May 5, 2017
By Anonymous

There he was... All alone... Forced to fight for his survival in the frozen tundra. As he thought to himself “ What have I done to deserve this?” For not 30 minutes ago he was halfway home from seeing his family. Shock sets in with the man for he had no idea what to do next. But before the he has any chance to come up with a plan, he heard a deep ear piercing rumble like a thunders crash. “What is that?” the man thought. As he looked at its direction, but staring back at him was a single grey wolf. The man panicked and ran and ran as fast as he could. Realizing he cannot outrun the wolf he jumps up to reach a branch of a tree. For the man did not know the wolf only missed him by the skin of its teeth. The man is safe- for now. He decides to stay up in the big bulky tree for the night. As he's up in the tree, flashes of his family cross his mind. “ I'm coming home” is the last words he utters before he dozes off. Once he wakes he can't ignore the sharp emptiness of his stomach. When he attempts to get down he is disgusted to see that the wolf is still there, for he has not left the tree since the man got up. At that moment he realized he can no longer run from this problem, and if he wants to see his family again he must kill the wolf. With adrenaline pumping through his body, he snapped a branch off the tree and started whittling it. When the branch was sharp enough he knew- in this fight or flight moment- he was ready to fight. The man jumped down from the tree.Glaring at the wolf. Immediately they charge at each other screaming and growling... For once again the man survives- For now

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