May 4, 2017
By Mr.Picklehimer BRONZE, Salt Lake City, Utah
Mr.Picklehimer BRONZE, Salt Lake City, Utah
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I slither up to the side of the abandoned building like a snake, and peek around the corner. The guard turns and starts walking toward me. I jerk my head back and hope that he doesn’t see me. After a few seconds I turn the corner, swifty sneak up behind the guard, which is now facing the other direction. I tap him on the shoulder, and move to the other side as he turns around. For some reason I am in the mood for classic pranks, and they always seem to work. He gets freaked out and starts backing up, and bumps into me. He turns, pointing his gun at me. I grab it, and twist his wrist as the gun fires. I kick him down, and whack him across the face with his gun.
I get inside, and see another guard. I sneak around a corner and spot the stairs. I peek around the corner, to where the guard’s first is waiting for me. He swings, as I barely dodge it. I grab his arm and twist it around his back, and kick him to the ground. I sprint down the long, wooden stairs, watching out for traps. I suddenly hear a voice.
“Hey, what’re you doing here?” another guard states as I start sprinting. The long and narrow hall never seems to end, that is until it does. The guard charges straight toward me with a knife as sharp as my new tuxedo.  The knife comes at me from above, I throw his arm to the side which causes him to bounce back. Yet again he comes at me from above, and this time I catch his arm. He struggles to move it, but I will not let go. He drops the knife right to his other hand, and swipes as I suck in as much as I  can. The knife barely misses my stomach, but rips a hole in my shirt. I let go of his arm, kick him back, and kick him two more times in the face. I grab his knife, and run back into the next room, and come to a quick stop.
I spot her. Ashley is kneeling on the ground, tied up with old, thick, scratchy rope, and her mouth is duct tape shut. I see a man in a black mask. His eyes staring into mine, threatening to shoot her with the gun he has up to her head. His mouth starts moving sharply.
“Take one more step and I’ll shoot.” I freeze, not knowing what to do.  Nobody moves, until I see a small grin on his face. I look in my pocket and notice the knife that I took. Instantly a large light bulb flickered on above my head. I grab the knife, and get ready to throw it until I get punched in the face by the guard that I had the knife fight with.
“Don’t even think about it.” He muttered. but my hand still lets go of the knife. I punch the guard in the stomach, and I just shut and lock the door on him. I get look back up, and see the knife laying on the ground next to the man.
“You missed.” he states. I see Ashley sneakily grab the knife with her fingertips, and stabs it into his leg. I sprint up to him, grab his gun, punch him in the face, and point the gun at him. He falls to the ground as loose as a rag doll.
“Please, no. If you…” I pull the trigger. I hate long conversations, but I don’t know if it was worth it, because it was louder than an atom bomb, and my ears are now ringing. I start untying Ashley.
“What took you so long?” She says.
“I had to take out the trash.” I explain
“Let’s go.”

The author's comments:

Based on fun I had with my brothers and sisters.

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