Jaguar Village

May 15, 2017

In 10,000 BC there was a village called the Jaguar Village. It was located in the middle of the Alups forest of ancient India. This village was like no other. It had a great power lurking inside. This power was known by the natives as the Essence of the Jaguar. This power was a great power that gave immortality to all of the natives and life to everything else. The ancient protector and keeper of this power was the village’s chief Chi Abdulla. He was a just leader and everyone loved him, except his head advisor Krish. Krish always envied Abdullah's position in the village and wanted the Essence of the Jaguar. Chi Abdulla always suspected Krish of treachery. So one day he took half of the Essence of the Jaguar and sealed it into his son Avi’s body. Only Abdulla and his wife knew of what he did. One day while in a private meeting with chief, Krish stabbed him in the chest and took the Essence of the Jaguar. However Krish didn’t know that Abdullah was still alive. With the last breath in his body Chi Abdulla performed an ancient ritual to seal Krish, himself, and the Essence of the Jaguar in the Underworld. Many years passed and almost every person that knew of the Essence of the Jaguar died because without the great power everyone lost their immortality.

After many years the Essence of the Jaguar was just a myth to the people of the Jaguar Village. The new chief of the village was named Khan and was a good man at heart. He had a daughter named Waahiid, which means promise. Chi Khan was getting old and needed someone to marry his daughter, so he could have a successor to the throne when he died. Chi Khan wanted a man that was strong, smart, and had empathy to rule his kingdom. So he created a huge tournament for all the men in the village to have a chance to marry his daughter Waahiid. At this time Avi was 18 years old and had been having secret relations will Waahiid even though it was against the law. When Avi heard about the tournament he became very sad because he’s the least athletic man in the entire village. He was very skinny and had no athletic ability. The only advantage Avi had in the tournament was his height. Avi was the third tallest person in his village.

The tournament was very simple all the men would go into the middle of the village and fight to the death. Those who surrendered weren’t killed. Chi Khan announced that the tournament was going to start in 1 hour. Instead of preparing, Avi was home telling his mom how much he loved her and thanking her for all she had done for him in his life. Just before Avi left for the tournament his mom told him “Avi my son. You do not know the power you posses. But you will. One day you will.” and with that Avi was on his way. As soon as he arrived at the tournament sight the fighting began. Avi run away and hid in a nearby alley. Avi’s plan was to waiting until one man was standing and fight that man. However his plan backfired when three men that made an alliance with each other found him hiding in the alley. Avi began to run. He ran and ran until his was in the middle of tournament, where the most fighting and killing was happening. The three men circled Avi and were closing in to kill him. Avi looked around and say Waahiid looking at his in horror and fear at the fact that this could be the end for him. All he had to do was surrender and his life would be spared, but Avi’s pride and love for Waahiid wouldn’t allow it. So Avi pulled out his sword and got ready to fight. Avi swung his sword at one of the men and missed and they began to laugh and mock Avi. Avi swung again and again, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t hit any of the men. Then one of the men sliced open Avi’s left leg with his sword and he fell to the ground. Avi was on the floor and couldn’t get up because of how big the wound of his left leg was. So he put down his sword and closed his eyes to embrace death. When he closed his eyes he saw his father standing right in front of him. His father said “Avi when you were a baby I locked a great power inside of you. The Essence of the Jaguar and now it is time for you to release this power my son. When you do an evil being called Krish will come for you, but you will have the power and will to defeat him. Goodbye my son.” Then Avi began to feel a tingling in his left leg. He opened his eyes to see what was happening to his leg and miraculously the huge cut in his leg had healed with no scare in a matter of seconds. The three men stumbled back in shock and fear. Avi stood up and began to feel a tingling in his entire body. Then suddenly his body was surrounded by a blinding blue light and his body started to fill with muscle like he’s been lifting weights all his life. His hair became so long it almost touch the floor and it change its color from its natural black to white. His eyes also changed color from their normal brown to blue. Then a huge shining blue sword began to form in his right hand. All the men in the tournament stopped fighting and began to stare in fear and shock at what was taking place right in front of their very eyes. Then an old lady uttered the words in a soft fainted voice “The Essence of the Jaguar”. With one swing of his mighty sword Avi killed every single man in the tournament. Then there was a huge explosion of blinding blue light and Avi transformed back into his normal self and was unconscious.

When he woke up he was tied up and on the floor of a dungeon cell. Chi Khan and the village people were staring at him. Their eyes showed fear, horror, and shock. Avi asked what happened and the villagers told him that he killed everyone in the tournament and won, but he has the Essence of the Jaguar in him and he needed to learn how to control it before they could let him out. Avi agreed to the terms. On his third day in the dungeon Avi had a dream. In his dream he saw a man that had pale skin, a very muscular build, and a deep voice. The man looked at Avi and said “My name is Krish. Your feeble father probably already told you about me. I’m coming for you. I’m coming for power you have.” and disappeared. Avi immediately woke up from the dream in a panic and was drenched with sweat. Then Avi heard a huge explosion from his cell and it sounded close. He heard footsteps approaching his cell and there he was Krish in the flesh. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Avi asked Krish “How did you come out of the Underworld?” Krish said “Hahaha I was there for many years and i had your father’s power. So I used it to torture him until he told me the ritual to get out. His dying words were that you’d defeat me. Hahahaha, but I doubt that.” Avi became filled with anger and called on the Essence of the Jaguar and turned into the Jaguar Warrior. Then Krish turned into a Jaguar Warrior too. Krish swung sword fast and hard at Avi’s neck, but Avi’ countered the hit. Krish swung again and this time he cut open Avi’s right arm. Avi then countered another hit from Krish and swung his sword and barely cut the surface of Krish’s face. Then in mid swing of his sword Avi tripped on a rock and fell. Then Krish took advantage of that and stabbed Avi in the stomach with his sword. Avi laid there bleeding out. Then Krish said “I know you can’t die because you have the Essence of the Jaguar,but you will die if you didn’t. And i’m gonna take your power. Bye Bye Avi.” Just as Krish was about to absorb Avi’s power Avi’s mom snuck up on Krish and stabbed him in the neck with a kitchen knife. Krish fell to the floor and began to bleed out just like Avi. However, Avi was already beginning to heal and his mom ran to him to help him up. As Avi was getting to his feet Krish was starting to heal as well. Avi knew he had to act fast. So he took his sword and stabbed Krish in his chest. Avi knew the only way he could end Krish’s evil was to kill him. Avi then began to say the words to an ancient ritual to absorb Krish’s power. When Avi was done with the ritual Krish’s body began to smoke. Smoke began to come out of his body, then it began to melt and Krish started to scream. In a matter of seconds Krish became nothing, but a puddle of goo.

Avi had all the power as it was meant to be. One year later Avi married Waahiid and they had two beautiful children. One boy and one girl. The boy was named Abdullah after Avi’s father and the girl was named Zoohoor (which mean roses). Now Avi was chief, which made him Chi Avi. Avi had everything he’d ever wish for. Avi honored his father by using his power for what is was meant for. Everything was like it was before and everyone and everything had immortal life.

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