The Wonders in Gir Forest

March 30, 2017
By , Claremont, CA


Deep in the Indian forest, Vinaash, a powerful lion, has a cruel plan against his brother, Balavaan. One could face against humanity that will change people’s lives forever. Could Vinaash be stopped, conquered, or defeated? Or will he ruin the world with hatred and chaos? Now, it’s up to Balavaan and his pride to defeat Vinaash. Can’t you just shoot the lion? No, Vinaash isn’t just a normal lion, he’s clever, and immortal. I am here tell you my side of the story about an extraordinary and ruthless adventure.

Today it’s the year of 3022. Two hundred years ago, lions became endangered because of humans who constantly hunt and sell our fur to markets for money. Our ancestors then had planned to make a move in order to avoid the extinction of lions. They began to contact other lions around the world to migrate in another location where humans can’t find them. Today, this is where we began to adapt to our new environment.
I opened my eyes and lifted my head from the cold ground. “Ugh amazing… a blizzard came.” I thought. A small snowflake caught my eye, and slowly traveled down until it touched my nose. My name is Balavaan, the leader of my lion pride, located in the middle of Gir Forest, Roshanee. I got up and realized that my fur was coated with snow, so I jolted the snow away leaving the particles on the smooth rocky ground. I took one last yawn and stepped out to the cold and misty air. I sighed, and took a big leap onto the large boulder and spoke while every lion began to gather around.

“Good morning my fellow pride! As you can see, we are obviously in a tough situation. Alas, do not fear, we are strong and mighty to brush the snow away — ” A lion guard dressed in armor quickly sped towards me and interrupted, “Your honor!”

“Yes? Please tell me your news!” I responded.

“It’s your brother,” He had short breaths, “Vinaash.”

When the guard spoke these words, the whole pride began to panic and scramble like ants. Vinaash is my brother, a careless and cruel lion who causes nothing but trouble.

In order to calm everyone down, I would usually growl to settle their voices down. In this case, none of them could even hear my soft growls. The only solution was to stand up and roar, which solved the problem.
“Pride, calm yourselves! I will deal with this situation! This is the end of the meeting, please report back to your regular day.” I jumped off the boulder and headed towards the guard. The guard led me to my brother, and stood by me. I signaled him that he could leave the two of us alone.

“Hello brother, such a wonderful day to hunt, isn’t it?” he stared at me for an answer. “Yes, it is. What brings you here in Roshanee? How is Andhera?” He snorted and replied “Oh! Andhera is perfect, everything is running smoothly. I just came to check on my little brother.”

“I’m doing fine Vinaash, thank you for visiting.”

“You’re kicking me out already? Alright, I’ll see you soon.” Vinaash turns and vanishes.

I walked back to the guard and warned him, “Bring all of the guards on watch today, I don’t want to see a single lion from Andhera entering these grounds.” The lion guard nodded and ran towards the recruit den where the rest of the guards were waiting for orders.


The sun begins to settle and Roshanee is silent. The guards stay awake the whole night to keep watch. One of the lion guards glances and sees an image forming among the trees. The Andhera pride planned to ambush us.
The lion guard roars with all his might to warn everyone. I jumped out my den to discover Andhera lions climbing the rocks surrounding our home.

“Everyone it’s time, you know the drill!” I shouted.

The lions agreed to my orders and ran into their dens. The lion guards investigated the area to see if any lost cub or Roshanee lion was not in their den. After they finished, they gave me news that everyone was hidden and away from the Andhera lions. The rest of the lions who were outside prepared their armor to battle.

I walked to the group of armoured lions and yelled, “Today, is the day to end this cruelty against our home! Today is the day to teach the Andhera lions a lesson! Today... is the day to win for freedom!” The ferocious lions chanted and said “For our home, for freedom!” I smiled and turned to face the Andhera lions who were struggling to climb the tall rocks. I took one last scream and said, “Attack!” and from that moment on, we all scurried and clawed the Andhera lions which knocked them down to the ground.

