The hidden princess

May 10, 2017

The year is 1992 in a beautiful Kingdom with a King, his loving Queen, and their newborn baby Jade. The Kingdom is full of the loving towns people how are full of joy and laughter because of the birth of the princess. Jade was a beautiful brown haired baby with bright forest green eyes that could stare into your heart and fill it with love. After the baby was born the towns people had hope that the princess would do great things and keep to Kingdom peaceful until the end of time.
The next few days were filled with joy and laughter and sunshine, until a spring storm had arrived upon the kingdom.The rest of the month was filled with drizzling rain and claps of thunder and lighting upon the horizon of the kingdom. The rain had gone on for weeks but that didn’t keep the people away from dancing in the streets. One day while Jade was sleeping in her bright pink cradle a window was shattered into a thousand shards; two mysterious figures appeared from the broken window and strutted to the cradle. Within the next clap of thunder the two figures were gone and so was the princess.
Eighteen Years Later
The year is 2010 and today is just any normal school day.
“Jade wake up! It’s time to go to school” says Jade's Father Ralph. Jade slowly get up and changes into a pair of ripped jean and a red flannel. She walks down the stairs to be greeted by Ralph and Janet, the two people who kidnapped her from her original parents. But Jade doesn't know the truth and may never know the truth.
Jade heads out the door and she starts her journey to Peek high School where she met Logan her best friend.
Once she reaches school she spots Logan and they walk to class together. After six hours the school day is over and Logan and Jade walk to Jade's house to study for their big test tomorrow.
“Logan would you like to stay for dinner?” says Janet.
“Sure I would love to!” says Logan. Jade and Logan finish studying and they head down for dinner.  Logan sits down to enjoy his lovely meal and he soon sees that his water is not water at all, it is green and bubbling right below the rim of the cup. The green liquid had a stench of death and Logan decided that he was not risking it. In one swift motion he picked up a leaf that was still attached to his shoe from walking home, and he slowly puts it in the liquid. Before he could blink the leave dissolved in the water. Jades parents must have seen him and his reaction because what they did next was not going to end in his favor. Jannet pulls out a gun out of her pocket and aims it at Logan. She pulls the trigger but Logan ducks before it hits him.
“ You are not who you say you are Logan!” says Janet.
“We know you are from the kingdom and we are not letting you take Jade with you” says Ralph.
“ You knew that you would never be able to get away for what you did to our kingdom!” Logan says with anger and spite in his voice. Jade comes out from the kitchen and screams, while Ralph and Janet stop and stare at her Logan shoots them before they can shoot him. The both fall to the ground. Jade runs over to them and cries while she shouts “ Why?”
“ Why would you kill my parents, they did nothing to you.” Jade says with sadness in her voice that suddenly turns into anger.
“Jade those people were not your real parents. They kidnapped you from the kingdom after you were born.” Says Logan.
“You are lying to me Logan. They would never do anything like that to me, they love me.” Says Jade.
“Jade you have to believe me and come with me back to the kingdom with me where we can live together and have a happy life together. Those people took you because you are the princess and soon to be the queen of the Kingdom. The people have to have a Queen!” Says Logan.
“ Why should I go with you” Jade says with tears in her eyes.
“Because Jade I love you and I want to marry the girl I love In our home! Trust me Jade we will be happy.”
“ I trust you Logan!” says Jade. The two of them walk out of Jade's house and make their way to the kingdom. Once they they get to the Kingdom they are welcomed with a two week party with people dancing in the streets and a big wedding. And the two of them lived happily ever after.

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