Flash Fiction

April 19, 2017
By , Lolo, MT

Standing out under the night sky, her gaze fell to the soft glowing fur of Lennox. She stroked his fur as the stars shone bright, lighting up the green hill under their feet. She laid back, resting her head in her palms as her pup curled up next to her. The memories began to flood in from Cali’s past, taking her all the way back to her first night in the wolf den. Cali never knew how she got there, but she did know one thing… that her family was out there somewhere. As she remembered the warmth of the den, the nightmare began again. She was older now, she had now been with her pack for five years, and it was now mid-day. Cali was playing in the grass, tall and green, with the pups, pretending to pounce and run. Suddenly the white pup jumped through the air and landed on Anne’s leg, teeth gripping on tight, she squealed and rolled away trying to wiggle from the death grip. He finally let go and as she turned around, confused and teary-eyed, she saw the little wolf just saved her from the mouth of the stalking mountain lion. Cali grit her teeth as blood spilled from her leg and limped back to the safety of the den.

Anne suddenly sat up and grabbed her calf, that was now throbbing, realizing that she had slipped off again. She wrapped her hands around the neck of her big white dog and snuggled him close. Just as she began to fall back asleep, she entered another vision. Cali knew exactly what it meant, an animal was in danger and calling for help, only this time the dream was for a different call… a domestic animal call. This was surprising to her because she only ever received wild animal calls. Getting up she looked down into Lennox’s eyes and he knew right away what Cali meant. They dashed back to the house to grab their backpacks. As the call grew stronger and stronger on her mind she reached out and took up his fur and they vanished.

Now awake and alert,the two appeared on a dark street corner in downtown New York. With only the streetlights for light Cali and the wolf quietly tip-toed up to the door of the house reading 62947, and knocked cautiously. The door slowly squeaked open revealing and pitch black house, except for the small of light in the back corner. Lennox headed straight in and booked it towards the dim light, with Anne on his heels, knowing that the animal would be in the room. The animal was a dog lying lifeless and matted on the floor. Anne crept closer to find the dog was a huge retriever with a thick blue collar. Placing her hand on the dog’s chest she could feel a faint slow heartbeat. Lennox snuck up behind her and rested his head on the head of the dog and searched for the location of the problem. Just then the person who opened the door came into the room, removing the long-billed hat covering his shadowed face before, revealing a scar that stretched over his right eye and scooped all the way down to his chin. “Her name is Charlie,” he said to the two crouching on the floor, “I don’t know who you are, but I think you can see she is in desperate need of help.” Legs shaking, Cali stood up as her wolf finished up his work. For the first time that night, she gazed into the man’s eyes noticing they were the exact color as hers. Suddenly she was thrown off balance as sights and sounds flooded her head, and then she recognized the need to breathe…

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