The Attack of Joey Jr.

May 13, 2017
By GavinFuller BRONZE, Meridian, Idaho
GavinFuller BRONZE, Meridian, Idaho
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Life in the urban city was fun for Joey and his family. They had a nice yard and garden in the back of their two story house. Joey's dad was a lawyer and his mother was a brain surgeon. His sister was the smartest girl in the school and his brother was the most athletic in the state. Joey wasn't as gifted as the rest of his perfect family. He could only control the dog. The dog, Joey Jr., was a feisty little fellow. Joey Jr. was the most ferocious wiener dog in the state. His bad behavior tainted the perfect family's name. Joey resented his family for being so perfect and being mean to his best friend.

One day at school, Joey was making goo in his science class with his sister. His sister, Karson, got paired up with Joey because she was absent the day the picked partners and no one wanted to be Joey's partner. When they started, Karson gave Joey a pep talk.

"Okay, I will do all of the work and you just sit there. I don't want you to ruin my perfect grade. Don't even think of touching the chemicals when I go and get the dihydrogen monoxide," snapped Karson.

"Fine. But why do you have to boss me around all of the time?" asked Joey, "I hate it when you boss me around all the time."

"Well if you would get your head out of the clouds, then you would get good grades. If you think you're so good with dogs, then did you know this? Such as how wiener dogs were the first Olympic mascot. Or that they are the smallest hunting dogs," explained Karson.

"Groovy," Joey said.

After about ten minutes, Karson warned Joey not to touch anything while she went to get a chemical from the head table. Of course, Joey ignored his rude sister and dumped hydrogen peroxide in their little beaker. Almost right away, the beaker exploded and everything went black.

Joey realized that mixing those ingredients together makes a small bomb. Lukily no one was injured. Nothing was destroyed either. The fumes and the shockwave was what knocked Joey out. To his surise, he had made a type of goo. Mrs. Bennulley, the science teacher, gave Joey an A+ while Karson got a C- for not helping out. Mrs. Bennulley even let Joey keep some of the goo he had made.

After school, Joey took the goo home to show his parents the goo he had accidentally made. They were proud of him until something crazy happened. THe goo turned from grass green into glittering gray. It starting growing and escaped the little cup Joey had put it in. The goo was starting to run away until Joey Jr. ate it up. Everyone looked at Joey Jr. as if he was about to explode. Joey Jr. was just fime until he started to grow. And grow. And grow until his paws were the size of a VW Bug. If Joey Jr. was a good dog, then it would be like having Clifford with you. But since he was a crazy animal, it was as if they had released a monster. Joey Jr. turned into Joey the Giant. He rampaged the city until it was nearly rubble. It was king Kong in wiener dog form. The only way he could be stopped was if a team of brave souls went into his digestive system and got rid of all of that evil goo. The person to sign up, was Joey's older brother, Mekhi. If anyone could take down Joey the Giant, it would be Mekhi. Mekhi put on a scuba suit with a vacuum, tranquilizer, and a first aid kit. Mekhi climbed up to Joey the Giant and jumped off the building he was on. As he was expecting, the mutt opened his mouth as wide as possible. Mekhi went straight down his throat into the stomach. He went straight to work. There wasn't much gray goo, but it was really sticky. He eventually got it all out and made his way out. He thought he was climbing the esophagus, but he was really going through the intestines and into the colon. There was a big flab of skin blocking his way. Then all of a sudden, he got pushed out by a big brown glob. He knew what was going to happen next. Mekhi was now glad that he was wearing a scuba suit.

THen all of a sudden, he felt a whoosh of air and saw blue sky again. He was finially free from that monster. When Mekhi turned around, he saw his pet shrinking back to normal size,

Joey Jr. went on to live until he was forty. The goo gave him a longer lifespan. The family accepted Joey into their little circle. They said he was more perfect than them. They lived happily ever after.

The author's comments:

This is based on my grandparents dogs. They are the ones who put this story in my head. Also my friends Mekhi, Karson, and Joey were an inspiration for my story.

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