Giga Shadow

April 26, 2017
By katie_jo19 BRONZE, Missoula, Montana
katie_jo19 BRONZE, Missoula, Montana
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“As I stand here under this cold brick building, in the shadows, I think to myself how I got here. I was just a normal shy girl with dark hair who would hide behind her books and never try to talk to anyone. It was like I was lurking in the dark shadows. One day these strangers came to my dorm that was on campus and asked for me to come with them. Of course, I refused and tried to walk away. But they grabbed me by the arm and escorted me to this black SUV with dark tinted windows. I asked demandingly several times where we were going but all they said was that I’ll find out when we get there. When we got there, several people were whispering things to each other like ‘is that her?’ or ‘she has dark hair just like her mother’. What confused me was that I never knew my mother, so how do they know her? I asked all confused on how they knew her and all I got was that I’ll find out soon enough. I walk into this huge office where this tall woman who had beautiful long dark hair stood up from her huge oval looking desk. The man who had brought me to this room lean over to me and said ‘You had asked us how we knew your mother. Well the lady right there is our boss but also your mother. Now is your chance to introduce yourself’ I walked over there nervous. ‘Hello’ said the lady or should I say my mother. ‘I’ve waited far too long to meet you.’ ‘Why am I here?’ I asked. ‘Because it is time for you to fulfil your purpose on earth. You were sent here to earth when you were a tiny baby to protect it from the Dark Power.’ Explained my mother. ‘So, if you’re here… Is my father here also?’ I had to find out whether I had a father or not. She all sudden became sad and said that the Dark Power had destroyed him. After hearing that I started to refocus and ask how I was supposed to defeat the Dark Power, like did I have any powers?? As it turns out I did have powers and one of them I can suck in Energy forms of different kinds and that is called Energy Vampire. My other power is to control shadows and it literally is called Shadow Control. They asked me to use my powers and so I tried but I couldn’t quite get them. They put me in training where I had found that my trainer is my uncle and he has the same exact powers also. Several months went by on training and I’ve gotten full control on my powers. We also watched the Dark Power and we crossed paths with him only to find out that my father isn’t dead… My father is the Dark Power…. Ever since I found that out I have wondered all the time if I’m destined to be evil or if I’m destined to be good. How am I supposed to kill my father? My own flesh and blood? I want to be good, I want to take the evil out of this world. But how am I supposed to do that?? I must choose whether I want to be evil or to be good and defeat my father. As time, has gone on I have figured out that I want to be good even though it means that I’m need to end the Dark Power. I must find my father and end this finally.” Giga Shadow transports shadow to shadow in search of her father or known as the Dark Power.  

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this piece when I was doing a flash fiction project for English class and I decided to draw a picture of the girl. The picture of the girl helped me write my story and make it come alive. 

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