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April 13, 2017
By Magan04 GOLD, Pineville, Louisiana
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The Darkshadow and the Nightmare Black

“Why today, of all days. Out of all the days in the year they have to pick this one, and I can’t even go.” Soon to be eighteen year old, Zoey Moon plops on her bed angrily. “It will be okay, I can stay here and not go. We could stay together for another for another year.” says Hope River. Hope river is a seventeen year old. Zoey and Hope have been friends ever since seventh grade. Zoey gets up and starts pacing. “You can’t stay here you’ll miss graduation and you won't be able to get your powers or go into the ordinary world for another year. I will be fine here for another year. I will be fine here. If I need anything I have mom, dad, and April.” Zoeys mom Kate Moon, was a history teacher at Zorlox High school. Zoeys dad, Tom Moon, was the principal ate Zortex HIgh school. “ I’m probably not going to get announced anyway so why not just stay here.” Hope said to Zoey. “I will be fine here, but it is your choice. I don’t want to influence you.” Zoey told her. There was a knock on the door. “Come in.” they said in unison. Hopes parents walk in Mrs. and Mr. Bolt. “Hi darling.” Mrs. Bolt said. Mr. Bolt was walking in and shut the door. “Your room is … Unique.” He said. “Thank you Mr. Bolt.” Zoey said to him. “I will leave you to talk. I’ll be back in an hour to see you befor you go.” Zoey walked out of the room. She was heading to the cafe to get a cup of her favorite seasonal drink, Pumpkin Spice frappe. As she got down to the cafe on the first floor she saw her mom and dad.

“Why are you here and not setting up? Do you need any help setting up, because I have until 4:00.” She asked her mom. “We don’t need your help right now, we already have some volunteers. We are here because we need to talk to you about something important.” said her mother. Her mom had a concerned look on her face. “What's wrong mom. Are you worried about tonight? I am sure you will do great.” she told her. Her dad piped up, “ We aren’t keeping your here. We are letting you go to Earth. There is a mission for you  to complete. You are allowed to bring one person with you to Earth. The people at the academy have decided to let you graduate from here because you have very good skills in geography, archery, and some combat skills.” Zoey looked at her dad. “Are you serious. That would be amazing. What is my mission.” “Let's go to my office.”

They followed her dad to his office.They came to a hallway that was very dark because if the hunter green walls and the big dark pictures of the people that used to work here. We walked through the office door. His table was centered in the back of his room. His picture was hung behind his table he also had dark green walls. “It is very dangerous!”

13 years later

Zoey along with her best friend Hope walked down the hallway of Clover Leaf Hospital in Los Angeles, California. “I can’t believe after so long I am finally a Doctor. I am very happy, but also I feel sad. I feel like I let down dad.” Zoey told Hope “I can’t  believe that after all this time we are finally doctors. You aren't letting you dad down. Just because you haven't caught Nightmare Black doesn't mean you won't find her. To be honest, she could be in this building with us.” says Hope. “Dad said that she has medium length reddish brown hair almost auburn normally in a ponytail. She has Hazel brown eyes and lots of freckles.” Hopes brown eyes widened “How do you know this?”
Hope asks Zoey. “Well the day of graduation, when I left our room to go to the cafe, I ran into my parents. They told me that the academy would let me go to Earth because, my skills were good enough. They told me I had a mission so I asked what it was. Dad sid to come to his office with him and I did. When we got  there he told me all about Nightmare Black and her qualities so I could know it  was here when I saw her attack somewhere.” Hope was in aw when Zoey finished. “So what is the mission? Tell me more about Nightmare Black.
Zoey started to tell her then she said, “I can’t tell you here but i can when we get home.”

Later on that night she had finally got home. “Okay are you ready for the wondrous tale of Nightmare Black?” Zoey asked her “Well of course.” Hope replied “Dad told me that from the beginning of her life, ever since she was three years old she was abandoned by her parents and was brought in by her friends parents. Kind of how Lexie stayed with April.” Lexie Tate was one of Zoeys best friend in sixth through tenth grade that is when she moved with April to Arizona. April Light’s parents took in Lexie at age three. April was friends with Zoey from seventh grade to tenth grade. Zoey was a year older than April. “ Anyway, when she was I think 15 years old she ran away to a southern state. She took a car from Mrs. LIght and she took off. After a few years on her own she learned how to survive and she went all over the USA and she has been attacking ever since she ran and I heard she is on her way here but I don’t know what to believe.” Hope just had a, “blah” expression on her face. “Why  don’t we take the next month off and go looking for her.” Zoey replied “Why? We probably won’t even find her if we tried. I guess we could try.”

    Two weeks later

“We have yet to find her!” complains Zoey. “Stop complaining and have some fun!” Says Hope. Zoey and Hope have been traveling the southern states for two weeks. Now they are in the sunny beaches of Florida. “I really thought we had something in Louisiana the other day.” Zoey said. When they crossed the Louisiana border they saw a massive fire around the Pineville through the Alexandria area. They went to check it out and they saw Nightmare Black but she got away before they could even try. They talked to some people about the description of the woman. The people told them it was Medium almost auburn hair and she wore Black pants with a grey Tunic that went down to her thighs. They went to Florida to look that way. When they got to their hotel they relaxed and watched the evening news they both jumped when the screen went static, then all of a sudden Nightmare Black came on the screen. “If there is a Zoey Moon out there I want to say that you need to stop looking for me or I will destroy your home planet and your home on Earth so you have nowhere to go. If want to come looking for me than I will be at the Dallas, Texas, but don’t forget I warned you already. They didn't go to sleep that night they talked. “What do you think she will do if we go to Dallas?” “Should we risk it or should we play it safe for a week?”

