May 9, 2017
By blah98 BRONZE, Olney, Illinois
blah98 BRONZE, Olney, Illinois
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The man who goes by just Hahn jumped down from the roof with his bow slung across his back and pouch full of arrows. As much as he didn’t want to he knew he was going to need them in order to get into the castle. He looked at the stone wall that surrounded the outside. “ I should not even need to break in this who place once belong to us” he thought himself. He was not even here to steal anything back even though it all belong to him all i want is to honor someone who to die in order to kept the place for the short time he had it. he e took his bow off his back and took out a arrow with a rope attach to it and shot it to the top of the wall. He tugged the rope to make sure it is stable once he was sure he started to climb. Once he was at the top of wall he took the rope with him notice a guard with his back to him hahns slivered his hands around his neck and started to choke him the guard try to scream but was his mouth was covered by the man choking him. Once the guard had died down (literally) he sneaked his way around the wall until he got a view of the small building in the corner of the wall it was connected to the main building all he had to do was get in there only problem there was a dozen guards in the way. He could pick them off one by one but he only had so many arrows and he didn't want any unnecessary attention but he saw a window of one of the towers that led down to the building he was going to get to. He took the rope out again and shot it to the window. He looked down to all the men scattered across the courtyard waiting for the right moment to zipline across he put the bow on the rope and grabbed both ends and jumped flying across the air until he went right through the open window. He scanned the room until he saw a bed and realized it was someone's bedroom. Slow sliding his feet across the floor trying not to wake the person in the bed. Opening the door and sliding out there was to guards right outside. They quickly notice him “STOP RIGHT THERE ” they yelled and quickly shot their hands out to grab him. Hahns ducked and took out two arrows and shot them both off hitting both guards killing them instantly. Hearing the person waking up inside he quickly running down the stairs and to the door that he need to go to. He was finally in the building he need to be in but did not have much time to be there because of what happen up the stairs. Quickly walking up to the shrine that was in the building. The shiren itself was fairly new holding lots of ornaments and trinkets but in the very middle of it all was a urn and was wrapped with a small sky blue blanket with the nameplate below it that had the name alex. He was very familiar with it. He knelt in front it and put his hands together and started to pray. “Very sad isn’t it”. Quickly turning around and aim a arrow at the voice behind him and fired. The man who was there quickly step to the side. He was dressed in a black suit with a white mask of a grinning face on his head“You are a very good shot it's too bad your predictable” hahn's took both of his hands and  swinging the bow as hard as possible at the man in front of him. But the man stopped the swing with one his hands.”calm down I only want to talk” taking the bow and pushing him to the ground. “ There is nothing to talk about” Hahns snapped back. “ oh but there is it is about the bother you murdered” the masked man said. “ I was trying to keep a roof over my families head” Hahns said trying to defend himself. ‘And yet you lost everything in the short time after” the man replied. At this point he didn’t have much left to say except” That doesn’t mean i'm not sorry”. The masked man placed a hand on his shoulder “ do not worry i forgive you and have hope for you brother”. “No my brother died a long time ago” hahns yelled. The man took off his mask to reveal the burned scarred face of his once fallen brother. “How is this possible your suppose to be dead your ern is right there for god's sake” Hahns said pointing to the urn. “ when you left me to die the people who now owns this castle came to my aid in return the asked me to turn you in” alex said. Hahns couldn’t believe any of this so many emotions running through him but the biggest one has to be shock.” so it was you that made me lose everything” Hahns said. “ yes it was but you did try to kill me so i would say it was a eye for eye” he said back.”so what now are you going to turn me in and make me pay for my crimes” hahns said. “Only you can do that yourself” alex said as he slowly started to walk away into the darkness of the night leaving his bother their to think about all the wrong he has done.              

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