The battle became gruesome and deadly between the lions. My goal was to find the leader of the pride, my brother. Since I’m immortal, my wounds healed quickly and since I have powers, I have the ability to fly. So I jumped in the air and swooped over the hundreds of lions who were tackling each other to the ground. Where is Vinaash… I thought. Suddenly, I felt claws sink in my back and was thrown hard on the rough ground.

“Well, here we are again Balavaan. How are you?” Vinaash laughed.

I slowly got up and frowned at Vinaash. “ Vinaash! How could you?”

He laughs for a long time and looked at me, “Oh, well as you can see, I want your area, Roshanee. You have nice folks, soldiers, and dens which is a perfect place for my lions to settle. After I’m done teaching your pride some lessons, they will understand that I am their true leader, Once I convince them to obey me, then we will fight against humanity to make them extinct. In the end, I will take every supply I need from the humans and move my pride to create a large population, and one day rule over every animal on earth!”

“What makes you so sure that my lions would obey you?” I responded.

“Easy, a sacrifice… which is you.” Vinaash smirked.

Vinaash took the first hit, and later we had the most deadliest fight that any other lion had experienced. We clawed and bit each other to determine the strongest lion and who would be defeated. Both Vinaash and my armor began to fall apart, but we still fought. I knew that only one of us would fall to the ground and move on to the immortal afterlife. If two immortal lions come in contact, one could defeat the other causing that lion to continue in the afterlife which is a second world where the rest of the immortal lions are sent to after they are defeated by another immortal lion.

He quickly clawed my face and pushed me to the ground. I recovered and flew in the air, my sun-symbol in the middle of my forehead began to glow. Vinaash also had his moon-symbol in the middle of his head that also began to glow. Beams of light shot out of our foreheads and directly shot into each other causing us to move back.

“Hah! You know that I am more powerful than you, Balavaan.”

“Vinaash you need to start using your head.” I laughed.

Our beams were in contact for a long time until I ran out of might and his beam struck me against my head which gave the force to push me through multiple trees. I finally stopped and slammed into a large boulder with a loud thud. The noise was so loud, it caused every lion to stop fighting and face towards me and Vinaash. The Andhera lions began chanting for Vinaash to finish me and rule over Roshanee. My body felt so sore, I didn’t have the strength to stand on my four legs. Vinaash pulled my mane up with his paw and said, “How did you ever become a leader when you aren’t even strong enough to protect your pride? So sad.” He let go of my mane which sent my face flat on the ground. Vinaash turned towards the Roshanee lions and said, “Who’s next?” No lion responded. “Anyone? No one wants to face me? Alright I guess I’m your new leader!” Vinaash turns back to me and decides to finish me by sinking his teeth into my neck. When Vinaash prepares to lower his head, I roared louder than ever and immediately aimed for his neck. He screams in pain and falls to the ground. The Andhera lions run toward me, but luckily the Roshanee lions protected me and startled them off which were never to be seen again.




Days had passed after the battle, I was under critical condition after the fight. All lions of Roshanee surrounded my den to care for me. My symbol was destroyed, which meant that my wounds began to appear again and I became weaker. Vinaash was pronounced dead and was sent to the immortal afterlife for all eternity. The area of Andhera was abandoned, and none of the Andhera lions were never seen after Vinaash’s death. Sadly, I knew that my death was coming. But I know that my pride will be safe because Vinaash is no longer around. I know I won’t be able to continue to the immortal afterlife since my symbol is broken which made me a mortal like the rest of my fellow lions.

I said my final words to my pride, “ My fellow pride, I would like to acknowledge all of you for protecting me and our home, I am truly blessed and proud for you all! This is the end of my journey with you. I wish you all the best of luck and I will forever remain in all of your hearts to support you.” I closed my eyes and took one final breath.




“A little to the right!” A lion commanded.

It was a statue of Balavaan, a memorable statue located in the middle of an area which was once called Andhera. Millions of lions migrated and moved to the new destination and became a very popular area of lions. Every lion decided that there should be no leader because Balavaan supported every single one of them in their hearts. All of the lions stood around the statue and smiled at their wonderful making of the statue. This was their new home called, “Balavaan.”



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As a friend of the author of this story, I do have to say- I'm really astonished by how good this is! Keep up the good work!
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