A Fight to Flight

May 11, 2017

The year was 1912 in central Pennsylvania. My parents Jeffery and Carla Lounge were farmers, uneducated farmers. My whole family is from my oldest relative to my youngest are all uneducated. I was different, I taught myself how to read and write. I went to school, and I can gladly say that I am the smartest girl in the second grade. I had dreams of flying all over the world and meeting new people. I wanted to be something special. I had five older brothers, they were all so different from one another. There was my oldest brother Jeff Jr. Who was as stupid as a rock, but always meant well, then there was Larry, he was the strongest boy in all of Pennsylvania. Collin was the third oldest and ran away with some girl from New York a year ago. Ollie is the sweetest person that anybody could know, and last but not least there is Carter. Carter has dreams like me too. His dreams are to go to a big city and work with numbers, so me and him always walk to school together, and then there is me. Lily Lounge who loves a good adventure and is always ready for the next challenge ahead.
The year 1920, today could not be more of a joyous day. Today I moved out of that little crappy town I used to call home, and moved on to bigger things. I moved to Philadelphia to start my higher education at University of Pennsylvania. After many arguments and disapproving family members saying that I cannot become anything I can finally prove them wrong. I left in the middle of the night to catch the train, and once I got on that train I never looked back. I left a note for my mother on the table, but I doubt that she will even read it because of I am now a disgrace to my family. I wanted to make myself into something great and I cannot do that with negative people in my life, so I dropped the negativity and moved on to more positive things. I am studying aviation, and hopefully one day be able to fly to greater things.
The year is 1925, and today I graduate from the University of Pennsylvania with not only one, but two degrees. One in aviation and the other in aerospace engineering. Today I not only became the first person in my family to graduate, but I became the first female to graduate in both of my areas of study. I remember my first day of classes , it was the hardest day of my life. I was alone and I walk into a full room of men, who snickered at me, and told me that I was in the wrong room. I sat there quietly for the whole hour and once class ended, many of the people in my class told me to get a different major of study. The comments went on and on, I finally started not to care what to people said about me and worked to be the best that I can. Which lead me to this day, the day I graduate. I am at the top of my class and one of the best students to walk across this campus. Today is the day that I show people what I can do.
The year is 1926. It has been exactly one year since I graduated from University of Pennsylvania. Today I leave for Europe, for my year long flying adventure. I am travelling the world on my plane that I worked so hard to get. As I pack up my the rest of my stuff up into my sack I cannot help to think of how far I have gone. From a small town farm town to now travelling the world. I take a last look at my room and exit out my door out into the fresh crisp spring air. The sun is shining there is not a cloud in the sky. I hop in the plane and start the engine and never look back.

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