Gold Tooth

May 16, 2017
By Anonymous

Once upon a time there was a little shark named Dull Tooth. He was born deep in the Pacific Ocean. His parents always knew he was different. They hoped it would not effect him. In spite of that, he grew up with bullying from other sharks and sea animals making fun of him all the time. That was the only thing he was used to. as he grew older nothing got better. The other sharks in his class would always ask in mocking way, why are your teeth so dull. It was really sad but he got used to it. His parents always were by his side and told him there is a reason for everything. Everything else about him was perfect, He was fit, smart, and extremely fast. However, after awhile he got sick of it. He thought he could deal with it, but he just couldn't anymore. One night he decided to run away.
He left at dusk. The water was cold as usual in the deep ocean. He never felt so alone and cold. He wished his parents would be there to tell him to stop and stay. But they weren't, they were out with their friends. He began to swim North. Nothing in sight, just water for miles and miles. He started to wonder if his parents would come after him. Although, nothing stops him, he just keeps moving along. Days and days, and nights and nights go by. It began to get much colder than he was used to. He'd never wander this far away from home. The fish he saw seem to look stranger and stranger the further he got from home. He couldn't help but wonder why.
“Hello?”  He questions, as he hears a splash close by him. He was frightened, he has no one to hold him or to tell him it was alright. He could do nothing but keep swimming. Then he hears the splash again. “What do you want?” He yells.
A little turtle Appeared. He seems more frightened than Dull Tooth. Dull Tooth asks, “Why are you out here all alone?”
The turtle replies, “My shell is smaller than the rest of the others around me.”
“And...?” Dull Tooth questions.
“And... so I ran away,” the turtle says with a frown.
Dull Tooth states, “We aren't too different. Are we?” he continues, “I left because my teeth are dull.”
“Where are you headed?” the turtle asks.
“I'm just swimming until I find something or someplace I want to be. Do you want to come with me?”
“For sure, my name is Mini.” So the new friends continued to swim.
They began to see strange floating like structures above them. They had never seen them before. They go up to touch the mysterious objects. They were so cold to the touch, they got scared to go near them again. It began to get light out near the surface of the ocean. They swim up to an opening in between the strange objects. A little black and white bird like creature appears looking over the objects. Dull Tooth and Mini are very startled by the creature. However, they both came back to the edge of the strange, cold object.
The creature asks, “Are you looking for the treasure too?
“What treasure?” They ask.
“A ship sunk a few days ago,” the creature continues, “I thought that was why you are around here?”
A smile grows across Dull Tooth’s face. He now knows what his purpose is. He and Mini decide they are going to go look for the treasure. They ask the stranger for directions in exchange they would bring back some treasure. The penguin just said swim West until they got to a weird, floating, red thing, that sways in the wind. Mini and Dull Tooth didn't quite understand, however they began their journey.
Now they were swimming faster. When they had no purpose they had gone slow but now they wanted to treasure. Less than a day past and they had already gotten to the weird object. They start plummet to the bottom of the ocean.  They get down there and see strange lights as they begin to get closer. They look around for hours. They thought it was all a bunch of nonsense. But then something caught Mini’s Eye. “Yo go to come check this out, there's a little gold coin over here next to the ship.” They looked a little further in that direction. There it was. Dull tooth rips off the lid to the chest. Gold is overflowing everywhere. Dull Tooth realizes he can’t pick it up with his hands, so he tries biting into it. The gold forms to his teeth. They create sharp teeth as strong and as sharp as daggers. He looks at himself in the mirror the boat. He had never been as happy as he was right there in his life. Mini, however, could pick up the gold. He tries linking them together and makes a chain. He then carved out the words “Mini Bigs” with gold tooth’s sharp teeth. He put it over his neck and says, “What's good they call me Mini Bigs. What do they call you Dull Tooth?”
“They call me Gold Tooth” The two sea creatures happy as ever did not want to break their promise. They picked up the rest of the gold treasure chest and brought it back to the creature they met earlier. When they got there the creature all still waiting. He was so happy. He did not expect them to return with the gold. To show his gratitude, he gave Gold Tooth a lot of fish the penguin had caught earlier that day and Mini some sea weed he gathered earlier. Gold tooth and Mini Bigs start to head home. Both were extremely happy with their findings, and we're confident with their new looks. Mini embraced his small shell and just showed off his bling. On their way home they swam even faster than when they were on the way to the treasure. They were home and only a couple days. The water was beginning to heat up again, it felt so much better than the cold they had been used to. When Gold Tooth got back Mini decided to live with him. When he got back he didn't smile or show off his new teeth at all. One day his peer said, “What's good Dull Tooth you loser.”
Gold tooth flashes his razor sharp teeth and grins, “They call me Gold Tooth now.” His peer scared senseless from Gold Tooth’s teeth that could bite right through his body went and told everyone not to mess with Gold Tooth.

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