The next morning they were in the car driving to Dallas which was almost 1,000 miles. They only had to go 30 more miles left. “Where do we go when we get there or do you think that she will be at the city line?” Hope say. It takes Zoey ten minutes to reply “I don’t care what happens as long as she doesn’t hurt the USA anymore!” Ten more miles left. They were dead silent. Five minutes later the GPS says .2 miles to your destination… The car swerved they shot out of the car and got their weapons at the ready. Zoey very good with archery has her own Bow and Quiver. Hope very good in swordplay uses her favorite Celestial silver sword. When all of a sudden Nightmare Dark appears. “We have known each other ever since we were little but I went away when I was older but who am I? Were you a good enough friend that you could tell me by my hair and eyes?” Zoey who was speechless a minute ago now pipes up “Who are you? Why do you torture my family and friends? Why don’t you just stop?” “Stop, why would I stop? The world would be terrible without me. Also you got very close to who I was a minute ago.” Then a cloud of dirt and dust went in front of her and then she hears her  own muffled scream. Then out of force she kicks, bites, and scratches with all of her might and energy. Nightmare Black let's go and backs up looking at her wounds. Zoey shoots Nightmare Black in the heart then Zoey screams again and Hope runs to Zoey and comforts her through her crying. Zoey runs to Nightmare Black and pulls off her mask. Zoey screams One more time. “How could I’ve done this. I should have just stayed with my family. Why was I so greedy?” Zoey says “It was you the whole time, Why was it you? Why couldn’t I spare the arrow?” “It is okay Zoey I deserved it.”

Zoey couldn’t stand to look at the bloody face of …

“Why couldn’t I hold the arrow back.” Zoey cried as her mom hugged her her dad walked over to her. “Honey, will you tell me who got hit.” Zoey replied the same thing “Why couldn’t I hold the arrow back.” That’s all she would say for the past three days. When anyone asked her anything she would say “Why couldn’t I hold the arrow back.” Zoey did want to admit it but five days after the battle she said something else instead. Her dad would say, “Honey would you like to tell me who got hit with the arrow. Was it Nightmare Black or was It someone else?” Zoey would reply back with, “I….I… I hit. I hit my best friend the one I took with me.” She cried some more. “Darling it will be okay. So you hit Hope is that who you hit?” Her mom asked. Zoey just walked to her room. Her room was light purple with pictures of Zoey and her family and pictures of her and her friends. She crawled into her bed and got under the covers. She grabbed the remote to her TV. When she turned it on it was on  the five o’clock news. A reddish brown hair and brown eyes said “There was a big fight between some woman  and another woman who looks to be What they call Nightmare Black. Also I need to broadcast something real quick so yall listen up. If there is a Zoey Moon out there i need you to come to the station so we can talk about our little misunderstanding a few days ago, and one more thing before we break. I don’t know who you were aiming at but there was two of yall at the beginning and now with thanks to you there's only one of yall now.” After that she spent an hour in her bed then she fell asleep peacefully.

The next morning she got out of bed got dressed in decent clothes and went to the station. “Why you finally came to see me how was your visit in Dallas. I herd it was as good as shooting stars.” said Nightmare Black. “Why do you want to torture me again> You already made me shoot my best friend thinking it was you.” Zoey replied.. “I didn’t make you shoot her you did it yourself. Will you meet me outside in three minutes?” said Zoey who was ready for anything except for battle she didn’t have her bow or arrows. “Ummm. Sure. Why exactly.” “You shall see my darling, It will be worth it.” Said NIghtmare Black. Three minutes later Nightmare Black came and said “Follow me!” Zoey did what she was told but was very cautious. They went into a storage component. There was this big wheel that was spinning. Also there was her bow and arrows. Nightmare Black stopped the wheel got on and fastened to the latches which kept her on it and started the wheel again. Zoey asked “What are you doing?” Nightmare replied “I was going to let you have a chance to kill me but you only have five minutes to decide or your house will go down in flames and so will your family.” Zoey stood there for a minute and herd Nightmare say “Three minutes and thirty seconds left.” Zoey got her bow and quiver from the table it was laying on. It had been scratched. She held her bow in one hand and an arrow in another. She notched her arrow and held her bow up towards the spinning Nightmare. She looked at her and then at the ground and back at her feeling greedy for making that decision. “ I am so sorry.” the next second went by faster than a rollercoaster. When she looked up again she saw Nightmare Black on the floor blood surrounding her. She went to her and took of her mask. She screams. “It isn’t fair two of my best friends are dead in the matter of a week.”

She starts to scream but it is muffled by the sound of tears. She finally woke up. She sits in her bed breathing hard and crying. She is glad to be back home. She looks at her clock it was 7:15 She hears the sound of the door bell. She gets up and goes to the door. She opened it to find April Light. “Good morning. I need to come in for a minute to talk to you about something it has to do with Hope and Lexi.” Zoey replies with “Sure come in.” Well I have good news and bad news. Bad news is that Lexie and Hope are both dead.” Zoey starts to cry she realises that it wasn't a dream. “The good news is that Some girl found, caught, and killed NIghtmare Black the villain your dad has wanted dead for a long time.

Zoey then goes to her room and starts crying again. She remembers the dead bloody faces of …

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