Adventure of Karminis

May 11, 2017
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¨Wham!¨, Karminis’s back hits the pillar at Mount Olympus, and that's when he realizes he messed up. He wanted revenge on Zeus after what he did to Karminis by killing his son after he got into a fight with Zeus’s son Hercules. And after all Karminis can control events that happen in people's lives and rewind time. Karminis wondered if he will ever get revenge on him after watching Zeus´s lightning bolt coming right at his forehead in that moment.

¨Stop!¨ Karminis calls out, forcing his hand towards Zeus. Right there everything changed for the side of Karminis, Hades, Ares, and Cerberus. Karminis knew that he could trace back to when he threw the lightning bolt and block it back at Zeus, but he had to use something large to do so. “Hades!” Karminis yells, hoping for a response not knowing where Hades is. “Yes Karminis?” Hades responds in questionnement. “Have your soldiers of the underworld rip out a pillar of Mount Olympus for me, Quickly!” Karminis orders to Hades. Then all Karminis, Hades, and Ares saw was thousands of dead souled warriors rise out of the ground and rip ot a pillar of Mount Olympus. “There we go, Yaaa!” Ares screamed out. Karminis aligns the soldiers to where the lightning bolt will strike and go back at Zeus. Finally,  Karminis sets time back to when Zeus throws the lightning bolt and the bolt strikes the pillar then bounces back at himself and strikes Zeus right in the heart. Zeus falls to the ground in pain and eventually falls into shock and his body freezes.

“I’ll give em an hour and he’ll be up” Ares says, laughing at his own statement. “That hour we have while he is unconscious, we need to take over Mount Olympus” Karminis says to Ares and Hades. All three of them knew they couldn't fight through Mount Olympus in an hour with just them three, so they called for a little back up you could say. “Oh my god” says Ares, as he sees Cerberus the three headed dog that protects the underworld, Hypnos the god of sleep, and Hercules who is freakishly strong stomping up the hill to Ares, Karminis, and Hades. Karminis rounds up all 5 of the others and they create a plan to take this place down. Karminis gives everyone a job to do. Karminis gives a speech, “Hercules, make sure no one enters or leaves, stay at the front door. Ares, direct Hades’s army in battle to make sure they get the job done. Cerberus, try to pin down Poseidon as he will be the death of us. Hypnos, send out a sleeping gas through the air vents just in case, and Hades. Well you can stand there and look cute why don't ya.” Hades comments back “Ah what the heck dude! I'm in this too!” They all split up to execute their jobs and they only have 45 minutes left. Everyone executes their plan perfectly except for one Cerberus. You can probably imagine how hard it is to hold down a God, even if you are a giant 3 headed dog. Poseidon fights off Cerberus enough to escape out of his grasps. But all the sudden Poseidon almost whimpered whenever his eyes locked eyes with the person that just walked in the room, Nicicus. Nicicus is not immortal, not insanely strong, but he is the son of Fortuna. The goddess of good luck which meant Nicicus brought not only good luck to the battle at Mount Olympus but also he couldn't lose a battle to anyone because of how lucky he is. Nicicus without any hesitation whips his sword out and charges Poseidon with all of his mite. He stabbed Poseidon just enough to drop him to the ground and have Hades be able to bring him to the underworld into an impenetrable cage. So with the help of Nicicus, Cerberus, Hercules, Ares, Hades, and Hypnos. Karminis takes over everyone in Mount Olympus except for Zeus who just woke up whenever they just imprisoned Poseidon. But Zeus being the only one left against 7 others, he plays the best card in the game for say he call his dad, Cronus.

“Who dares to attack my family!” Cronus yells out, as he is walking up towards Mount Olympus. “Um I think that's my cue to leave now” Ares says, “Ya I think Ares is right” says the rest of them and they all left Karminis by himself to fight Cronus and Zeus. But being the over driven maniac that he is. He will do anything to capture these people, even if he dies himself. So of course before he could even move Karminis was pinned down by Zeus and Cronus was just going to step on him since he is not immortal and he is a giant titan. But he couldn't even move to rewind time to save himself. Is this the time I am going to die, Karminis thinks to himself. But then he realizes that Cronus is actually not immortal, because he is made of rocks from each planet in the solar system that are being held together by a heart like center piece in his body. So Karminis know Nicicus can read minds so he thinks to himself, “Nicicus I need you to stab him in the center of his body where the rocks meet.” And since Nicicus feels bad for ditching his best friend in battle he comes back for Karminis to help him. Nicicus 10 minutes later sneaks up on Cronus and leaps into the air like Karminis has never seen before and pierces his sword right through Cronus. “NO! This can't be! A Mortal defeating me!” Cronus’s last words before the rocks of his body fall to the ground on top of Zeus and Karminis. But since Nicicus is Fortuna’s son he uses some luck on Karminis to save his life from the rocks of Cronus but Zeus was hurt badly enough Nicicus and Karminis dragged Zeus to the underworld for Hades to put him in the impenetrable cage with Poseidon right after Hades got a few kicks in. “I didn't think you were going to come back” Karminis said, “Why wouldn't I, isn't that what best friends do for each other” Nicicus responds.

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