Green, Yellow, White, and Pink

March 15, 2017
By snitchintime BRONZE, New York City, New York
snitchintime BRONZE, New York City, New York
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"the more you see, the less you know"

It was a quiet autumn morning. She walked through the quiet world. Everything is greyish. All different shades of grey, but everything is grey. The sun is hidden behind a blanket of clouds. A mysterious grey glow. The wind blowing through the trees. Birds chirping. Phoenixes and eagles calling through the sky. Heard, but not seen. The wind spinning the sand around and around. The wind whipping the waves into a frenzy. The salty ocean air drifting through the wind. Fresh and clean. Refreshing. The mysterious animals of the deep hiding below the storm. No one else is around. It’s a cool day. Not too cold, not too hot. Cool enough to need a jacket, but not a heavy jacket.

She closes her eyes and listens. Everything flashes by around her. The warm orange, yellow rays from the sun lighting up the dark world. Making the soft sand and calm ocean glitter and sparkle. As quickly as the golden rays come, they leave. Returning the world to its dark state. The silver light emitted from the moon rising and lighting the world with a silver glow and falling leaving it in darkness for a moment before the sun’s rays fall. The seasons. Cold, frosty air swirling around freezing everything it touches. Freezing the once warm sand, the thin branches on saplings, the salty waves of the ocean. Melting the cold world, restarting and rebirthing life. The greens become greener the heat becomes hotter. Warming and cooling. The green leaves turning to goldens and bronzes and burgundies. She looks down at her hands. On her left wrist she sees a bracelet. It looks like hers, but it’s different. It is a collection of knots tied together forming a “v” in each row. It wraps all the way around her wrist. It’s yellow, pink, white, and green, vaguely reminding her of nature.
She opens her eyes slowly. Breathing in the salty sea air. Her wrist feels weighed down. It is not a lot, but there is something there. She looks down at her wrist. There is a bracelet. It has replaced her old one. It is green, yellow, white, and pink. She sees a flash of warm sunlight spilling onto the green grass and vibrant flowers. She smells freshly mown grass, the perfume of flowers. She feels the warm breeze gently whip around her and ruffle her hair. Springtime, she realizes. Everytime. Everytime she looks at it she can see a flash of springtime. It stands out, against the stark world. Its bright colors glow in the greys of the world.
She looks up slowly, savouring the moment. She sees something flash in the distance. She squints, staring hard at it. It flashes again. This time it’s quicker, seemingly more urgent. It intrigues her and she starts running towards it. As she runs, she doesn’t notice her bracelet fall from her wrist. As she takes each step closer it doesn’t seem to get any closer. She stops in front of a pond and looks around pondering. She turns around and sees the something silvery and wispy. It’s about twenty paces behind her. She freezes. She looks closer at the pond at starts. Right behind her reflection she sees a silver wisp floating above her left wrist. She sees it’s missing. She gasps. She turns around ready to start backtracking.
Suddenly, a bird calls from afar breaking through the silence that enveloped her. She looks up startled. She was lost in her own world. She sees the sun starting to set. As she looks into the distance she sees the pinks, oranges, and yellows of the sky peeking from behind the trees. She looks down at her watch. Oh! Shoot. She starts, surprised. It’s 5:50! She turns around and starts running away from the sun and the peace and quiet. It’s about 10 minutes later when she arrives at her front porch breathing heavily.
She bursts through the front door, waiting to catch her breath.
“Back so late?” he said continuing his reading.
“...” She glares at him leaning against the door waiting to catch her breath.
“Again?? You’re late again?? Where were you?”
“Well, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I needed to tell you everything!” She said.
“What’s that supposed to mean??”
“What is wrong with you?!! I lost it.” She said angrily. “Time to set the table.”
“What? You what? What did I do know?” He said not looking up from his book.
“I don’t know what your problem is, but you’ve been like this ever since that day!” She said as she walked into the kitchen.
“What is that supposed to mean? I’ve been like what?!” He said as he picked up clutter from the dining table. He picked up mail, newspapers, magazines, and books and tossed them onto the corner chair. “AHA! Ahh...shoot. One fell down…Whoopsies.”
“...Ouch!” She said as the cabinet she was opening banged into her forehead.
“Like myself? Hey, can you get some forks, spoons, and knives? Please?”
“WHAT did do!!?” She said reaching for 6 sets of glasses utensils.
“I didn’t do anything. Why are you getting 6?” He said from the doorway of the kitchen.
“Our friends are coming over, remember? And what’s that supposed to mean?” She turned around and put her hands on her hips.
“Here are your utensils.” She said as she walked out. “Move.” She prodded his foot.
“Hey! I didn’t do anything! It” He said moving away.
“I’m waiting...” She said walking to the table. 
“It was an accident. I swear...I didn’t mean to…” He followed her and put the utensils on the table in a pile. “Really, I didn’t…”
“WHAT HAPPENED??!!” She dumped the glasses on the table unceremoniously.
“ItwasanaccidentIswearIdidn’tmeantotellhim.” He said quickly.
“Wait, WHAT?? YOU DID WHAT?!” She shouted.
“SHH! Keep your voice down! I didn’t mean to tell---.” He said moving away from her and reaching for 6 napkins to fold them twice into small rectangles.
“I didn’t mean to… I’m really sorry---.” He pleaded reaching for the utensils.
“HOW COULD YOU??!! HOW COULD YOU TELL HIM?? You know what I said! After losing it, now this??!” She shouted, moving away from the table and completely forgetting about the glasses.
“I DIDN’T MEAN TO!! JUST LISTEN ALREADY! You know how he is. He just wheedles it out. Before you know it, he’s got it.” He reached for the forks and set them on the napkins on the left side.
“Oh great. That’s fantastic. Wonderful. Just peachy.” She sighed and stopped pacing.
“I know… I’m really sorry. I…” He trailed off and place the knives on the far right.
“Ya, I know.” She moved back toward the table. “Thank goodness for small mercies.” She said looking pointedly at her brother.

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