The Shobon

March 29, 2017

It started with a Blade, it truly began when a Shobon fell into the Pit.


I awoke with a pride, knowing today would be the day where you found out where you were placed. I met Gdon outside he yelled, “I can’t wait to get into Shobon School!” I replied, “Don’t be too sure, remember the Yamac reads who you will be.” Gdon replied meekly, “Party-pooper.” We walked to the Building of Placement, like the name itself it places you where you will go. Our country, Flozka, is a fascist society. Getting into Shobon School, is the highest honor of the citizen. The best warrior, best scout, the best everything. When they got to Gdon’s name, he was selected for Shobon School. Then they said my name, and said...Shobon School. But not even allowing me satisfaction, they rushed me into the train for Shobon School. Then I was injected with a serum, and everything went black.

I awoke, six years later, lessons were over and Gdon was asleep. A voice went into my head saying, “Approach the Pit.” I knew what the Pit was, and where it was. I responded with, “Why in the name of Flozka would I do that.” The voice responded with, “For power, but if you are not willing, I’ll make you. And I’m making you.” Suddenly I bolted for the Pit. When I arrived, a sword was in front of it. The Voice boomed, “Claim the sword, and fall into the Pit.” I grabbed the sword, with beautiful engravings and a sharp blade. Then I fell, into the Pit.

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EzraErikEstrello said...
Apr. 2 at 11:27 pm
Trials of Gormon is out! Check it out.
EzraErikEstrello said...
Mar. 31 at 3:38 pm
Just found out that this was rated #2 for today's best Action-Adventure Article. My Second Article and this happens! Trials of Gormon is coming soon. Hope you read it!
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