An Time Travel changing American History

April 6, 2017
By Anonymous

An Time Travel changing American History


I am an mediocre senior high school student. Yesterday, when I was running around our school’s playground, lightening suddenly struck? my heart. After fainting, I later  woke up in a unknown tent. There were many antiquated things such as kerosene, lamps, army cans cluttered around my body. Suddenly, a huge amount of information influxes my brain. My brain seemed destroyed by the pain from this unknown situation. I shouted out and gradually realized that my soul was mixed with an ex-Prussian army officer who had just joined George Washington’s army the previous night, Baron von Steuben was his name.

“ Sir, what’s wrong with you?” A soldier heard my miserable shout, came into my tents in a hurry.

“Nothing soldier, just do your mission.” I was rapidly released from the pain and receive my new identity. “ I just had a nightmare, the trip made me exhausted.”, I replied.

From the body owner’s memory, I realized that there was an enemy which was far more lethal than the British existing in their camping ground—Winter.

I forced my body to stand up and walk out of the tent. I was walking around and trying to find someone to comprehend the situation of this dying army.

“My name is Joseph Plumb Martin,” a black man told me and shook hands with me. He was a veteran of the Battle of New York.

I shared my valuable cigar brought from my hometown and began listening his statements.

“It’s a desolate place.”he said. He puffed, the smoke got in his eyes, and he wiped them with the back of his big hand. “We are now in a truly forlorn condition. No clothing, no provisions and as heartened as can be.  Our prospect is indeed dreary. Maybe you still don’t realize, there is …”

After the conversation, I began to worry about the fighting capacity of this army, the problem was more serious than what I thought. 900 huts were standing in this camps but each housed a dozen men. About 1/5 of the soldiers had no shoes. More seriously, with little clean water, dysentery spread through at the camp. About 2000 men were sick that week. Whole army ran out of meat and there were down to their last 25 barrels of flour. The men survived on an unappealing mixture of flour and water.

“Man, come on, I wanna talk with you.” A tall burly officer came to my back without any notice sound; it was George Washington, the leader of this American Revolution.

I walked into his tent, standing in front of his working table.
“As you see, my army is like a melting pot, full of jagged people. You, Baron von Steuben, an ex-Prussian army officer and an elite soldier, come here to help me. First, I wanna express my sincere gratitude to you.”

“My pleasure, sir.” I replied in a hurry, “ But to be honest, I only know how to make them become a formidable fighting machine. The whole army is dying now, I’m not sure they can safely survive through this winter…”

“Don’t worry about that! By will power, courage, leadership, and even by cajoling, I have hold the army together in the middle of a terrible winter!” Washington said, “I will inspire those unruly men to stay in line. I will tell them if they want freedom, this is what it’s gonna take. It’s gonna take sacrifice, it’s gonna take blood. It gonna take cold winters at Valley Forge. It’s gonna take losses.”

“So what is my task, sir?” I made a military salute.
“Your task is to rein vigor the demoralized Patriot Army and enable them to take on the British in a decisive fight!” ,Washington replied.

“Yes, sir!” I replied with a little bit excitement and them decided to write a manual on military training.

Time is always too fast. Winter left without any traits. 

That spring, I brought order, discipline and hygiene to Valley Forge. I did some engineering in the camp to improve its hygienist. I moved the washroom far away from tents and rebuilt a new, clean kitchen. Then, I organized housing according to regiments and companies. Also, I drilled discipline in this army. Finally, I taught them how to properly use the bayonet — a new and deadly weapon. I was not only trying to teach them some new tools and new discipline but also a new attitude—a brave heart.

After several months, the American army was reborn!

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