May 9, 2017
By Anonymous

One day during January 7th 2017 He heard screaming. He wasn’t sure where it was coming from, but it’s New York, who would? It was also his job to protect people. No he’s not a police officer. No he’s not a doctor. No he’s not a fireman. He is a superhero. His name is Flight. Flight hurried up and got into his superhero outfit, and took off from the balcony as fast as lighting. He kept hearing the screams it sounded like it was coming from fifth, and second street. Flight decided he better hurry if he was going to see what it was. When he had got there, this woman was hanging off a tall building that was about 500 feet tall. This building was suppose to become the new bank called second and fifth bank. It was still being built for there wasn’t any walls. It was just steal beams put together. The lady had a hold of one of the steal beams. He couldn’t figure out how she had gotten up there, but he has rescued people in weirder situations. The lady let go as Flight was coming to save her. She was falling to the ground. He knew he had to do something. Flight flew as fast as he could with the wind going against him to catch the lady. He thought to himself this must be what superman has to put up with. He put her on the ground safely, and asked “How did you get up that high ma’am?”

She responded, “I’m not sure one moment I was in my bed sleeping, and then the next I was up there! Oh, Thank you Flight. You sure saved my life.” She was wearing silk blue pjs like she really had been in bed one minute, and the next she was just put there.

“No problem ma’am. You be careful now,” Flight said as screaming came from the bank and children’s day care across the street. He heard a deep sensation of laughing, and knew from that moment who it was. It was Mr. Moneybags. He’s the only guy that would put up a plan like this. Flight turned around quickly, and there he was with his gang. He smiled, and all his gold teeth came to show. He was dressed in a green suit with dollar signs all over it. His hands are made of lobster claws, while the rest of his body is human. He was like a red lobster that never fully developed. 

“Hello Flight. It’s nice of you to finally show up isn’t it?” Mr. Moneybags said as he twirled his cane. 
“Mr. Moneybags how are you, and your gang on this fine day?” Flight asked to keep him distracted.
“Don’t try and distract me this time flight for I have a secret to tell you.”

“What is it? You wet your pants from the moment you saw me?”

“No, you stupid idiot. I have planted a bomb inside the children’s day care that will go off in 15 minutes, and one in the bank that will go off in 15 minutes. Make your choice on who you are going to save.  The little children or the men and women tied up in the bank,” Mr. Moneybags said as he walked to the bank door, “Oh one more thing while you're deciding I’m going to be robbing the bank.” He walked into the bank door, and Flight knew from that moment he had to make a choice. He wasn’t fast enough to get to both people out. He wasn’t even sure what wire to cut when he got in the building, but he knew he had to save the children first. Flight got into the daycare, and he finally found the bomb, and opened it up. There was three wires. Red, yellow, and green. He had 10 minutes to make up my mind on which one to cut, and decided he would cut the green wire. The bomb stopped ticking. he had saved the children in less than five minutes. He flew over to the bank, and there he was. Waiting for him like he had always been.

“Ready to fight pretty boy?” Said this guy who was at least 300 lbs, and five foot. He came running at Flight, and slammed him into the wall. Flight knew he was this was going to be a rough fight, but he wasn’t going to give up on the people in the bank. Flight finally got him down after five minutes. He found the bomb and only had three minutes left until it went off. Flight opened it up expecting the same as the other one, but he was wrong. There was seven wires. Red, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, and black. He wasn’t sure which one to cut, but my time was winding down fast. He had 59 seconds left. Flight had to make a decision. So he cut the only wire He knew it wouldn’t go off the pink one. Nothing happened, and he had 30 seconds left. He wasn’t sure what to do. So Flight cut the green wire, and the bomb stopped at one second left. As Mr. Moneybags started to run out the door Flight tripped him, and he hit his face flat on the ground. “Thank you Mr. Flight. We couldn’t have done it without your help,” said the police officers from NYPD.

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