March 6, 2017
By , Lyons, MI

This is a story about a kid named Hippocrates that didn’t know there was a virus going around worldwide that kills you. Hippocrates was known for making potions and medicines to cure people of disease. He is the best one around his town Patagonia.
This man was known as the greatest man ever. It took him days and days to complete potions, but he always seemed to come through for the people. Hippocrates finally noticed that people were turning gray and falling down.
Hippocrates said “ I got to figure out what this is and create a cure for it.”
“I got to find it and put it on me,” said Hippocrates.

Hippocrates started searching in books for an antidote, but he couldn’t find anything. Finally he came across this book that said cures on it. The book had many good potions in it, but he was just looking for a cure. He came over this mixture of plants that would create an ooze to cure the virus. He read that they are in the woods guarded by an Ogre, and it was in woods near him.
Hippocrates got to the woods and started searching. He finally got over until he  heard loud stomping marching back and forth. He hid behind a rock and thought to himself,
“How am I gonna get past him?”
Then he grabs his potion and started hitting the manly Ogre. The Ogre started swinging at Hippocrates,But Hippocrates was too fast. Finally the Ogre caught him and punched him all the way back out of the woods. Than he went back to his lab and got a certain potion that would kill the Ogre in one hit. As soon as he got close the Ogre didn't notice he was there and Hippocrates through the potion on him. The Ogre was just getting demolished. The Ogre has failed his mission to guard the two plants. Hippocrates finally gets the plants and hurries back to his house. On his way home he runs into an army of Ogres that just kept saying
¨keep the plants safe.¨
He followed them and they were heading straight to his house. He silently snuck back to his house and gathered everything he needed to make the potion. He snuck out the house without the Ogre's knowing he ran to where he found the book in the first place. When he got there he started making the potion. The potion at least took 1 hour to mix and create. By that time he heard someone at the door screaming
“Open the door, i’m being attacked”
He opened the door and let him in. “Thank you said the man”
Hippocrates said “Thank You, I need as much help as I can get”

“Now we have to go and help the others.” says Hippocrates.

They started to fill three squirt guns with the rest of the ooze. As they got the squirt guns ready, he soon thought there was no one left, so they hurried outside and started squirting everyone. Soon he noticed that everyone was coming back to life. They swore to themselves no one would ever have to deal with this problem again so instead of making another cure he would combine the ooze with all of his potions back at his lab. As soon as he did that he filled a 200 ounce bucket and put it on his plane. They went on the plane and started throwing it over the whole town.

Everyone started to come back to life and seemed they were not getting it anymore. When they landed the Town started to thank them and give them money for what they did. Me and him knew he couldn’t take the money so we gave it all back. 1 year later, and everything was back to normal and never changed again.

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