the 2 figures at the door. This one guy comes out from inside the cooking room and stares at the 2 figures, then says, ¨WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?¨ Astha just looks at the guy who screamed and looks at Nanu. Nanu holds Astha's hand and hides behind her, about to cry. But instead of crying, she comes out and says, ¨I came with Astha Didi to show her daddy's bakery.¨ The guy who screamed was in fact Nanu´s big brother and Astha´s cousin. Astha´s 2nd cousin was there too! Their names were Ben and Sanjiv. Their parents are sisters.¨Just give us some food, we are hungry¨ Nanu orders. They sit down on a chair. And wait for the food. They had ordered dumpling, mango lassi, brownie and water. (maybe Samosa too). So the food comes and then they eat their delicious food. Then they leave the table.No-one saw them leave. When Ben comes out of the cooking room and sees that the 2 girls weren't there. He asks Sanjiv ¨Did you see Astha and Nanu leave¨ and he answers with, ¨No, I didn't see them leave.¨ They ask everyone if they saw the 2 girls leave, but everyone said the same thing ¨No, we didn't see them leave¨
Astha and Nanu were walking back home. Nanu stops walking and Astha turns around and says, ¨Why did you stop, lets go, they will be worried about us.¨ Nanu stares at something and says ¨Didi, look at that forest¨ Astha looks at where Nanu is pointing and says, ¨ya, I see, what about it, Nanu.¨ Nanu says, ¨Feels like the forest is calling us¨ Astha looks back at the forest and stares at it for a long time, then says, ¨your right, the forest is calling us.¨ They walked inside the forest, not knowing what they were getting themselves into. They didn't know what was about to happen. Once they got inside the forest, they walked and walked. Finally they came across a cave. They walked inside the cave and suddenly they stopped and were shocked. There was a dragon sleeping on the ground.
¨Didi a dragon¨ Nanu yells. ¨Yes, Nanu there is a dragon¨ They both just stare at each other then back at the dragon. After a long pause, Astha says, ¨We should get out before the dragon gets up¨ Nanu responds with ¨ya, lets run¨ Astha and Nanu slowly walks toward the entrance of the cave, when suddenly Nanu sneezes. The dragon was awake. ¨grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr¨ They looked back and ran. They were trapped. They ran to the wrong entrance. Now they were stuck with a scary dragon. They close their eyes. The dragon was real close. Suddenly the dragon licks them. They open their eyes and dropped their jaws. The huge scary dragon transformed into a cute baby dragon. So they became friends. They left for their home with the baby dragon tagging along. When suddenly there was a huge KABOOM!!! What was that? Astha and Nanu ran outside and their faces went pale.
What did they see?
Why were Astha and Nanu and the baby dragon facing and why were they scared?
Stay tuned for book 2...

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I love to read books and write stories.

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