March 28, 2017
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“Bless you.” 

Thousands of people rushed through the streets of New York heading to different shops, places, and to do different things. Sawyer loved watching all of this happen through the golden window of his hotel. His favorite part was seeing little children run around the streets. He liked seeing them playing with soccer balls and having fun. The room would fill with his giggly laugh until he collapsed on the floor and couldn’t breathe.
Sawyer was sitting in his room relaxing until someone came in. He thought it was tea time, but it was the maid. She walked over to the window shuffling her feet, having the limp she always had. “I wonder why she’s coming over here?” thought Sawyer.  Sawyer watched in fear as she walked over and grabbed him. He was panicking. He could feel the wrinkles on her hands and the moisture on her fingertips. Before he could protest she threw him into a big black garbage bag and tossed him outside. A rush of hot air from outside hit him like a brick wall. He was being thrown out!
Sawyer started to be tossed around inside the bag. Bowls of soup from the night before spilt all over him. Soft tissue gushed out of his mouth making the situation even worse. Finally the bag was dropped and it started to rip open. As the bag opened he felt the sun's rays touch his body. A hand gripped the side of his box. He could feel the calluses of the fingers gripping him. Sawyer looked up and saw an old man with dark hair and a long beard holding him. His hair and beard looked like they hadn't been cut in months and his body was covered in dirt.
Sawyer started to cry and shake. He was dripping with sweat and his hands trembled. He was petrified. Sawyer was being moved into a filthy hotel! Sawyer was supposed to be a fancy tissue box that lived in a clean and expensive hotel, not a cheap and dirt hotel . “I don’t think I can survive without the Four Seasons. Oh how it had it’s room service, and beautiful views. The employees were always so nice and the people staying there never used my beautiful tissue children. I want to go home,” Sawyer thought.

“Boom!” Screaming and yelling someone had kicked down the door of a room in the hotel. The man holding Sawyer started to run up to that room saying something Sawyer couldn’t understand. Before Sawyer knew it he was dropped on the side of a cold coffee table. He was put into a new room. It was small, dark, and cold. The windowless room smelt like expired food and feet. All Sawyer wanted to do was go home.
The angry man Sawyer had seen earlier kicking down the door was heading Sawyer’s way. 

  “Please have mercy on my soul, please, please, please,” Sawyer begged.

Sawyer watched as slowly the man walked over. His nose oozing with dark, thick, and chunky snot. Sawyer knew what was coming and wanted to run, but couldn’t. The man bent over and then everything turned into slow motion for Sawyer. The nasty man ripped one of Sawyer’s tissues strait from his box and started blowing his filthy nose all over it.

“Stop! Please stop!” Sawyer kept yelling.

The man couldn’t hear Sawyer. Slowly Sawyer’s tissue filled with that unmentionable substance

Sawyer yelled with pain in every word, “WHY? Why must you take one of my children. My beautiful tissue child has done nothing to you! You…. you torture him and then crumple him up and throw him away.”

He would never let a man like this touch one of his tissues again.
2 Months Later

During the two months he had been living in the hotel four guests had stayed in his room. All of them had filthy habits and no sense of decency.
“Pop!” Sawyer dropped to the floor. He had been sleeping soundly on the TV stand until he was interrupted by the sound of a gunshot. Now on the floor Sawyer tasted the revolting taste of feet.


Jesse, the man staying in Sawyer’s room barged through the door. He walked over to Sawyer wearing a big gold chain, oversized pants sagging down to his knees, and Red Air Jordans. Something was different about Jesse’s appearance today, but Sawyer couldn’t figure it out. Sawyer scanned Jesse's outfit again until he noticed something on his shirt. It was a dark red substance oozing out of his body. Sawyer realized the noise that he had heard earlier was a gun shooting Jesse. Jesse had been shot!

“Ahhhhhh!” Jesse screamed.

Sawyer didn’t know what Jesse was going to do. If someone didn’t stop the bleeding Jesse would die! Then Sawyer thought of the day he lost one of his tissues 2 months ago. He knew that this moment could be one like that time and he refused to lose another tissue. Jesse started to stumble over to Sawyer, clutching his side where he had been shot. Jesse reached down to Sawyer and yanked out one of his tissue. Sawyer felt cold tears run down his face. His whole body burned with pain.

“Not again. No, no, no, no! This can’t be happening! Another one of my beautiful children, another one. I only have 3 left,” Sawyer shouted.

Jesse pushed the tissue into his wound applying as much pressure as he could. Sawyer watched with tears filling his eyes as blood cover the tissue Jesse stole. Jesse had filled the tissue with his blood and was in excruciating pain. He was yelling and couldn’t walk. He heaved himself over to the phone and called 911.
“Boom, boom, boom!” The sound filled the room. It was the police banging on the door. The paramedics took Jesse to the ambulance to get him to the hospital. Sawyer being alone in the room started to shout. Jesse had stolen one of his tissue children and abused them. Once again he had lost one of his beloved children. He knew that if this happened to him again, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself.

10 Days Later

“Get in there and don’t come out!” Brenda yelled from the front desk of the hotel. Someone new was coming into Sawyer’s room today. His name was Kevin. Sawyer had overheard the maids earlier talking about how Kevin is a drug addict and uses cocaine. Sawyer knew that if Kevin tried to take one of his tissues, he would torture him and rip him apart until he bled to death.

“Squeek.” The door to the room had been opened. Kevin walked in and straight over to the glass coffee table having random twitches periodically. He knelt down on the floor on his knees, and pulled a white package out of his bag. Sawyer knew it was the cocaine the maids had been talking about. Kevin poured it out onto the table and started to use it. Then there loud was a knock on the door. Kevin ran over to Sawyer and yanked out one of his tissues before Sawyer knew what was happening. Sawyer immediately went hysterical and miraculously grew legs. “How did I do that?” Sawyer thought, but he had no time to waste and he ran over to Kevin. He started to bash Kevin’s face in. Sawyer had gone psycho. He went over to the door, opened it, and snapped the neck of the man standing at the door. A piercing scream filled the air. Sawyer vowed that he would kill anyone else who came into his room.

2 Years Later

It had been two years and twelve people later. There had been the alcoholic, the drug dealer, the murderer, and many others. All of these people’s last moments at the Clean X Hotel. One tissue was left with Sawyer. This last tissue was the only way Sawyer survived, it could be the death of him. He had to take many precautions when moving around the hotel. He’d look left and right multiple times before moving into the hallways and he would always have a weapon in his hand.
Today he was running through the grey halls to get his cup of coffee. Sawyer ran around the sharp corner in the hall and slipped. Sawyer had spilt his boiling cup of coffee earlier that day in the hallway and was too lazy to clean it up. The coffee was burning hot, so Sawyer hoped someone would step in it while it laid in the halls. Sawyer tumbled onto the floor and his last tissue hit the wall. He watched as the tissue scraped against the wall hitting the holes and dents in it. It slowly inched further and further out of his box. Then his body started to burn.

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