Alone and Afraid

March 6, 2017
By Saiah BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
Saiah BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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The dog tag hanging from my neck states my first and last name, Isaiah Castillo. It is there in case something happens to me on my next mission. A prayer moves through my mind with the hopes that I will never have that tag removed from my chest. That day would be the worst day of my life.

I was packing my bag. They called my name for deployment. I’m headed off to war. For the job I was trained to do.To be honest, I was afraid of heights and planes. Wasn't ever into them, but I'm a soldier and I need to do what’s right to protect my country.
Throwing my duffle bag over my shoulder,  I get on the plane. Strap myself in and prepared myself for the sixteen hour flight. I pushed my head back against the metal sides of the plane, grasped my duffle bag tight, and said goodbye to my home. It would be a long time before I stepped foot on mother land soil again.
I closed my eyes knowing that it may be a long time in a while for me to catch some good sleep. War was difficult. So, I thought I would get well rested for the battle. Then I heard it. It was loud and the plane vibrated from the outside in. I had felt it in training, but never in flight. It was exactly what I feared. A bomb.
BOMB? Something hit the plane. The plane spun out of control. It felt like a ferris wheel going round and around then we hit the floor like a rocket. Shattering the earth at rapid speed, my body ejected out of the metal cocoon like a rocket.
I woke up and the plane was in like a fireworks show it was all in flames blazing with huge bursts of color all over the dark brown sand. Everyone in the plane was dead except for me. In shock, I struggled to unstrap myself from the seat. My fingers numbly moved around the metal enclosure like they didn’t know what they were doing. I looked at where I was. I was in the middl Iraq . Not the place that you should like to be. I began  looking, around for food, water, or supplies I could fine then I found a radio and I was trying to connect it and I found a signal.
  “Hey, is anyone there? Hello.”
Sargent: Hello, who is this and where did you find this signal?
Me: My name is Lieutenant Castillo and we just got in a crash something hit us and the plane went down. “
Sargent : “Ok. H tell me how many survivors are there with you?
Me: Only me.
Sargent: Ok. tell me what you can see.
Me: It a green forest and everything is in flames from the crash.
Sargent: Ok, if you if you can go look for supplies and if you can I'll lead you to the base, but first find a compass  and food and anything to keep you live.
Me: On it, Sir.!.
I was walking around for awhile looking around and what the environment looked like. It was hard to tell where I was, but sure enough I knew I was in Iraq. After a while,  I started to get hungry and my throat was as dry. I needed water and soon.
I felt as if everything was a desert plain. So while I was looking for food and water I heard a water flow and shore enough it was water. I went over to where I heard the noise and when I saw what was there my heart sank like a stone in a pond.
There were people staring at me with their guns to their sides and I was looking at them with shock and they were staring right back they didn't look like people you would run into in a forest so when I saw them staring for a min I ran for my life and when I did then got up and out of the water and started boulting towards my way. When I knew the cost was clear I look around for a listen to the movement I heard nothing it was silent came out and to make sure I stayed where I was in the bushes and waited.
I was walking around and in my head I was thinking how I could get out of iraq but I couldn't think of anything.  Oww!!!! I stub my foot onto something hard I look at the ground and it was a man laying in front of me,a red liquid was coming out of him and what ever was in my stomach all came out. I look at him “what happened to you” I said in disbelief, and for a min i thought in my head he looks familiar WAIT!!! He's the man that was chasing me in the forest by the waterfall. I looked upon the man and i thought maybe he has something of value to me. I searched his and what i have found was a magman 48, water pouch,and a dried up apple. I went looking around for water and then I heard a loud buzzing noise it was like a bird flying through the sky it was a plane.
I ran as fast as I could towards the noise I have never ran as fast as I could and when I got to the sight of the plane I thought that's my only way out of here, I look around and there were guards by the plane that would mean sneak past them get the keys to the plane but it was to bright out to do it I would have to wait them out for it to be dark a lot easier but in the meantime I might get some rest until then build up my strength, I ate the dried apple and what was left of the water and fell into a deep sleep. I woke up in a complete darkness and I look over the guards look darouze but still awake so I got my 48 mammen and had it in my hand I went around were they couldn't see me I thought to myself “am I really going to kill them” I look around back for another way but it was no use I had to kill them it was either me and them
                  I was 10ft away from the men in front of me I went around to the other to make shore he was still in the same position and when i look up at him the guard caught a glimpse of my forehead  and I knew that was my chance to take action, and then it got crazy. The guard and I went head to head and for a min I thought i'm going agents train men, and next he throw me to the ground hard and when I look up he was right at my feet I pulled the gun out from with in my pants pocket, I pointed it right at him he look and i look back at him and i said to him “it either me or you “ i pulled the trigger BOMB!!! The gun shot in a shockingly surprised, and it was like a red river flowing to the floor i got up and i said to myself “ I killed a man” It took no long that i need to do what i had to so i got up on my feet , look around for the keys and befor i got in the plane i for got there was another guard. And there he was sitting at the foot of the plane staring at me and before he could do anything i step on the gas and the plane shot out like a rocket and the man went flying off the plane, I was with relief after I was in the air.
While I was in the air I was thinking all about the experiments while in iraq. I hadn't been so scared in my life but i made it and soon enough i was going to make it back to my family and my friends but in the long run I got away and I survived.
8 hours later. I was exhausted i could barely keep my eyes open but then I in excitement I saw land and then when i was going to land i didn't know how to then the radio started talking it said “please land on the landing strip 500 kilometers west” and since I have been in the army for 2 year i learn all about that kind of stuff I went that direction I saw the landing strip and the lights were blinking but in the long run I learned how to land but when i got out i past out on the floor and there was blood everywhere and when i woke up i was in the e r and there they were ever one sitting at the door making a salot sign with there hand.

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