Hit and Run

May 11, 2017
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The reverse

"You hit her?!?". I screamed at Marco, "Mona's bike was all broken with the tires missing and bent parts all over the bike". I said to Marco all furious. " I didn’t hit her". He said giving a look and disturbance. "whatever" a person to his right said but I don’t know all that well, I mean I have seen her around in school. We exchange hellos when we pass each other but that was about it. I didn’t really think much of her or anything. The school is full of idiots and perverts that don’t even care about school or grades at all, all they care about is cute boys and girls and parties.

Mona has been in the hospital, she had ten scratches and cuts all over her body that constantly bleed. Two bruises on each of her cheeks, and one black eye which is on her left eye. My family meaning me and my mom and dad and my big brother went to visit her 3 days a week. We been giving her flowers and cards and sweets. Which I thought was pointless because she has been in a coma ever since the accident. I know its rude for me to think this way but it's true, I mean she wouldn’t be able to eat the sweets before they expire and they flowers would die and she wouldn’t be able to even see them.

I never truly knew Mona she was always sad and depressed. She would always walk the halls with her head down and sloppy posture. She looked so miserable, I wondered if it was family or bullying problems. With that look it looked like she would be bad enough to commit suicide. Did she try to in front of my boyfriend's car that night?? I don’t want to think really about that though, it gives me flashbacks and I'm trying to start fresh. I stopped seeing Mona, looking at her makes me think of me when I was that bad I want to find out for sure what happened. 

As I go to school every day from now on I will be silent but deadly, I will find out if someone purposely put Mona in that coma or if she put herself there. Am I dating an attempt murder? I can't trust anyone from now on, my family was not happy that I won't go see Mona anymore but I didn’t care. My older brother was bugging me about why I stopped seeing Mona, and I told him to not tell our parents but I will find out who put her in that coma, he agreed one hundred percent. In fact he really wants to help and I couldn’t deny that, I am really going to need all the help I can get. Me and my brother will bring the person to justice, if it’s the last thing we do.

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