He Returns

March 6, 2017

They say the Mayans just vanished,  but I know what Proceeded. I know what historians would kill to know, I know where they went. Mayans were thought to believe 13 creator gods made humanity and they succeeded. The first attempt made people as strong as gods. In fear of their own creation, the gods made humans made of maize. They also had gods for all sorts of stuff, earth, water, fire, and even good health.
My name is Xiuhtecuhtli X for short, the god of fire, flame, heat, dry, and volcanoes. You may be wondering you must be old, and I am but I only look 16. Yes i have a driver's license but that's besides the point. I'm supposed to tell you why I'm in America. I'm here because the Mayan people are in trouble. I had to warn them of him. He was coming, again...
I want you to know humans have a hard time seeing magic, as what you humans would  call it. So to you I look like a 16 year old boy with blue Jordans, torn jeans with a large chain loop, with hole earrings, and a leather jacket that says “Fire Storm”. The Mayan however, are special, they see my true form. I'm 8ft, my skin is red,  I wear crown made of turquoise.
I needed to find the master priest. Last I knew she was in New York, researching the stars as an astronomer.  Oh by the way, the Mayan priests were the first astronomers.  Scientist Aleid Alejandra, or master priest Aleid Alejandra. Aleid means graceful and noble, Alejandra means protector of humanity. I believe she works at the Ford observatory.
Today was June 15, 2016. You're probably thinking, a typo, first of all no it's not a typo and second of all I traveled in time. Oh sorry I may have forgotten to say I'm also the god of time. I chose to come in summer because that's when my powers are strongest, i barely had any strength left to come back after what he did to us.
Aleid was at the observatory, in her bright lab coat, with blue skinny jeans, and a pair of black flats with a tiny little bow on top. Her face was stricken with    enjoyment, which quickly becomes covered by wavy blonde hair.  I began to talk, “ I,” but I was quickly hushed by her finger. I stood, dumbfounded, and she spoke, “ I already know, I saw the stars shift Xiuhtecuhtli.” I tried to speak but she interrupted me. “I already signaled the other priests,” she said indecently,” We will meet at the great temple of…” Warmth!” I said excitingly.” “No even better”  Her face became bright red and started to giggle. “ Mcdonald's!” She wheezed out laughter as she said it.  I quickly became mad and admonished her about my short fuse. I soon realized she wasn't kidding.
I had told her about him. He destroyed everyone. I had showed her my hand, it was usually red but my right hand was black. As she crossed my hand over I had asked for her to heal me. Aleid being a showoff, because I don't have  healing attributes, healed me with the snap of her fingers. Literally. 
It was about 9:30pm, about my bedtime, and no I don't have a bedtime i just like to get plenty of rest. Aleid and I went back to her place. She drives a pink beetle. To you I would have tons of room in that car but I'm 8ft. I had to have the seat all the ways back and the seat was still to small for me but I managed.
Once we had gotten to her building, (Apparently astronomers get paid well) a 200 floor apartment building. We had to ride the elevator which of course I had sat down in order to fit in it. Finally, we reached her penthouse.  The penthouse had a modern look. The floors were white marble. The walls were not the same material as the floor but they were the same color. The back wall however was completely glass and there was a door in the middle of it. The glass doors lead to the roof of the building which contained a pool and a zen garden. She took me to the guest bedroom which compared to the rest of the house looked like a castle. The bed was very hard just how I like it and five minutes later I was passed out.
The next morning Aleid was all ready at the observatory working on something. Don't ask me I wouldn't know. She called me, Yes i have an Iphone7. “X go to the McDonald's on 317 Broadway” Before I could say anything she hung up on me. Typical.
I had reached Mcdonalds the priests were all there including Aleid. I had sat next to priest Ikal, don't be fooled by his mass, he was one of the smartest priest and second in line for master priest. I had started the meeting with a hello and they bowed to me all except Aleid, but that was expected. I had told them about him and how they all died in the future. They all understood what must be done. We all had two options, one we run away or two we fight. All was silent at first but then we started to argue and  had yelled quiet then everyone in Mcdonalds looked at me like I'm stupid. Then Aleid said “i have been working on a device that could harness the power of our great god and create a portal to anywhere.” I was quite impressed. Then imposed we go back to our home land. At least we can all agree on one thing.
“But” Aleid had said, “ it won't be done for another year”
I had asked,” Wwhat day next year?”
“The day after he comes.” she said ashamed. I groaned in frustration.
“Looks like we only have one option we have to fight.” I said.
We devised a plan, the priest would go to their towns and villages and tell the Mayan people he was to return. The  Mayan god Ixbalanque, well actually it's two gods they are twins. I summoned him he said he would do it for an old friend. So the next day he  went and divided himself across all the villages and trained the Mayan to fight. Daily he trains them.
Meanwhile, Aleid and I tried to make this machine work.
“Maybe I need to turn the flux warper,” Aleid muttered.
“The flux whatsit?” I said confused. I decided it's best if I don't ask questions, (What she said after that had way too many big words for me to pronounce, let alone spell).
The Months passed faster than fruit flies. January came before I knew it.
It seemed whenever Aleid got an idea we were sent farther back. We were not going to be done in time.  We only have one week left.
I had started to tear, We are never going to be done and everyone's gonna die.¨I balled.
¨Shut up!¨Aleid shrieked., ¨You're just sad because you'll lose me.¨
¨No, I'm sad because there won't be anyone to worship me.¨I sadly said.
The day had come. February 17th, 2017.we all had gathered at the old capital building in New York. The streets were busy with people so nobody payed attention to our big group of 1,000, all pile in the small building.
Ixbalanque and I stood tall among the Mayans.  Actually we hold the record of the highest dunk. I always bring it up that I beat him. He gets so mad. We have known each other since the beginning. We were practically brothers. I asked him if he wanted to speak or me.
¨I think you should you summoned me, I wouldn't even be here if you didn't ask.¨
¨Mayan people.¨ I said strong, loud, and clear.¨You have been trained by my dearest friend. So i have no worries in your skills of combat.  I will remind you all to fight the skeletons we will handle him. Our number one goal is to buy time for Master Priest Aleid. Once that portal is working, we retreat back to our homelands. We will have this battle in the great park. Gear up everyone, lets go.¨
I had already found a dead body, not from the battle but I'm sure he was not supposed to be there. We all sat and waited till noon we had two hours left.
I spotted a small clock on a post. The hand only one minute away. We all stood in anticipation, as we stared at the clock. The clock began to ring and click...It was noon.

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