May 12, 2017
By Corndog BRONZE, Oswego, Illinois
Corndog BRONZE, Oswego, Illinois
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As you drag wood to the circle of stones on the beach, your arms are restless. You create a two foot tower out of the pieces you cut from the beautiful young tree. Not tall enough. You take a deep breath and exhale slowly. The sun is beating down on you from directly above, the ocean is the only water in sight, and it tasted vulgar when you tried it.
  Missing out on precious daylight, you sling your axe over your shoulder and set off in search for more firewood. Sweat drips off your face as your breath shortens. You continue to trudge through the green beast for a while until something catches your eye. Within this monster of a bush, a cluster of red berries appeared. You reach into the bush, grasp the cluster, and pull. The berries don’t budge. You try again even harder and the berries tear from their roots. You hold the torn berries in front of you, smile, and put them away for later. As you turn around and keep walking, you see that the sun has moved westward a bit. Your head whips in every direction searching. Too skinny. Too fat. Too wet. There. A nine-inch thick, ten foot tall, and dry tree. It is so pretty and is almost a pity that you have to cut it down. Nevertheless, it needs to be. You grip your axe with both hands and chop away. With each swing you sweat a little more. Chop. Drip. Chop. Drip. Before you know it, you’re almost all the way through. You take one more swing thinking that it will be enough to push it over. Crack. The axe follows all the way through and the tree falls in your direction. Without much time to react, you drop your axe, cover your face with your arm, and the tree collapses on top of you. Moments later your eyes open and using all your force you roll the hefty tree off of your arm. You stumble up to your feet and grab your axe. As you try to hoist it back over your shoulder a sharp pain pierces through your arm. You look down to see a red liquid dripping off the side of your arm.. Instantaneously, you reach into your drawstring bag and pull out some bandages that you found on the ship. You wrap the bandages around your arm three times before tying it tight. You continue on to drag the tree back to the beach with your good arm and holding the axe in place with the other.
You arrive at the beach and cut the tree down into pieces like the others. You make the two foot wooden tower into a 4 foot and sit down next to it. You then reach into your bag and pull out some ripped paper and a matchbook with two matches left. You place the ripped pieces of paper strategically within the wooden masterpiece. You then grab the matchbook and remove a match. Strike. Strike. The match lit but seconds later it burnt out. Your face turns yellow as you pull out the final match. Strike. Strike. The match stayed lit this time and you set the papers on fire. The flames slowly rose as day slowly turned to night. An endless cloud of smoke drifted away into the moonlit sky. You sit down on an extra log you didn’t use. You then remember the berries you pulled and removed them from your pocket. You stared at them for a moment and the next they were gone. They are so tasty but upset your stomach at the same time. You lay down in the sand for a while hoping to feel better but it only seemed to get worse. A brussel from the bushes then came from behind and you turned around to see what it was. Your vision was blurred. The brusseling continues to get louder. The noise sounds like it is coming from the left. Sure enough, you turn and a shadowy figure is approaching you. You try to stand up quickly but you are off balanced. Your eyes see stars as the figure gets closer and as you fall something catches you. Black out.         

The author's comments:

Ever since I was little, I always loved reading adventure stories so I decided to write this piece!

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