Frymyth Cavity

March 28, 2017
By , Park Ridge, NJ

Once upon a time in a small little rural town called Albin, where the grass is green and the flowers are blooming, there was a small boy named Charles Kruman. Charles is thirteen and a half years old with a lot of personality. He was four feet and three inches tall, making him the shortest amongst all of his friends at school. His long black hair was a menace in the morning to brush with all of the knots he had accumulated over night. His eyesight is very good. He never had any issues with it, getting a perfect score on all of his eye checks the school nurse and his local doctor would give him annually.

Charles was very adventurous and curious about things around him, especially places he has never seen or been to before. Just behind his house there is a brook that flows down out of even Charles’s eyesight. Charles just could not squelch his curiosity, so he built a boat with his mother’s assistance out of scrap metal, bamboo straws, and leather from the cows on his uncle’s farm.
It took Charles and his mother about three weeks, five days, and 4 hours to finish making the boat. Charles would have asked his father to help him, but unfortunately his father had passed away eleven years ago when Charles was just two years old. Charles was so excited he took the boat out on the brook right away. He was sailing and sailing, until he could not see his mother back at their house, waiving goodbye and yelling, “Good luck Charles!”. Just after he lost sight of his mother, he turned around, and there was Fox Lake. The biggest lake in his area, measuring three hundred feet wide and two hundred feet tall.
In the center of this lake there was an island. On this island there was a mysterious cave that went underground. Charles again could not defeat his curiosity, so, he sailed on over to the island and docked his boat. Just before he stepped beyond the boundary of the cave entrance, he noticed a sign. It had words engraved in it from a very long time ago, making it very hard to read. Thanks to Charles’s 20/20 vision, he could just make out what the sign read. The sign read: “Frymyth Cavity”.
As soon as Charles stepped in, he smelled hot dogs, as if they were coming from somebody roasting them. “It smells like hot dogs in here” Charles said frankly. He imagined a homeless man roasting weenies over a make-shift fire sitting on a hard, cold rock. He was walking and walking for what seemed like hours, but was really only two minutes. He just kept following the smell of those hot dogs, and he knew he was getting closer to his destination, because the smell kept getting stronger and stronger. He turned a sharp corner with a large stalactite in the center of the tunnel, and he saw the strangest thing he has ever laid his eyes on.
Right in front of his eyes was a large door. But not just any door. It was a large metal door, made just perfect to try and keep anybody out. On the face of the door were two word scratched in with a knife. It read: “Charles Kruman”. Now Charles was extremely curious. He almost couldn’t contain himself from bursting of confusion. On the top of the door was a small window that Charles just could not see into, no matter how high he jumped or what he jumped off of. He just gave up and turned around to head home, when all of a sudden a large rainbow strobe light burst through the window and all Charles heard was extreme dance music that he has never heard before.
He ran up to the door, and started pounding his fist until it was purple, yelling, “LET ME IN! LET ME IN!” over and over again until it opened. The person that opened the door was a tall, blonde haired man with the largest nose Charles had ever seen.
“What do you want?” The stranger asked Charles.
“I just want to know what this cave is for, or why this door is here.” Charles replied.
“Well that’s not going to happen. Good riddance.” The stranger slammed the door in Charles’s face.
“No please! Let me in! My name is Charles Kruman! Why is my name inscribed on this door?!” Charles yelled back at the stranger.
Seconds later, the door swung open.
“My name is George Gedowski. We have a lot to talk about.” George stuck his hand out and led Charles inside. The music and strobe lights immediately turned off and everybody turned their heads as soon as Charles walked in. “Ignore them.” George told Charles. “Follow me”. George brought Charles into a room that had bead strands as a door, and inside was a fat man with a top hat and a monocle. “Bobby. This is Charles Kruman.” George said as he kneeled down as if to kiss his toes and pray to him like he was a god.
“Step forward, son.” Bobby told Charles. “I have something important to tell you. It’s about your father. He’s alive.”
“What!? What do you mean he’s alive!? He died when I was two!” Charles yelled back.
“That’s what you think, lad. But it’s true. Your father is alive. In fact, he is standing in this room right now.” Charles did not know what to say. “Hello, son.” Bobby said with relive.” Right after Bobby put his arms out to go for a hug with Charles and before he could answer any of his questions, a loud alarm went off and all of the lights in the cave turned a bright red. “Charles, listen carefully.” Bobby grabbed Charles’s attention. “You have to leave this place. Right now. Take this.” He handing Charles a small folded up piece of paper. “Now run! Get out of here!” Charles sprinted away as fast as he could without stopping and without looking back. He got out safe and sound, on the island in the middle of Fox River. He turned around and saw something he absolutely did not have an explanation for. The cave. Frymyth Cavity. It was gone. There was nothing else on the island with him, except for a small little evergreen tree right where the cave used to be. Charles unfolded the paper and saw something strange. A message. It read:

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