Into the Woods

April 6, 2017

I am on a path of adventure, when all of a sudden there is this gust of wind. I am surrounded by trees, it was as if the forest was going on forever.There are sounds of birds everywhere. Any kind of bird noise you could imagine I hear. I also hear some random branches breaking every so often. Snap! Every time it happens, I survey the area and make sure that nothing is going to harm me. The one time I looked over and saw a rabbit. I thought that it was adorable and harmless, well I’ve been wrong before. I leaned down to pet it and, man that rabbit bit me! I screamed like a little girl, and ran away as fast as I could. I didn’t have any knowledge of how to take care of cuts or bites.

But to get back on the topic... All of my stuff was blown away in the wind. Everything I had was blown away, everything I took for granted is gone. There is also this stench that smells like a skunk. The world I once knew as little as two days ago has now vanished as if it never existed. If only I had my tent to sleep in safety, or a pot or pan to heat up some food. If only I wouldn’t have gone on this exploration of nature, I wouldn’t have this encounter of dreadful, dark, natural confrontation!
The woods that surrounded me, were howling and whisking with gusts of wind that has been going on for two days of my three days now. The trees shook, threatening to fall down, and create a catastrophe-well a catastrophe for me! As I carry on through this parade of exhaustion, I needed to find shelter, for dusk was starting to emerge over the world. I also needed a very good hide out, for my hair is as orange as fire, and my  lips are as red as a rose. My eyes so green as if they danced with green lilies upon them. As the light began to dim, the chilling air surrounded me, making me shiver. The wind sure did not help me at all! What would I ever use as a shelter? The howling wind blocked me from thinking straight...
Everything felt cold and dark, and like the world was punishing me for something I never did. If only I could think straight and get to a shelter to have a good night's sleep, then maybe the next day I could move on. I felt depressed. I started to kneel down, and let the struggle of my whole life surround me. When I was on my knees, I just so happened to look over and saw something, it caught my eye, and I struggled to get back onto my feet. I think I saw a shelter, a tree. I mean I’ve been searching for so long, could this actually be what I think it is? As I got closer, yes, yes I was correct, it was a hollowed out tree on the inside. “This would be perfect!”  I said loudly! Whoops, I probably shouldn’t have spoken so loud. Man, this is so exciting though! A home that could keep me from the outside world! I wouldn’t be surrounded by the cold howling wind, the tree would hug me and all the warmth inside. I went inside the hollowed out tree, and found that it was bigger than it looked. It already had a spot hallowed that was like a little shelf in the wall, but it was big enough for me to lay in.  I squeezed in for the night, I found that is was quite comfortable. I stared straight above me, and saw only darkness, then remembered the days before. When I had a fiance, a warm home, and my own real bed. As I was thinking of this I drifted off into a long sleep. I never woke that night, and I slept like a baby.
When I awoke the next morning, I gazed out of the tree, to see that it was bright, and it seemed as if something almost magical had happened. When I left the tree, I didn’t realize it at first, but then it hit me. There was no more wind! Now that I think about it, I’m not even in a woods at all. Now as I survey my surroundings, I find that I’m near some sort of beach. As I listen in silence, I can hear the call of the seagulls as they fly above me. As I venture further away from the patch of grass, that’s still wet with fresh dew. I can pick up the crashing of the waves on the beach shore. I carefully creep closer, for I don’t want anyone to notice that that I’m not supposed to be here.
When I reach the wet sand, I squish it in between my toes. I can feel the cold water coming out of it. When I look up from my toes I can tell that the sun is just ever so slightly rising, for it’s coming from the east. As daybreak comes, the warmth of the air surrounds me. I wish I had a swim suit, I haven’t cleaned off this filth from my body for 3 days. I walk back away from the water, for I do not want to get my clothes wet, for they are all I have. I wander back to my tree, but it’s placed in the middle of a patch of grass. Why did it take me here? What did I ever do that I came to this wondrous of a place.
Now as I think back, I realized that in my dream, I was at a beach, ever so similar as to this one. Now I’m pondering... What else could I imagine? I walked into the tree, and closed my eyes. I pictured myself on a beach wearing a simple one piece swimsuit. I was all alone and no one was around as I danced in the water. Then I opened my eyes. I still had on my regular clothes. Ragged old blue t shirt, that used to one say,” Live life to the fullest.” Now all I can read on it is,” L  e  if  o he ul e t.” My pants are all torn, with many holes, but not in a fashionable way.  They are also more like capris.

When I walk outside of the tree, I’m still at the same beach. That doesn’t bother me. When I walk out to the beach, I saw something floating in the water. As I got closer I could see it was something pink. I walked into the water, when it touched my skin it sent a shiver through my whole body. It started at my toes, through my spine, and up into my head, and ran upon all my nerves. As I reached down to grab the pink floating thing, I noticed that it had a metallic sort of look to it. As I looked a little closer I could see a tad faded gold hint to it, it was in a chevron pattern. As I lifted it up, I saw that it was a swim suit! Just what I imagined. I’m pretty sure this tree was magical. As I looked at the swim suit a tad bit longer, I realized that people could be behind me just staring at me and thinking what is this girl doing? So I grabbed the swim suit with a tight hold, and ran back to the tree. I changed really fast, because I wanted to go swimming, but mostly because I needed to clean off some of the gunk and dirt that I’ve collected in the past few days.

As I neared the ocean, I gazed across the sandy beach, I see that some people have arrived. I feel the sand in between my toes and look out across the ocean top. I plunge into the water and I can feel the soft sludge squish between my toes. I feel a sense of warmth and belonging. I feel as though I actually have a place to go when I’m sad. I start to submerge deeper into the waves of the ocean as they surround me. As I console myself with the comfort of the feeling of belonging, I find myself start to doze off. I find myself in another world, a world that I belong in and don’t make any mistakes. The world has a sense of meaning to me now.

I now realize it all, everything makes sense to me know! I never fully explained why I went on this trip, why I wanted to be with nature. I wanted to be away from the real world, the world that had my parents in it, always nagging me about how the choices I make now, will really affect me in the future.  Now I see, that I am just a 22 year old, I’m still young, and have a whole life ahead of me. My parents were just protecting me, they were just doing their job. I see the world as a much clearer place, and a warm, caring, loving accommodation. It all clicks together. Even though there may be some atrocious people in this world, it all makes sense. They don’t see what others see, they don’t see the world for as it truly is.
As I am thinking this, I realize how much I miss my parents… My family… and my fiance. I need to get back to them now, I need to tell them how sorry I am for running away, and acting so childish. I come out of my daze, and start to leap about in the water. Some people on the beach have appeared and start to look at me funny, but I don't care.  I leap out of the water overjoyed and run off the beach smiling, with the biggest smile I've ever had! I run to the tree, close my eyes, and wish and pray for my family, my own bedroom, my fiance, and my life back.

When I opened my eyes…

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