hunt of two

April 18, 2017
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If there was something that made something else last forever, PLEASE let me know! Then again I would die eventually, BUT that's what your descendants were for. RIGHT? Phhft. As if I even wanted to attempt to birth children. Hell. I’d probably die first, which wouldn’t be surprising. Well considering I was just NOT human, then it would be a huge surprise for ME to die. Though there is one problem. I shared a body with a stupid hunter. With no want of having a partner.

Thinking of which, I was facing down a convert. Or know to my ROOM MATE, a Formality. FORMAL human, FATALITY. Get it? Yes I do. Considering much I probably didn’t have a defined KIND. Two minded we say I am. That is, two people in ONE body. It felt that way, and it gets weird. Her personality always mixed with mine. I’m not this crazy/preppy. I often forget myself.  Anyways let's focus on little hunter using MY body to kill MY own kind.

Sweat dripped from my brow as I took in every single detail of the Formality in front of me. Dark skinned, charcoal eyes, long honey coloured hair. More importantly, her sharp shining canine teeth, also the fact that she is taller than me by five inches.

Taller than US little hunter, don’t forget me now you little brat.

My eyes narrow as the cold voice played through my brain, our brain?

“Where's your partner hunter? Lost him now did you? No worries, you won't live long enough to worry.” said the formality.

I ignore her completely. After all, she wasn't worth the talk.

You think to much. Just kill her already, or do I have to help? Although we both know she should be dead by now, what's wrong little hunter?

I lash out with the anger this poisoned voice infects me with. I catch the Formality on the shoulder. Before long were both lashing at each other, it would look like we're playing a stand still tag. A fatal game. Me with my beautiful hammered silver/gold knife, and her with her hands and teeth. Definitely avoid the teeth.
My head felt foggy from the lack of sleep, like 8 days lack. I ached slightly. This feeling of satisfaction came from fighting, and dominating. Also I didn’t think too much.

You think a lot more than you think. She says as she laughs loudly through our mind.

“Shut up, all you can do is think.” I growl.

Suddenly my body shoots forward with my hand, which latches savagely to the formalities neck. My hands glowing a wine colour red. More red gets in the mess, which is seeping from the formality. This was MY fault. She was dying in pain. While I was forced to stare into her eyes. Then she shattered. Finally. My body was mine again.
I gasped drinking in as much air as possible,while stumbling to the ground.

Don't you EVER doubt my power. EVER. says the even colder voice.

I was done. These last 8 days have went well. At Least before SHE became interested. Grunting as I lifted myself, I felt sore everywhere. That was because of the unnatural magic I was committed to, I think as I walked/limped towards the center of humanities.

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