April 28, 2017
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Artemis put her black suit on with the zipper in the front.  Today she would meet the class, she would meet “her’’ class.  This year she got to teach a class, after so many years of waiting, asking, begging her dad to let her, he finally had. Her dad, Sportsmaster, had retired and opened up a school, or more like a military base, for superheroes kids. The kids, didn’t have their parents powers though, so that is why they were trained here. Artemis also had a sister, not the loving kind though. Her sister was Kitty Chesire, who unfortunately, wasn’t retired. She had been fighting superheroes for six years, but she wasn’t going to stop there. Artemis’s mom was Huntress, who was also retired and needed a wheelchair to get around.  Artemis loved her mom, but on the inside, she had always favored her dad more.  Sure her mom was the kind, loving, mom who always listened and always had a good answer to every question, but her dad was someone who seeked thrill and adventure. Secretly, she had always envied when he got to go on missions and she had to stay home and take care of mom, not that that was the worst thing that could happen, but it was one of her top hated things in the world.


Eliza was excited, although she tried to hide it. Over the years, with her dad being Batman and all, she had learned to hide her emotions, anger, fear, sadness, and even excitement and joy.  Eliza’s brother,Ian, went to some private boarding school. He was two years older, but Eliza was still jealous he got to go to some fancy boarding school and her parents had dumped her off at some public high school, but now, Ian didn’t have anything against her.  She had finally been accepted into UNIT 21, she had no idea what UNIT stood for, but she was going to find out.
As she was driving up to the school, in a black SUV, she thought she saw someone on the steps. He looked exactly like Ian, same dark, tan skin, chocolate eyes and light brown hair, almost blonde. Basically picture a supermodel, and that was what Ian looked like, Eliza on the other hand, was the complete opposite. She had long, blonde, unkempt hair that was always pulled back in a braid, bright blue eyes and pale skin. As they pulled up closer to the school’s front steps, she realized it was Ian. She stomped up the steps to the front of the school. “Ian!”
“Nice to see you too, sis." Ian replied in a calm, smooth voice, “Let me show you around.” Eliza practically jumped on him. “Ian!” she smiled, then she slapped him. “Ow,” And said, “what was that for?”, he asked. “Where have you been the last three years?  Well, I know you've been, at the boarding school, but not this one!” she screamed. “It wouldn’t have killed you to come home for Christmas, or Halloween, or even my birthday!” Eliza couldn’t decide whether to be mean of play it off.  She took the high road.  “Do you know how much that hurt?” she said in a mock voice, immitating the whining of their cousin Lesley.  Ian smirked.  He said, “Not really just your’s, and my ex.” “Wait what, you had a girlfriend, and you didn’t tell me?” said Eliza, “We’ll talk later,” Ian replied, “but first, let me show you around.”


The moment Eliza walked into the school she realized it wasn’t a regular boarding school.  One of the first things she noticed was weapons.  You name any handheld weapon, they had it adorning the walls like household decorations.  Second thing she noticed, once she stepped into the school, the wooden doors closed and a metal sealing door replaced them, with a big metal bolt to block anyone from the outside.  “Wow,” Eliza remarked, “ Are you guys expecting the FBI or something?” she joked. Ian said, in a voice that was clear and very serious, “No, were expecting the president.”
Ian led her down a long, dark hallway with a pair of metal doors were placed at the end.  A scanning pad was on the wall. “Th-” “Whoa, whoa, whoa!  Let me guess, behind this door is the President.” she said in a mocking voice.  “Good guess, sis, but someone a little more important.”  The second the doors swung open, Eliza thought she was dreaming. Superman, Sportsmaster, and her own dad, Batman were all sitting at a table, all dressed up in suits and all.  “Men, I would like to introduce you to my sister, Eliza Annabelle Wayne.


The second Eliza walked into those doors, Ian could tell that she was speechless.  She tried to mutter a simple ‘Hi’, but all that came out was, “hhhhhh.”  Their dad, who was sitting right there at the table had actually showed up.  “Mrs. Wayne, we understand you must be a little surprised, but I can assure you, no one is going to harm you.”  It was Super Man, all dressed in his blue suit, red cape and the symbol of Crypton on his chest.  “We have all gathered there today to discuss your entry into this school.”  That’s when Eliza realized it, this wasn’t a regular school like the brochure said, this was a superhero school, or so she thought. “We understand you have the highest grades of Ledgewood High, and the highest IQ the school has ever seen.  Is that correct?”  Composing herself, Eliza turned to face Super Man.  “Yes, that is correct.”  “Well then, I see no reason why she can enroll here.” said Superman, turning to Sportsmaster.  “Isn’t that right, Lawrence?” Superman smirked, knowing he had won the argument.  “Yes, but Clark, we must consider that amongst other things.  She has no fighting skills, no knowledge of us or anything related to the school.  She hasn’t got what it tak-” Sportsmaster was cut off.  “Nonsense, she has me for refresnses, and I insist she be enrolled.  Now, if you exzuse me, I must go.”  And with that, he was gone.

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