The Pazoozoo's

May 15, 2017

A not so long time ago in the time of dance and afros, there lived two mediocre boys with the names Jissac Hostile and Iams Hoff. The two teenage boys had this passion for music like no other, they would always be seen holding a guitar or some sort of instrument. With this in mind you can see them having a band, which is correct they had a band called Pazoozoo. The name was odd but the music was so very intriguing to any crowd they played for. At this time in their career they were local, meaning they'd play the occasional bar set up, or some small gig they set up. Until one summer's eve they played, Jisaac and Iams were planned to play at a local bar called skeye which was in the town of Montlong. It was a good day for the two teenagers, they woke up and felt good about this new one song they wrote about, they usually had some song about happy topics, the sunset, life, their music range was never the same. It was about a quarter till 4 when they started to head down to skeye, they felt confident in themselves and in their music. They had then arrived all dressed in some kakke pants and some flannels they found laying around, very casual group of kids. At the time they started to finally get going it was 6:53, they were in their zone with the spot lights, and the people. In the corner of the left side of the room there was a small old man, and hanging on the side of him was his wise wife, cute and small. Facing the other corner was a middle class man dressed in some casual wear you would see someone wearing at any bar, and sitting in the center of the room was this 30 or so year old man, dressed to impress. The clock had hit 7 o'clock and Jisaac and Iams were prepared to show the men and woman in the room what they got. The song they had ready to be played was called “Jealous Composure”, they would constantly be making songs with the names “Uncontrollable Man” “100mph Culture”  as you can tell weird titles. They played a few notes to get warmed up, sang a few silent tunes to themselves, and then at this point they started to play on. Immediately as they started to play, they zoned everything out just them and the music. Then suddenly the man dead center of the room stood up got closer and started to realize these kids talents. As the set was over he walked to them and looked at them and said “come with me.” He proceeded them to a table and talked them through this crazy idea. A genious idea that was made up of them becoming famous in the near future. He told them that he would produce them into becoming superstars and given the circumstances Jisaac and Iams agreed upon this idea. It was playing at bars and small gigs to playing at actual concert halls, people started to take notice of the two tennagers. More and more people would show up to hear them, it was first 100, then 200, then up to 500 people coming to their shows. Towards the end of summer, the beginning of august they were at a steady place in their career, their producer sat them down and told them about a big show they had the opportunity to play. It was at a place called “The Square.” it was a concert hall in downtown Montlong it can hold up to 1,500 people, so it was a big deal. They spent every hour of the day preparing themselves for this amazing place, they got new guitars, they went to specialists to make sure that their voices will be able to handle everything happening. Jisaac and Iams were thrilled, but not the only ones, they would be getting twitter messages from random fans, fan mail, anything you can think of. The concert took place on August 23, which was a saturday. There was 7 days until the concert. The days went by slow finally it was the day, it was their special day, they were prepared, happy, little nervous i guess but the tiniest bit. They arrived at 9am, there were people already lining up at the door, it was 10 and there was 50 people, then 100 by noon, then 500 by 3. People kept coming and coming. 8 oclock had then come around, it was the time, before them there were a couple people opening. But Jisaac and Iams were ready, they walked up onto that stage ready to sing there hearts out. They began singing their little opening song the crowd was wild, it was all so perfect at the moment. Things started to get shakey tho, it felt as if there was an earthquake, something had fell on top of the roof, no one knew what was happening. They looked around the room seeking for some sort of help, but as they were searching they couldn't seem find Jisaac and Iams its as if they had disappeared, when in all reality they were standing on this ship thing. It was odd, like a spaceship of some sort. The crowd screeched, they saw an alien figure they had figured the aliens had abducted Jisaac and Iams but no that wasn't the case. Jisaac and Iams were apart of the alien crew! Everyone was confused and terrified, Jisaac and Iams plan all along was to get as many people in one space and abduct them. It worked well sorda the fit as many humans as possible and went up into a planet called Planet Pazz. Once arrived they had what they wanted all along, but what happened in that ship with the aliens will never be revealed. 

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