May 4, 2017
By Anonymous

She closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep. Then a character enters the dark blank screen she is walking towards a tower. The tower with cobbled and withered stone ivy growing on one side.  The character with average brown hair and ordinary chocolate colored eyes reminds me of myself. She cautiously peeks around the castle pondering what it contains. Just then she hears a cry for help coming from inside of the tower that reminds her of her mother. She searches for an entrance but finds nothing. In a desperate attempt to find an entrance she hopes not to fall to her death as she climbs up the tower. When she reaches the top she finds a single window in the middle of the roof. The window is barred from the inside resembling a jail cell. The girl peers in the window and sees her mother standing on an old wooden floor. All of a sudden the floor falls out from underneath her mother and she watches as she is falling into oblivion. Just then the character slips through the bars of the window and she too begins falling. At first she closes her eyes expecting an abrupt impact, but when that does not come she glances around. Her surroundings are moving rapidly with no indication of an end in sight. She continues falling down the endless tower into the pit of oblivion. She passes weird and uncalled for creatures who have been forgotten in the past. As she begins to wonder if this is where forgotten things go to die. She wakes up to the morning sun shining.
A couple days pass without the dream. Then one stormy evening she settles into bed and closes her eyes and the character reappears on the blank screen. This time the character enters an exotic jungle and she tiptoes past a sleeping tiger where she finds a glistening waterfall. She stops to take a rest and is awaked by an alarming tiger. She gets up dodging the tiger and runs into the heart of the jungle. She believes she has escaped the beast and starts to calm down as she crosses an old rickety bridge. Hearing a noise, she turns around and spies the tiger at the other end of the bridge. She bravely moves forward trying the reach the end of the bridge, but misses her step and a piece of the bridge gives in. plummeting into the depths of the jungle she is scared of her fate. She bravely opens her eyes and surveys her surroundings. She whizzes past forgotten objects and people who look somewhat familiar. The feeling of endlessly falling is familiar to her but she cannot seem to recollect the memory. She bolts further down towards the dark nothingness that she knows has no end, until she suddenly awakens.
Years pass and she has almost forgotten about the dream. However, tonight before she closes her eyes she senses her impending doom and the the character reappears. This time the setting is a crowded city. The sky is polluted with skyscrapers and her friends is pulling her down a busy street towards the biggest one. The friend eagerly herds her into a line for a tour of the tallest tower in the city. The character summons every ounce of courage as they begin elevator ride up. The elevator ride up is slow and menacing, she could see the could see all the sights whizzing past her as the elevator jolted up to the top floor. The reached the top floor and she followed her friend to the observation deck on the tippety top with uneasy steps. She poses for a picture and loses her balance and begins to fall. The once bright cityscape melted into a dark nothingness as she endlessly fell. All of the forgotten figures reappeared and she began to wonder if this burden f a dream would ever leave.

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