Trip to Mexico 2k17

May 1, 2017
By Anonymous

Sitting in a dull tattered desk Tonni was quickly typing a text to her high school BFF, Allison. Their excitement of t-minus 16 hours until they will be on a plane flight to Cabo was mentioned in every text they sent to each other. The girls sitting only two seats away from each other kept looking up and giving each other giddy smiles then looking back down to their phones to exchange their thoughts. No one in Mr. Clements’ class was actually in class; since it was the last boring hour until 8 days of full freedom in the sunny state of Kentucky. These girls wanted to quickly escape the small town of Concord and get to the intense rays of mexican relaxation and partying that Cabo had in store for them. These girls were already prepared with their IDs that would allow them to have the countless shots of tequila that they were planning on having. They also knew shopping was a must with the two girls rich fathers that would no doubt cover all their babies cost for the trip. The girls were in for a unforgettable time.
With 15 minutes left in class, everyone was already packed up and waiting anxiously at the door. Allison and Tonni were in the corner talking, loud enough so even the teacher could hear their plans they have for spring break.
“Allison, do not forget your black bikini! That one looks so good on you!”
“I am bringing all my swimsuits and basically my whole closet, so don't worry about me forgetting a thing!” Allison giggled back. “You will be at my house tonight so we can have my mom drive us in the morning right?” Allison asked Tonni.
“Yeah totally! I will be over after I check that I got everything!” she smiles. The girls rush forward after the bell finally rings and then race to their expensive sports cars to get home and count down the minutes until they will be in paradise. The girls both make it home in record time and check on their most important details, make up, bikinis, and their phones. Once those are all in check the girls went tanning, got their eyebrows and toes polished, then even got massages before their big day. The girls didn't get an ounce of sleep, talking all night about the start of their biggest adventure yet.
Early the following morning Allison and Tonni were up with their louis vuitton bags in hand, ready to be on their way. Allison’s mom drove the girls happily to the airport while she babbled about traveling tips that the girls conveniently ignored. Their matt black range rover approach the airport and the girls both shrieked and instantly got out of the car telling Allison’s mom a quick goodbye before they were off. Walking up to the kiosk, a friendly lady greeted them then she efficiently got them their tickets to board their flight. The girls were in the east terminal of the airport. Unfortunately, neither of them knew which way was the west terminal so they ended up going through security twice. After asking a young boy that Tonni thought was cute, the girls made it to the west terminal. Then they began to walk towards their gate.
Once the girls got to their gate, 18b,  they waited minutes before the plane started boarding. The girls barely walked into the airplane until their got into their first class spots. They took countless selfies to document their great time.
“Ugh, I wish this wasn't such a long plane ride!” Allison complained while everyone else was boarding the plane.
“I know, me too. Don't worry none of this will matter when we are there!” Tonni assured to Allison. They both sat there on their phones looking at themselves with the reflection of their phones. Both girls wore their silky black hair down with soft curls. They looked almost as sisters since they shared similar hair, skin, personality, and body types. But both had their own differences that made them the most popular girls in school.
The plane was ready to take off and right when the engine started a baby began to cry. The couple tried to calm their newborn, but nothing could get that baby to stop. Allison would look to Tonni giving her the biggest eye roll that she knew the parents could see. With a jampacked plane, the girls felt uncomfortable with the amount of people they had to be around for the time of the flight.
“We should have asked our parents to get us like a private plane!” Allison snapped.
“I mean that would have been nice, we would probably be there already,” Tonni joked.
Another 20 minutes goes by and then the plane finally went into the air.
With an hour into the flight the plane seems to be spinning around like a roller coaster. Seconds after the first dip the intercom turned on with a worried message,
“It looks like we may have some rough weather heading to Mexico this morning. I advise everyone to keep their safety belts on for the entirety of the ride,” A smooth toned voice spoke to everyone. Tonni and Allison instantly lock scared looking eyes. They have been on planes only limited times and they both knew turbulence wouldn't go over well with them.
Slow minutes went by with the girls waiting for the next dip and then suddenly all hell broke lose. Looking out the window all you could see were the black angry clouds that surrounded the plane. Out of nowhere the plane would jolt in different directions with the sound of a overworked engine roaring inside the cabin. The girls squeezed their eyes shut and tried to ignore the gut feeling that they were going to die. Then finally all of the shaking stopped for a few minutes and the whole plane sighed with relief. But once again unexpectedly the plane jolted in every direction and everyone's guts went through another thought of death from the sky. The same soothing voice as before came on the inner come with the intent of a message,
“Our great apologies for the rough ride everyone. We are going to descend early in Mexico City, due to the bad weather. I am sorry about any inconveniences.” no time goes by before the unrest from the passengers starts. No one was happy about the decision to stop the flight. But in everyone's unpopular opinion the pilot started to make a rocky descent. The girls even more scared now because it felt as if the plane was trying to skydive, only without a parachute to save them.
Once on the ground the girls were ecstatic to be alive and leave that plane. About 20 minutes from the border of mexico, the girls weren't comfortable spending their spring break in Mexico any longer. Over the entire airport the inner cone makes another announcement,
“Attention all travelers, we have just gotten word that all plane travels will be delayed for 48 hours due to inclement weather conditions. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.” a soft voice explained. The uproar was a dangerous scene for the airport and the girls wanted no part of it. Exchanging frightened looks, Allison and Tonni had no ideas on what to do. They didn't even know where they were. The girls were unsure what could make this day much worse.
They headed down to gather their luggage for the next 2 days that they were stuck in the god awful airport. They waited almost an hour for their luggage that never appeared. The airport managed to lose their luggage as well. The girls didn't know what to do after that; they were scared and unknown to all these possible troubles before they made their trip.
With no other option, they went to the nearest payphone to call their parents. Since their phones decided not to work for them either. Their shocked parents were immediately worried about the girls, and made the decision to have them come home on the next flight to Kentucky. Their amazing mexican spring break never happened.

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