Dragon Hunter

March 9, 2017
By Mr.Picklehimer BRONZE, Salt Lake City, Utah
Mr.Picklehimer BRONZE, Salt Lake City, Utah
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John is an ordinary boy, well if ordinary is living on a small island in the Bermuda Triangle. John was a baby, when he was left in a box on the street one night. dragon sought him, and raised him in the bermuda triangle. John enjoyed living with the dragons, he had no idea what is was like living with the humans.
Eventually, John got older, he started to change. He started turning green, and growing scales. He found out that the dragon food that John was eating was turning him into a dragon. After seventeen years of age, John was thoroughly a dragon. One day John was able to go out on his own, and see how the humans were. John went flying around, but was seen by one human. A boy, John’s age. John quickly turned his invisibility on, and dashed away. Hoping that the boy would eventually forget what he saw.
After a couple months of flying around, and watching over the humans, he finally found something in trouble. He turned invisible, and swooped down to where the cries were coming from. He turned his invisibility off, because it was only a wounded deer. John tried to help it, but it limped away from John.
“Well, what do we have here?” Said a voice from behind him. John turned around, and saw a hunter pointing a gun straight at John. John turned his invisibility on, and tried to fly away, but it was too late, the hunter shot him.
John woke up to find himself strapped down to the back of a truck. The truck had a sheet over it, so John couldn’t be seen. John’s tail wasn’t strapped down, so he stuck his tail out of the truck, in hope that someone would save him. After a couple minutes, John felt something come inside the back of the truck. It was a boy. The same boy that saw John flying in the sky that one night. So John pretended to be unconscious.
“Don’t worry dragon,” Justin said, “I’ll get you out of here.” Suddenly the truck started moving. “Oh no!” Justin shouted. He finished unstrapping John, and sat there, waiting for the truck to stop to pull John out. A couple minutes later, the truck stops. So Justin starts to try lifting John to get him out. Then brightness fills the trunk as the hunter lifts up the sheet to find John laying down, and Justin sitting, staring right back at the hunter with fear in his eyes.
John finds himself strapped to a table, unable to move. While Justin is tied to a chair with a rope. The hunter is gone, purchasing more tranquilizer darts. So Justin reaches for his bracelet, and within it is a small knife that he uses to cut the ropes, and gets out of the chair. He unstraps John, as soon as John is free he uses his tail to scoop up Justin, and puts him on his back. John flies out the roof, leaving a large hole. They both soar through the air with smiles on their faces. Until John feels a shock, and starts getting dizzy. John falls to the ground with a thump, as Justin gets the wind knocked out of him. Justin looks around, and notices that they landed in the woods. Justin looks behind him to see the hunter pointing a gun straight at him.
“I shot that dragon with a tranquilizer dart,” the hunter states, “I won’t do the same for you.” Justin freezes, unsure what to do. Justin closes his eyes as the hunter shoots.
Justin waits, but he doesn’t feel anything. He opens his eyes and looks up. The hunter had a surprised look on his face, as he shot again, and a gain, but it wasn’t hitting Justin, or John. Suddenly something appears right in front of Justin’s face. A dragon with metal wings. The dragon has been using his invisibility, And he had metal covers over his wings to protect Justin and John from the bullets. The dragon charges forward and blasts the hunter with fire, spilling out of the dragon’s mouth. The hunter was no more. A couple minutes later, John wakes up, and finds out what had happened.
“Thanks dad” John says.
“Your welcome son” the dragon says
“Wait,” Justin starts, “You can talk?”
“There’s still a lot you don’t know about dragons!” John exclaims, “Wait, why did you hop in the trunk of the car in the first place?”
“I was just on a field trip with my orphanage, and I saw your tail,” Justin states, “and I remembered seeing a dragon in the air, so I wanted to check it out.”
“Hey,” John’s dad starts “how about you come live with us?”
Justin responds, “Why not.”

The author's comments:

It is interesting and has action, and dragons.

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