A Thief's Mind Chapter 1

May 4, 2017
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The adrenaline is why I did it; you know the feeling, the feeling you get when you’re at the top of a coaster and it’s about to drop. That’s how I felt when I successfully snuck into a museum in the middle of the night to steal a stolen painting. And yes I did say that right; I’m stealing a stolen painting. The rush of jumping through the window and silently crouching in a dark corner, avoiding the camera’s sight till one of my partners, “Green”, turned them off.
Green was one of the best hackers in world; at least, in my opinion. But after about 5 minutes in the dark corner, staring at the same stupid painting of a bowl of fruit I groaned quietly into my mic.
“Green, if I sit here any longer my ‘oh so limber legs’ are going to cramp up.”
“Shut up, I’m working on it” Green growled
I narrowed my eyes at the sassy comeback and huffed, waiting again. “Green, why not let Gold help-” I started, then Green snapped.
“No! I can do this myself, I don’t need help shut up!”
“You know if I had a dollar for how many times you have said shut up tonight, I can just go buy the damn painting instead of waiting in a dark corner.” I snapped back, my patience growing thin. Then I heard the smallest beep come from the camera next to me then I saw the lens close and the camera droop ever so slightly.
I smirked and cooed into the mic, “Thank you dear.”
I heard Green humph in a mix of victory and annoyance.
“Just get the damn painting. You have exactly three minutes till they figure out how to de-bug the cameras”
I felt the fire of a challenge light up in my stomach and I glared down the hall.
“I’ll make it out in under two minutes. Just remind Black to be out there by then”
I could just feel Green smirk as I launched myself forward into the grand hall, unwilling to let anything hold my body back. Feeling the rush of the air conditioning in my hair as I run, the soft soles of my shoes making no noise as I gracefully ran from the grand hall into a separate room that seemed to be showcasing more statues and ancient artifacts than paintings. The room was completely white marble, obviously made to look more of a mixture of Greek and Roman architecture, with large white pillars symmetrically lining the room, golden and purple drapes above my head that shimmered against the moonlight pouring through the glass ceiling. I marveled for a split millisecond, but continued to run; I felt so much better, finally being able to move once again, swiftly twisting around artifacts and velvet ropes. I scanned the marble room finding a hallway branching off to the right and another to the left.
I realized I had no idea which way was the way to the painting and I harshly whispered “Green.”
He quickly answered “Right. End of the hall to your left. Go!”
I ran as he spoke, my feet on auto pilot, I ran down the dark hallway, counting the seconds in my head “51... 52...” and turned to meet a large beautiful Victorian arch way. “Wow.” I smiled at the texture, hey I may be a thief but I can appreciate good artwork when I see it. Then in that split second I could hear the distant rumble of footsteps in the main gallery.
Distant “where did he go?!” and “I think I saw him run this way!” could be heard as the guards scrambled to find my location.
I hissed into my mic, “I thought Red took care of them!”
“Apparently not all of them! Don’t worry, it’s only two.” Gold said apologetically into the mic and I only groaned ‘well time to get this show on the road’ I cracked my knuckles and squinted my eyes noticing the slight shimmer of the laser trip sensors. I put my blue bandana over my mouth and nose and rolled a small blueish silver metallic ball into the middle of the room, then I wrapped two wires with two more silver balls attached around my palm then tossed them on either side of the room, the string growing as they rolled, almost like a yo-yo and then they attached themselves to the wall with a tick. In the next second the ball in the middle busted, and smoke filled the room and immediately I was launching my upper body over the first laser. I twisted and flipped over several more, perfectly dismounting and tossing my body around the lasers, carefully tiptoeing to the beautiful painting hanging on the wall. Honestly if this theft thing doesn’t work out, I can always try out for the circus.
   I gazed at the perfect brush strokes and the wonderful mix of blues and yellows that swirl together and move in an almost wave like sensation. And what seemed like a bush or a tree popping out like a sore thumb, but flowing almost naturally into the rest of the landscape. “Gotcha.” I whispered as I grabbed it, flipping out my knife attached at my hip and cutting it carefully out of the frame, taking my time rolling it up and sliding it into the tube around my shoulder. Then I reached into my pocket taking out a paint bomb Gold made for me, and a glove. I put the glove on and then squeezed the bomb and blue paint exploded into my hand evenly, I placed my hand against the empty place where the painting once was and painted with a perfect stroke a large blue paw print. Just as I was finishing and putting my glove in my pocket, the two guards from before were running into the room.
“Stop right there!” one shouted holding out his gun to me.
I only smirked and chuckled in response. They really never learn do they? I raised my hands up in mock defeat then as they started walking to me I smirked and said,
“Catch me if you can.” My voice thankfully muffled by the bandana.
I clenched my hands and yanked the two wires still attached to my palms: in a split second the room was filled with thick blue smoke. The guards started coughing and curled in to shield themselves from the smoke. I flipped my knife out and cut the wires, then I ran to the wall and propped myself up to the window above. Then I pulled myself up and dove out the window, flipping to my feet in the ally below. The alarms started blazing, the piercing ring vibrating through the sleeping city, alerting every one of my presence. 
I looked around but couldn’t see the car, “Damn it.”
I growled under my breath then I yelled into my mic, “Black. Where the hell are you?! Get your ass over here.”
“Maybe if you used those pretty eyes of yours, you could see I’m right behind you.” I heard him snap back, and I turned to see the midnight black van turn on its lights, blinding me for a second. I heard the door slide open and Greens puffy blonde head of hair poked out and he yelled “Blue let’s go!”
I smirked and ran to them, tossing the painting into the car and then jumping in. Black didn’t even wait for the door to close as he put the car in drive and speed down the ally, and out onto the main road.
I panted, taking a moment to catch my breath and I heard Green shortly say “It took you exactly a minute and twenty-nine seconds to get the painting before the guards showed up. Pretty good Blue, but not as good as usual.”
I groaned. “Maybe you should try running around out there.” I sat against the door and let the cool metal surface help calm me down. Right before Green could counter I smirked, and actually took a second to just feel the adrenaline, looking up and meeting his eye.
“Because holy s***, man, it’s the best experience ever!” I chuckled.
Gold put their arm on Green’s shoulder and smiled at me “Well, a job well done Blue.”
I smiled at the praise and puffed up my chest a bit with pride. Black took a sharp turn and Green was sent tumbling, and he hit against the control panel that was installed on one side of the car. 
Green immediately got up and was a fuming ball of anger. “BLACK! WATCH YOUR SHARP TURNS OR IM GONNA COME UP THERE AND-! AH” Another sharp turn.
“Oops.” I heard Black say, his word dripping with sarcasm.
I laughed a bit at the banter and looked at Gold, who decided to sit on the bean bag couch that we made in one of the corners of the car. We may be the most notorious thieves in American history, but we like riding in style. The van was decorated with a piece from everyone, fuzzy carpet on the floor curtsy of Gold saying that it was “vintage”. Little paper birds that hung from the ceiling from Green, because for some reason he LOVED birds, none of us questioned it. Glow-in-the-dark star stickers on the roof from Black because he loved space more that his own life. The bean bags were my idea, because chairs are way too bulky and take up too much room, bean bags are comfy and more practical for the situation we all faced. Red put in a little pile of comics and manga for when it’s a slow night and we are waiting, or in traffic. And even in the rare times Red actually comes with us on trips, comics are a great way to pass time.
Needless to say, this van was our home away from home. Green finally huffed and played with the feathers that he had tied into his hair. I leaned my head back to get some sleep, we had a while to get back to our base, and if it’s one thing we can leave to Black it’s the ability to get us all home safely.

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