The journey to the top of the world

May 1, 2017
By Danielleashbrook BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
Danielleashbrook BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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29,000 feet up high above the clouds, nothing in sight other than the beautiful mountains surrounding me. I've seen these mountains on pictures and videos but I've never seen something so filling with my own eyes. Months and months of time and dedication to see this view that I'm so gracefully observing as we speak. Today's the day I mark a goal that so many people strive and wish to come true and today is my chance. I am climbing to the top of the world.

May 11th,

Dear Diary

Today is the day! I finally get to see the view that I have always dreamt of, I am currently on the plane right now boarding to Asia and as time ticks I get more and more anxious for the journey of a lifetime that I am taking part in. I am anxious and every time I think about climbing the highest mountain ever it makes me sick to my toes, but that's not stopping me from my dream. A two-month journey awaits us and I am more than ready to see and experience this.

May 12th,

Dear Diary

The plane ride is officially over! Only took over 30 hours to get here from Colorado and man is Asia beautiful. I am one step closer. Tomorrow is the day we start our voyage to the top of mount Everest. Over 29,000 feet up in the air, and months and months of climbing. I just have to think of how breathtaking the view of the top will be and it makes me feel less anxious. I must say as the time gets closer and closer I almost have to catch for air and although I have climbed several mountains this mountain is held in a special place in my heart and I don't want to ruin the chance of a lifetime.

May 13th,

Dear diary:

It's here the day has come! I about to take off on my trip to the top of the tallest evaluated mountain in the whole world.  Just to think I will be on top of the mountain that I am viewing right now from 29,000 feet below my feet right now makes me shiver just from the thought. I am starting to really take in all of the hard work and dedication I am about to take part in and I am nothing but ready. I can do this. I have the ability. I have the power. I can do it.

It's been a few hours and we are the next ones up, I have my boyfriend next to me to view this amazing experience right there with me, even though he is not physically there I know he is there in spirit and his angel is watching over me. This is our dream and I can't wait to experience it even if it means making his dreams come true even when he's not here to see it. I have our tents ready, our food supplies for months and months of being on the way up to the top, our oxygen tanks and we are ready to go.

It's been about an hour since we have started our climb and it has been great, I know as time progresses the climb will get more and more brutal but I expected that. As I continue to climb and get higher and higher off the ground I feel as if I am letting everything behind me and looking at the higher and more positive things. As I look around I am starting to see less and fewer people below me and more of the clouds and I'm not even a quarter of the way there. It looks and feels so unrealistic but its real life and the journey has just begun.

May 28th:

Dear Diary:

It has been about two weeks since I wrote in here last and we still have a lot of ways to go. My feet are sore and I sometimes struggle for air but that is not stopping me, nothing can stop me. Other than restless nights and cold air against my cheeks non stop it has been a smooth trip. I am about 3,000 feet up in the air right now and it feels like I couldn't go up any higher or i'll end up looking at Mars from here but I still have thousands and thousand feet to go, but I am ready to be on top and let my feet dangle from the highest point and take in every second of the moment.

June 4th:

Dear Diary:

I'm still here, just climbing... I haven't had time to document my life as much as I had planned and anytime I have the chance to use my pen and paper I feel as if my hands are about to fall off from the pressure and fatigue. I’m tired. I am at the stage where I am more than tired really; I have seen plenty and plenty of people who document their experience of climbing this mountain and it sounds very similar to mine but I don't know how I am capable of climbing this any longer. The only thing keeping me sane is my boyfriend and it makes me realize what all I have to do to make him happy. I am going to be as close as I can possibly get to be with my boyfriend up in heaven. I am 29,000 feet closer to feeling him.

June 20th

Dear Diary
I can feel how close I am to being on top of this mountain the more steps I take. I can feel the power, I can feel the enthusiasm, I can feel the happiness on my boyfriend's face as I continue to rise higher and higher. At this point I am no longer scared, I am relieved, I am ready, I am excited to mark this goal off my list. I am ready to do this. I am almost here.

July 2nd:

Dear diary

Today is officially the day I am currently stepping on Hillarys step and that just gives me chills down my spine just thinking of it. I am so close, I can see the top at this point, I can feel the top at this point, I feel like I am breathing new air. I look around and all I can see is nothing but clouds, snow, and happiness. I reached the top. I am here, I have always been here in my head but now my body and mind is all here at the same time. I can see the pain from the bottom that I once had and the feeling of relieve I have from looking up. I made it and now a part of me is on top of the world forever. I did it, my boyfriend did it, we all did it. As I sprinkle his ashes onto the top of the mountain I feel like he is free, away from everybody on the bottom and on top of the world. He is free, I feel free.

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