The Getaway

May 11, 2017
By lak23z BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
lak23z BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
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They hopped into the getaway car as the bank sirens flared. Red and blue lights fill the horizon of the freeway.
  “Jimmy, where are we gonna go?” asks Timmy.
“Tim Bo, I got an idea. Let's get off at this exit and cruise through the street of Los Angeles.”
The partners whip a right onto Avalon Boulevard in their blacked out 2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350. They had used their money from the last stick up at the pawn shop to pay for it.
Timmy says, “Jim, I am fully aware of how that alarm went off now.”
“Inform me then, Tim; if you cannot tell we are wanted by every damn cop in Los Angeles at this point. I mean we just took 15 million from the biggest bank in the city.”
“I accidentally hit the sensor on the inside of the vault by the door, you know what I am talking about?”
“It does not matter now, Tim; you already messed it grab the m-4 Carbine and let it rip on these cops.”
“There is so many cops, I do not which to shoot at first. How about you drive a little faster.”
“Tim, the pedal is on the floor; we only have 10 miles till the pier.”
“Jim Bo, what is at the pier?”
“Oh, you will see, pal.”
Tim sticks his head out the window and starts firing at the pack of cop cars behind them. Meanwhile Jim is swerving through heavy rush hour traffic going about 200 miles per hour.
“Jim, can you stay straight? It is hard to shoot anyone when you are driving like a maniac.”
“I got to drive like a maniac when we just robbed California United Bank.”
The partners are still about two miles away from the pier, but the cops continue to come flying down the side streets onto the four-lane road.
“Timmy, look there is a roadblock up there, they have spikes on the ground. Go left!”
“I see them; hold on tight.”
After dodging the road block, the tandem comes flying into the pier parking lot screeching on the breaks. Jimmy gets out and hands the keys to Bobby, the valet.
Bobby says, “I will get you your whip back to Malibu soon.”
Tim says, “Where is the boat at it was suppose to be at the end of pier?”
Bobby says, “He has not shown up; your best bet is to hijack one from the docks over there.”
Jimmy tells Tim, “Grab all the guns and let's go.”
They hop over the railing and take the ramp down to the docks that store all the rich businessmen's boats.
“Which boat do you want, Tim?”
“That all-black one with the two huge motors.”
They get in and Jimmy careful hotwires the boat. Meanwhile Tim puts all the guns under the hull of the boat so no one can see them.
“You ready to go, Tim? We do not have all day; the cops will be rolling into the pier any second.”
“We have to make are escape now before it is too late.”
Jimmy throws the boat into reverse and whips it out of the dock spot. He then accelerates out into the open ocean
“Jim, they cannot see us; we are out home free.”
“Yes, sir, just 30 miles of open water and then we are home.”
“Here take a beer they were in the fridge.”
“Thanks; cheers, Timmy.”

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece because I really liked how it started during a journal entry. We kept having to add random lines into the story which I thought was very cool. I really wanted to write a fictional piece before the end of this class and this is my attempt at one.

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